imageLast night and today I have felt weighted down, pressure like dense gravity, pressing me flat. I could only get up to hydrate and eliminate. I saw myself spinning deep under Mount Shasta, taken down a shaft that led to the core of the earth. A council of nine of which I was one, convening. We created a chalice through which a waterfall of lovelight cascaded. My cells expanded anew as the knowing flowed that the greater my capacity to expand, the greater the light that could be anchored. My future self flowed in strongly, reassuring my cells that they were up to the task as she knew of its success. I felt the sigh and release into that knowing which allowed a greater opening.

I was gifted with a day of solitude as this was occurring. I made a fire and it burned bright all day with little tending. Its flame a comfort to mine. A quote from one of my favorite books echoed in my mind:

Walk with me through death’s door

And realize the dream of your deeper being

Is what you have been dying for.”          

                                                                   From The Flaming Serpent by Aine Armour

I felt how we are called to release all attachments to people, places, things. My deepest desires, that have been held close to my heart, have loosened and flown free. I have surrendered all. There is a faint afterglow where they once burned so bright. That space offered to be filled anew. I hear, this your last act of service to the earth and humanity. It asks all. Lifetimes of preparation for these moments of expansion and melding into a crystal chalice of living light. All nine, fully present, moving in a pattern of harmony written ages ago in the language of stars.

imageAnchored, it will perculate until it finds its way to the surface, available for the Solstice’s magik to infuse feet and hands and hearts. An elixir of love, offered to all. Drink of it and see your own starlight glow. The Christ light entering in, heart by heart until the truth of Christmas will be felt at last. Christ consciousness alive, walking on the earth in your heart and mine. Knowing all as brother and sister as heartlights shine their beams of love.

I know nothing of how these days will unfold. Coming back from the earth’ s core, I felt the pressure as if I had dived to the depths and was required to move in stages so as to not suffer damage to my body in the ascent. Spent I lie here listening to the rain upon the roof. Lifeblood to this land of drought. The cascade of lovelight we have just anchored, hydration for the hearts parched for love. The Creator has heard the cries, felt the waves of sorrow and looked upon the masses bereft. The response pours in.

Swirling matter as we move through form.

Swirling matter as we move through form.

Grateful am I for the knowing that the earth’s shift is assured. The doorway open, the light spilling forth, illuminating the path. I see the footprints glowing from those who have prepared the way. Mine match theirs as I stand upon the threshold and gaze back. Heart overcome with love for the beauty of each one as they decide their path to follow. There are many paths that converge at this doorway. Some are long winding roads, others short and straight. Wide paths where one may walk with one’s fellows, others so narrow they must be walked alone. Guardians at their posts assure all must cross the threshold on their own. No baggage may be carried, no attachments brought along. Every garment stripped, hearts bared to this lovelight.

I have realized the dream of my deeper being and know in this moment, that it has been worth dying for.



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