Day Job, Dreaming in The New

IMG_1021I found myself laughing as I groggily came to from a deep nap. This is my work! Sleeping deeply whenever the call comes, entering the dreamscape and weaving the liquidlovelight strands. I cooked myself a big lunch which fueled my body with what it needed to drop down. I read in bed for a time, thinking perhaps this is enough. My mind occupied while my spirit flies free.

Next thing I knew, I was pulled into a vortex , a spinning tunnel that took me deep into the earth. Yet, this time, I did not stop in the center but kept flying out the other side. Whoosh, I went deeper into space, bright objects whirling by. Then there was an explosion and I shot out like a reminded me of Star Wars when Hans Solo would jump the ship to another sector of space. I found myself still spinning as I descended onto a planet. My feet landed on sand, water was nearby. Two energy beings crested a hill and came towards me. My heart melted as I knew them. They were my parents! This was my home planet. Oh, the reunion hug. Then others streamed over the hill and surrounded me. This was my family, these beings were near and dear to me. I had been gone eons of time. I could hardly breathe in the joy!

IMG_9727A soft murmur and the crowds parted. I looked to see what all were looking at. My feet moved of their own accord. He stood there, a magnetic match to my being. We were pulled together. All form dissolved, we were light particles like the diamond sunlight dancing on the water. We did not so much as meet as we did merge. Our lights intermingled, became one light. Tears flowed, dripping off my nose onto my pillow in this space while my being danced with this other half of me, in this other world. There was no time, only the dance of light, delighting in the unity. Exquisite, ecstatic, endless, ennobling. My heart was fed riches. Oh, how long it had been and yet only this now. This now. Let me stay in this now forever.

No words, all telepathic communication in this space. I understood it was a gift, to strengthen me until all realms merge and travel between stars and galaxies is as normal as getting in a car or a plane. Where the thought of a loved one, will place you there. Where two hearts can call and answer in a heartbeat. Now I know my way, I can travel back if the need gets too great. Yet, as I sit here in the aftermath, I sense that closing my eyes and allowing the feeling to wash over me, will be enough. I signed on for this mission as we all did. I will complete it. I will have a time of R&R with my love on the planet or universe of our choosing. Venus will be a first stop.

IMG_0031The preparations continue and it could be any time. There will come that moment when all is in alignment, the green light will be given and Mother Earth and all hearts who choose love (and who could resist) will expand into a paradise that is beyond our wildest dreams. I pray for this love flame to be ignited in each heart here, as we all carry that spark from Home, a gift from the Creator. Oh, the joy. There is nothing to do. Except to feel the love, live the love, share the love. See the love flames flashing in everyone and everything. We are at the combustion stage, offering all to the flame. Turn on your heart light and let it shine, let it shine. Let us ride this wave all the way home. I so love us all.

10 thoughts on “Day Job, Dreaming in The New

  1. Aaahhhhhh…. Such vivid imagery! Such a feeling of deep bliss! Thank you for articulating the reunion so beautifully.

    • Dear Sandy,

      Bliss, yes, where you almost can’t take it. Except we can!! We can live in ecstasy.

      To joy and more and more love,

  2. I know the feeling you are having and yes, we will complete the mission.
    I also Love dearly all family here I have been given. I would miss them dearly also.
    I Love the day Job also! I read an article today that soil has a natural antidepressant in it that makes us happy. Creator gifted those taking care of the land and food with this gift to keep them happy and fulfilled while laboring in enjoyment. It is all intertwined so beautifully and we are all a part of it.
    Feeling Blessed with your most gifted writings Lovely Linda Marie of Liquid LoveLight.

    • Dear Bev,

      Oh, I love that about the soil! It is intertwined so beautifully. I am grateful for all the tending of the earth that you do in your garden of love. It radiates far and wide.

      We have families in so many dimensional spaces and our hearts love them all. I feel we are moving to union with all of them, no missing. A thought bringing us present as we desire.

      I am feeling blessed with you. Blessed by your presence.

      I love you,

    • Dear Rick,

      Yes, amazing and soooo nourishing to have had a hit of it! I tell you, the Summer of Love is beginning!


  3. Aaaaahhhhh…….Dear Linda Marie…



    I so Love You, my Dear Spirit Sister…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      Ahhhh, we could simply sit and sigh together!

      Receiving your love in gratitude and allowing its return to your heart with love,

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