Windows of Opportunity Open and Close

Geese moved to the rooftop as we left the meadow.

Geese moved to the rooftop as we left the meadow.

The energies swirl and shift like the wind. I am so aware of divine timing. When the timing lines up, you are given the opportunity to go and it behooves one to move quickly! I was not feeling that I could make the drive to Sacramento to get my dear friend in place for her departure. I opened to what other possibilities were present. My friend knew of possible ride with a couple she had recently met. She sent off a message while I showered and prepared for the day. I began to gather things as if to go, without thinking I was going. Suddenly, I knew that we had a window to depart…was given five minutes. My friend responded with alacrity and we were in the car. One thing remained to be done with the mountain to complete this phase of our work. First, fuel ..stop for coffee and bagel in town. Felt into where we were required to be. An image of the meadow with the boardwalk floated in, yes! Off we went. We parked next to two geese sitting on the edge of the road. We walked quickly down the boardwalk, my friend setting the pace. I felt where she would stop and we would begin. She did stop in that spot, we shed our shoes and socks, stood in the snow and…her arms flew as she did what she was called to. For me, a deep, loud toning began instantly, surprising me with its intensity. Just as suddenly it stopped, we dried our feet, put on our shoes, went back to our car and headed off. We flew down the road, carried in the sunshine and warmth.

The layers of clouds that opened and closed with the sun on our drive.

The layers of clouds that opened and closed with the sun on our drive.

There were to be four of us gathered, we were to be in the meditation room at a friend’s house. The friend from Scotland had not been in that room despite having spent days at the house. She knew it was not time, now it was. We sat outside, soaking in the sunshine, laughing and enjoying the information that came through us for one another. It was playful and nourishing. The room called, time to move in. We had crystal and Tibetan bowls, gathered the skulls and crystal beings who asked to join us. We sat anchoring the four directions, each knowing her place. The space opened and it all began. Bowls and voices sang songs ancient and deep, dialogues in other languages, translated by the heart, came through from other lands and time. We were our ancient selves, come again, on time for an appointment set from ages long passed. How deep the love and knowing of our souls! Each played our part, all acting in one accord, flowing harmoniously through time and space. Many joined in, a celebration and acknowledgment of a phase completed. Future gatherings shown.

I trust the universe and myself, so completely. All is known as we open our hearts to it. We are becoming more fluid as that is how we are able to flow with the energies. If we try to push against the current, we get battered.  By aligning and allowing and attuning, we catch the wave that will carry us farthest with the most ease and joy. Our times of being rolled under the surf lessen and we experience the exhilaration of riding the crest with the spray dancing its joy across our bodies.

Crystal beings playing.

Crystal beings playing.

I do not understand most of what I do. I feel it, follow it, open to it and allow myself to be the purest chalice that I am able to in any moment. I sense the acknowledgment from my Christed aspect when I hit my mark and deliver my lines beautifully. I am grateful to be of service. I need not know the whole picture, but rather know that I have played the part I have been given to the best of my ability.

As my Scottish friend left on the plane, I left by car. Grateful to be back here in Mount Shasta to dream and rest with the mountain. The next phase begins. Body worn but a vision of playful rejuvenation has been given. Oh! It could happen like that?! Opening to this next moment with a full heart. How beautifully we are learning to play this game. It gets so much more fun as we each begin you trust our gifts and let our light shine. I love us all! Thank you for playing your part!



2 thoughts on “Windows of Opportunity Open and Close

  1. Good morning Dear Spirit Sister Linda Marie,

    Welcome home to the Mountain. I’m happy to hear you made it safely. I actually thought you would be coming back in a different vehicle. Guess your little car still has some ‘go forth’ energy to give.

    Sending blessings to Ann in her adjustment to being back in Scotland. One day we will meet. It feels like I know her soul.

    YES…Linda…may we ALL trust our gifts and let our LIGHT SHINE. You are such a beautiful example. Thanks for BEING.

    I love YOU and ALL,too!

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie,

      Thank you for the welcome home! It does feel like home, here with her. Still in my Pjs…quiet day of rest. The mountain told me it would be a week of this. All I can do right now! I am proud of my Maxie, getting me back.

      I agree that you and Ann know one another. Soul family!

      I love you and your brilliant shine!

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