I was so captivated to witness this moment in the unfurling of this Lilly's petals. It looked like hands held in prayer before offering their full beauty.

I was so captivated to witness this moment in the unfurling of this Lilly’s petals. It looked like hands held in prayer before offering their full beauty.

A”river of rain” is set to flow into our area today. My pink prayer flags are flying, the palm trees’ fronds dancing as gusts of wind enliven their movement. The fire is blazing on the hearth, the wood is stacked by the back door for easy access, a hot cup of coffee at my elbow along with a piece of sprouted toast topped with my childhood favorite peanut butter and orange marmalade. In a word…..ready.

What am I ready for? Peace. Peace on earth. Magic on a scale that beggars belief. Freedom for one and all, in every aspect of our lives. All of this is possible. We are the creator gods come to bring it in. Our every dream for what life could be; stuffed down to the bottom of our hearts and buried over a hundred times by disappointment, despair, betrayal, pain, rejection, obstacles, fatigue, anger, sadness…..come to life again. The past few weeks have seen a great purging wave wash through our hearts, throwing this debris up onto the shores of our consciousness. We have had to wade through it, at times it might have been hip deep and a mighty struggle. No matter. It has been a gift. Loving waves sent by the Mother, by our own selves, by our Father to clear our hearts so that the desires we came in with, could once again see the light of day.

Who knew it would be difficult to give up hardship? To let go of the patterns of struggle? To step off the wheel of worry and stress? Are we able to trust joy? To trust love? To trust peace?

A face in a gnarled branch, whispering to me.

A face in a gnarled branch, whispering to me.

It is time. We stand at the threshold and must remove the old robe of cares that kept us small and compliant. To let go of any idea of safety, of security in anyone or thing outside of ourselves. We are invited to stand naked before ourselves and our Creator, letting our heart lights shine like mighty beacons, to light the way ahead.

One step…that is all it takes to cross the threshold. A thousand voices scream out their warnings yet in the quiet of our hearts, we know truth. To take the step is our salvation. It is the step into freedom and the path that allows us to live our deepest desires. The surrender asks all, nothing can be hidden, nothing carried beyond the doorway. It is the eye of the needle which only heart light can pass through.

A dreamscape of my heart

A dreamscape of my heart

I have been quiet as I acclimated to this new space. Is this real? the mind asks over and over. Yes. A deep peace permeates my being. All is well is a refrain that plays softly. There is a floating sensation, a feeling of being embraced by soft clouds of love light. Presence. I am called to the now more than ever. Future planning can be engaged in but feels surreal. I can look at an idea of it, yet the deep well in me knows it will be more magical than my consciousness could envision or execute. The past evaporates as quickly as it is lived. Time is known to be illusionary. The gifts of the present moment create waves of gratitude. Tears flow as part of the adjustment to this amazing love light. My body desires rest, my lower back continues its constriction that keeps me in this quiet zone. To enter into this house, is like entering the land of the lotus eaters. We move in a slow rhythm that matches the tones that play just below the surface of our hearing. The love shared is palpable, a nourishment as we each claim a couch, close our eyes and weave our liquidlovelight in patterns unseen. I am so grateful for my sons, for their willingness to be true to their inner knowing, to have answered the call of their hearts.

Our society does not allow this deepening. Survival has demanded that productivity must be adhered to in order to live. There is no space given for the dreamer. Nature has her cycles of growth and decay. Bulbs require their deep sleep in the ground, so as to offer their brilliant blooms in the spring. We have been underground, clearing the way for our green shoots to emerge. Resting until the creative force arises, pushing aside the dense dirt and reaching for the sunlight to bathe our pure heart. Innocence come again, we are creating a safe space for all our little children to come out and play.

A river runs under this store, I stood on the glass and watched it rush beneath my feet.

A river runs under this store, I stood on the glass and watched it rush beneath my feet.

I can feel the shifting patterns swirl under my feet. I sense the many timelines stretching outward. For each of us, the most beautiful pattern is being woven, for us and by us. I stand still as to step now is not wisdom. Too much is in play for me to clearly see the path. I breathe in this peace and surrender. Trusting the timing and easy in the knowing that I will feel the impulse that will carry me forward. Every cell is attuned. The notes play a melody across my heart. I have always known my cue. There is no more preparation, no more to be done. Only this note of beauty, of peace, of quiet joy to be sung.

I am grateful to all who gave of themselves to bring me here. I am grateful to myself for the courage to drop the old robe and take this step. I am grateful to all who paved the way and all who follow. All responding to our cue. We are actors upon the stage and the new play has begun. The curtain rises. Places everyone.

4 thoughts on “Entering

  1. Your beautiful words pitch forth
    The moment in the now.
    So well said enjoy as we calibrated to higher Marvel.
    Loving you and your beautiful words

  2. Yes, it feels as though waiting patiently is the best choice now, despite the gnawing sense that returns to try to goad us into acting rashly… making another busy, determined attempt to take our life by the horns and “do” something, even if it’s not right…not balanced. If we have to unbalance ourselves and set aside any part of the beauty of our heart’s light in order to comfort the outer uncomfortableness in our heads, then it seems as though we betray our best self. Trust in Love. All will be revealed. Things will move forward in the best way possible, as soon as possible. What else can we do but acknowledge that we are not in control of the River of Life, only how gracefully or not that we flow with it.

    • Dear Robert,

      Yes the being rather than the doing. Trusting in love and the full surrender. Beautiful words evoking your beautiful heart light. Thank you.
      Blessings of peace,

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