The Lull

The dancing diamond light delights me.

The dancing diamond light delights me.

Sweet dreamy days followed by nights of little sleep, back aching in an elemental way. In the middle of the night chat with a friend on the other side of the sea, she asked me if my back was related to Gaia. My body shuddered a resounding yes. So many I know are experiencing intense physical symptoms at present. Gaia then gifted me a vision of her shaking off an outer layer. It is time. We are part of her, as much as the trees and mountains and oceans. We  move with her and feel her as she does us. I saw this physical pain departing, being shook off as this layer departs. As the dis ease moves up and out, it is magnified in our experience. We are called to breathe through this movement, allowing the inner earthquake and tsunami to move through unchecked. This layer of density has completed its work, we no longer need pain to teach us. We are stepping into a time of more fluidity and ease, a time of radiant health.

Time, itself,  has become so fluid and incomprehensible. I am called up short when someone mentions a month or a date. My mind searches for where that fits….is May soon or long ago? The old linear pathways are dissolving and it takes focus and effort to place myself on them. Each moment we are invited in, to live it fully. Past and future fade in its embrace.

Like many, there is this creative energy stirring and swirling. Yet there is this pause, this lull, this stillness. We are so active on the inner planes, aligning all for the coming equinox and eclipse cycle. On the physical level, we are being held still by our bodies, our wisdom keepers. Now is the time to dream big, to trust with every cell in our bodies, that a new world is being birthed through us, with us. The trust and faith bones in our being are  strengthening with each surrender, each letting go. Ours is to breathe it each moment. To know and feel it within our hearts, that the Universe is conspiring to bring us our deepest desires in ways more magnificent than our imagining allows.

imageFor me, there is no doing. There is the being of appreciation; for the hummingbirds that visit the manzanita bushes’ pink bells outside the window, the mountain that glows in the moonlight in her bright whiteness, keeping me company through the night, the roommate who offers me a delicious smoothie elixir for a morning drink, the list goes on. I do not have to search for things to appreciate, they are all about me. We are becoming part of the song of gratitude that the elemental kingdom has sung for so long. We are singing to one another with our hearts full of love. Our Mother Earth sings us a lullaby and we coo back at her. My back sings a tune that I sway to, my feet touch the ground and feel the swirl of its motion. Everything is alive in song and movement.

Pathway through the woods.

Pathway through the woods.

We were taught to fix ourselves to a point on every level. Now we are asked to let go of our anchors so that we can float with our mother as she rides this expansion wave. Think of children playing, holding hands and running free. If one sits down, holds to the ground, the line of movement comes to a halt. We are asked to let go, to allow her to fly free without being anchors,  checking her movement. Let the ship fly! Let our beings fly with our mother in an exhilarating free fall. She is our mother. We can trust her love. We can trust ourselves to know where to move, how to flow with the currents of change. We have waited for this time, now that it is upon us, let us savor the ride in all its mystery. It is the ride of our lives!


4 thoughts on “The Lull

  1. I as read I feel healing throughout! We are the bigger shift! It is happening NOW!
    Sailing with the Dreams! Loving and open to be Love.

  2. Good morning Dear Goddess Sister Linda,



    Hope to see and talk and walk with you soon…

    Thank-you for all your sharing and caring…

    I love you!

    Bonnie Lou

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