The Anchoring in of the Divine Masculine Allows the Softening of the Divine Feminine

imageOh, these energies are so amazing in their intensity and fluidity. Throughout my day yesterday, I was given signs of the masculine stepping in to its role of protector and supporter of the feminine. I made the two hour drive to the VW dealership, where I bought my car and had such a traumatic experience. I had sent my angels ahead to pave the way for ease and grace and total support in getting the fixes my car needed. I also flooded all beings there with love light. I was greeted by the service manager and his master mechanic. After being told by another VW mechanic that the wind whistling sound was a “happy sound” and that I should just get over it, it was a relief to have someone acknowledge that my concern was genuine. When you drive hour upon hour, like I do in the summer months, wind noise is not happiness! This master mechanic had written the fix for this very problem with my vehicle! He knew exactly what needs doing and ordered the parts to eliminate the noise. He will also fix the rug issue and touch up a scratch. Hallelujah! I felt teary as it was such a relief to be supported by the masculine. My elder son played his part in that support by staying on these guys when I got the run around. I received an apology for the way it was all handled and reassurance that next week, all will be set to rights.

I spoke with many friends, who were experiencing the men in their lives, stepping up to offer greater support. It had me in tears as I could feel the pride the men feel to offer that support to the women and the relief the women feel to let down their swords. So many of us have had to carry one to fight for our rights, to make sure that the babies were cared for, to run the households. Existing in the energy of the patriarchy, has taken its toll. We have run the masculine energy for so long, it is an adjustment to let down our guard, to soften into our true feminine natures. It has not been a safe place to do so. Now, it is. And it changes everything. We will see this out pictured more and more in the world. Look for it! As we know, in doing so, we create more of it.

The soft feminine flowering

The soft feminine flowering

This knowing was deepened through my connection to the baby that my daughter is carrying. This feminine being has communicated many truths. My daughter has noted that she is quiet, moves softly when she does move. The baby said that she is not moving much as she is using her energy to create her organs which differ from ours, as they are necessary to hold the diamond light frequencies she brings. Her presence is quiet, still, gentle….yet powerful! This is the feminine flowing. My daughter is very physical, she did somersaults in my belly and was rarely still! So it is an adjustment for all as we move into greater being and stillness. Another friend shared that her twin granddaughters carry this energy and it takes her being really present to meet them in this still place. It is the Magdalene energy anchoring in through these little ones. Purer expressions of the feminine as the wee boys are bringing in purer expressions of the masculine. Balanced and harmonized and eventually, androgynous as all become one.

The wonderous strength of the masculine. What joy to lean upon it.

The wonderous strength of the masculine. What joy to lean upon it.

I am celebrating this change and hear that it is all a part of this summer of love. The masculine coming in fully to support the feminine so that we can be about our work. Partnerships where both feel the freedom to express all of themselves in each moment. The harmony between the sexes creating tones of love that assist our Mother Earth in her movement. Oh, my heart is on fire with this love flame. It is truly time for each of us to express all of our truth. For all to delight in the variety of expressions that we are as we invite one another to fully shine. Letting go of judgment, letting go of separation. Allowing ourselves to be the love that blossoms into wild beauty.

I read an article about this masculine energy that is flowing in. I leave you with this:

The full expression of this wild masculine sexual energy needs a very powerful, open, wild womb to receive it – a ‘Magdalene’ Womb. When the wild feminine rebirths the wild masculine, and when men claim the full magnificence of their loving power, a New Earth is birthed.

~ Azra Bertrand

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