Solstice Soaring In

Mount Shasta beguiling always.

Mount Shasta beguiling always.

I just awoke with an intense feeling of appreciation for my life. I thanked the Creator for this life, thanked my beloved for the loving support that melts my heart, thanked my angels and all the light beings who surround me in each moment, thanked my heart for expanding each day in its capacity to love, thanked this body elemental which has been such an amazing trooper through all the changes and challenges of this ascension journey. I thanked the birds singing a greeting to the dawn outside my window, thanked the breeze for flowing over me with its pine scented freshness, thanked the creek below the house whose motion charges the air with enlivening vibrations, thanked Mount Shasta for her presence which calms and strengthens me, thanked this dawn for its stillness and pink cloud beauty. I thanked this computer and wifi connection that allows me to lie here and connect to the world. Everything is a blessing on this day of days.

It has been amazing to witness the emptying and infilling of my cellular structure. Last week there was a day that I awoke at 3 a.m. with my heart radiating intense pain. Oh, deep breath as the dream played itself through my being. It was full of pain from this lifetime, of the years that I experimented with victim consciousness and martyrdom. Ouch! It flowed through with a red hot heat. I blessed it for all the learning that it had given me, surrounded it in violet flame and let it move through me. I went out and stood on the ground and looked up at the stars to let their energy infill me.

liquidlovelight streaming

liquidlovelight streaming

It has been a time of releasing to make room for the blessings that we are being  showered with by all that is Love. It has been a dreamy, expanded experience for me. Floating through these days, long naps needed, not much appetite as the swirls of nausea move about. I could not look to the future without encountering bouts of nausea. I am moving from Mount Shasta in a couple of days. I could not get a handle on anything but the departure date. Tentative plans to camp, travel with others that spiraled about me, finding no landing strip. Planning has not been part of my life these past years as I moved into the flow and allowed Sophia, my I AM presence, to guide me. Now there is no separation, as more and more aspects are grounded in this body.

I could see a window open over Yellowstone and the Grand Teton area. I knew this was important, the completing of the past two summers weaving. I asked for assistance to step into the window, make the necessary plans as I am traveling with another. Her intention had been to head to Colorado with me and fly back as I continued my travels to Wyoming and Montana. As I viewed it, it would dissolve into that swirling spiral that made me ill. Later in the day, map in hand, I saw an arc light up from her home on the California/Oregon border to Yellowstone. Oh! We are to go there together and take the northern route. She said yes when she heard the new plan. The arc north and return south felt smooth and fluid. I was even able to get a reservation for the 4th of July in Yellowstone! I spoke with my elder son later that day and discovered that he would be in Yosemite that weekend. We laughed at the perfection as I for days I found myself saying Yosemite when I was thinking, Yellowstone. The line of connection is significant as our triad will be working together with the mountain ranges and underground systems. The dates are important also. Timing is crucial and I know that we will all hit our marks beautifully., dog, water....

Summer…kids, dog, water….

The summer of love! It is here and we are all being changed in new and wondrous ways. Our earth is beginning to shimmer with new energies and our cells are responding. It is time to allow the dreaminess, to rest in nature and let her fill us. I feel a strength pouring in, my body receiving the elixir of love from the earth that flows upward to meet the Creator’s love streaming in. The heart, the meeting place, a cauldron of fire. I go within to merge with this flame. Liquidlovelight ablaze. It feeds me, nourishes me, comforts me, inspires me. We are blessed.

Savor every moment! We will not pass this way again. All is changing. We are being offered freedom on an unimaginable scale. The 4th of July will proclaim much more than this country’s independence. It will be a claiming of our freedom from all the programming of old as well as a claiming of our birthright as creator beings to live in a world of peace and love. Hallelujah!

4 thoughts on “Solstice Soaring In

  1. Dear Goddess Sister Linda Maria,

    How blessed we are indeed…Hallelujah!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon…Every day in Every way we have sooooooo much for which to be thankful…

    Love to You and ALL on this Beautiful Day and Always…

    Bonnie Lou

  2. I share the of feelings of be alive and feeling so blessed. So much to look forward to. We are in a transforming time. We are so very Blessed.

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