A Shift and On We Go

Mount Shasta from the north.

Mount Shasta from the north.

It seems we have made a shift, a leap into a new dimensional space. The love light flows much more freely here. I am finding myself singing love songs, little rhyming ditties, that make me feel so glad. My heart feels expanded and gratitude is a constant refrain. There is this peace and sense of freedom permeating my days. The colors in nature appear so vibrant, and everything wants to play. I imagined eagles as I had not seen any for months. That day, I passed a radio tower. I looked up and saw a nest with two eagles sitting next to it on top. I next tried butterflies and had them flitting about me during my walk. Everything responds to our intention and attention!

In offering myself as a player in this shift, I often will sense the need to quickly get in bed or a safe resting spot during the day, as I am taken out of my body. Usually, I fall instantly asleep. Recently, I had the experience of staying conscious long enough to find myself taking my seat at a council table. It was set up in a circular manner with a space in the center. We each had monitors in front of us into which we inputted our reports. The data was collected, and a comprehensive report was then given. A major shift had taken place, there was a sense of gladness though muted by human emotional standards. The monitors then disappeared into the table top and a huge hologram of the earth floated up in the center space. It was breathtaking. We saw the results of the recent shift and began assessing the next issue to focus our attention upon. The curtain came down at that point and I was asleep for the next three hours.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

This shift signaled completions on many levels. I have heard from many who are stepping away from old programming of caretaking of others before themselves, of following shoulds rather than their own joy, of letting go of relationships that drained rather than nourished. All steps that aid the shift into creating the world of our deepest desires. As we honor ourselves, we bring a balance to our lives and to those about us.

I am delighting in setting my intentions each day and then giving my attention to them. We can use all of our experiences as a blessing. As I eat, I intend for all to be nourished and experience radiant health. As I drink, I intend all our cells to be bathed in the lovelightAs I walk, I bless Mother Earth and offer each step to her to use as she sees fit, my love light pouring where she directs it. As I pee, I release all physical, mental and emotional suffering from all beings. As I breathe, I intend all beings to be blessed with knowing of their truth and the brightness of their beauty. As I speak, I intend for my voice to carry the frequency from Home of oneness and love. Everything can be used to create more love in this world. Everything is love seeking to be seen and recognized.

Loving the beauty about me.

Loving the beauty about me.

As we intend to see more magic, more beauty, more loving hearts and we look for it, we create it. A shift in our perspective, shifts the world we exist in. This shifting is fluid and constant. In each moment, we are offered the opportunity to let go of what we know and be present for what is. Our memories are dissolving to aid us in this. Short term memory is becoming a thing of the past as we gain skills at moving between dimensional spaces. I find myself “waking up” numerous times throughout the day, readjusting to whatever I am engaged in, returning from some other space. We are toddlers, learning to walk. More skills are coming online and out-dated ones disappearing. Assistance is available at all moments. We have to ask and trust that it will be given. I grant my team 24/7 freedom to assist me, aligning me with my divine plan and the divine plan for the earth. From my limited perspective, I do not have enough information to know what assistance I require that is for my highest good or that of another. Therefore, in stating for my highest good and the highest good of all, I allow myself the greatest assistance. In hearing of trouble spots on the earth, I flow my liquidlovelight into Mother Earth for her to use and direct as she knows best. We have these physical vessels to transmute, transmit, and anchor light. We can offer ourselves in service to the Creator and trust that we are used in the best way possible in each moment.

1:11 am and sleep is pulling me in. My heart is so full with the wonder of this planet and of the beings that reside here. We are an amazing lot! God bless us all.

10 thoughts on “A Shift and On We Go

  1. These words are the best thing I have ever read. I want them printed and I want to read it everyday. Book time!
    Love you by the Water the photo.
    Embrace you

    • Wow! Thank you Bev. The words flow through this vessel. Yes, the book will come, I hear that there will be time for all as we move more fully in this lovelight. I so honor the gifts we each bring, grateful for yours!
      I love you,

  2. Dear Spirit Sister…

    WOW…what BEAUTY in your words and in your heart…Thank-you for BEING and Sharing and Radiantly SHINING…You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out…

    I love you!

    Bonnie Lou

  3. Thank you so very much for all the sharing, all the love and such radiant beauty Master Linda! I get chills all over as I read your words! We’re so blessed! Pouring love from my heart to yours!

    • Dear Nici,

      I love when I get those chills! Truth speaks so clearly to us.
      Feeling your love and savoring the blessings of this time,
      In joy!

  4. The most potent medicine of all ….Liquid Love Light. And as it flows through you to the world Master Goddess Linda Marie, our world is continuously reminded of its infinite and boundless beauty and riches. From my heart to yours, endless and boundless love. XOXOX

    • Dear Kathleen,
      It is so potent! Truly awe inspiring what we can do with this lovelight. I am so grateful for your love flowing and all that can be co-created …worlds!

      Receiving your love with a grateful heart…
      liqiudlovelight streaming silver copper Aqua ribbons to you,

  5. Dear Linda,
    Still here….listening to your heart express your journey. I love this photo of you.
    Feeling the need to comment less and less…but I am here. Blessings!

    • Dear Robert,

      The need for words does seem to be less and less. Still called to write them. I am grateful you are here.
      Feeling so blessed this night.

      Sending you this cool, rain infused breeze that is flowing over me right now.


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