Last Dance With the Old

What is up and what is down...nature expanding my view.

What is up and what is down…nature expanding my view.

I am observing how we are being gifted with opportunities for our last dance with our fears, our insecurities, our wounds. The door ahead has been opened, the lovelight streaming out a greeting. It illuminates a straight pathway. We can choose to walk sure footed, in the knowing that only this forward motion remains. To greet that light, to be bathed in that stream of love, our truth.  Or we can take sidesteps, opting for a last dance with the old patterns before choosing to enter in. The lovelight blesses all, as it knows all will enter in. Free will allows each to choose the timing. How loved we are! Each path fully honored and supported.

Dear hearts all, we complete our roles with one another. Any area where I am not claiming my beauty, a soul will come to reflect that back to me. If I follow these clues, I will discover a part of me, huddled in a darkened room. It is our job, as the loving parents we are, to turn on the light of love and go to that child, lifting her/him in a loving embrace. Assuring that little one that she is treasured and wanted and nothing needs forgiving, nothing is too shameful to see the light of day.

Worn and peeling, yet a beauty shining through. Owning our beauty allows others to see it.

Worn and peeling, yet a beauty shining through. Owning our beauty allows others to see it.

Anywhere we feel we are not being met, we are offered an opening to meet ourselves. Offer a deep bow for all who play this role for they are truly agents of change. Observe and follow the clues, take action as you are inspired. When another shares a painful secret, offer a field of love for them to walk upon. Most likely you have already done so, as that is what allowed the place of safety for the secret to be exposed. If you feel judgment come in, recognize that some part of you is calling out for your love. Go to that self and flow the love you are. If you feel rejected, seek out that part of you that you have rejected and make amends. Betrayed, where have I betrayed myself? All is there to be read and healed.

Know that we are done with clearing and releasing, whenever we declare ourselves done. We have ever been whole. We only played at being victim/perpetrator, overseer/slave. We came here to evolve, to experience separation with all its permeations. How far could we take this game? There were the daredevils amongst us who came to ride the extreme edges playing dictator and tyrant. Many choose the role of playing asleep, safe in the middle lands. There were those who flowed the remembrance of oneness in their steps. What a glorious cast of characters! We have exchanged roles, played understudy and lead, bit parts and grand. We tried out everything.

How we will laugh and celebrate the closing of this long running play. Our costumes have become tattered and worn, the scripts, almost illegible with all the handling, the stage falling apart under our feet.

To play our parts credibly, we swallowed the belief that others were to establish our worth. Ever, it was our own hearts that held the love that heals every wound. The key to our freedom has always been within us. How clever that we set up this adventure tale, where we rode off in search of that key, that holy grail. Searching high and low, facing dangers and imprisonment, suffering and fighting for survival. Our souls have loved every experience, every twist and turn of plot.

IMG_9121Our Mother Earth, beloved Gaia, has requested a new play. She wishes to join her peers in the starry love fields. She offers us a role in this new script of her design. Weary and worn, we have chosen as a collective, to partake in this new play. This time we strip ourselves naked, allowing our heartlights to shine the signature of the role we will take on. We are asked to play our greatness, to let our voice be heard. Each note necessary in the chorus being sung. We move as one heart, one ribbon streaming from the Creator’s essence. The amphitheater is filled with representatives from every universe.

Follow that path of light, do not dawdle for long. The stage door is ajar, the curtain at the ready, we hear, “Places everyone!” I intend to be in place, ready to hit my mark and deliver my lines. I am calm and centered, with the peace of knowing that I have prepared well. I am ready. As are you. Time to step in!

6 thoughts on “Last Dance With the Old

  1. I like the picture of the sun you posted with this article. I have noticed for years how much more intense the sun was getting. Looking at it now clearly shows me how seemingly bigger it is. The chromosphere is larger and brighter…bright white instead of yellowish, and very intense. Yet it feels healing and gentle to me on my body. I have remarked to many people about it for a long time..the changes, but no one seems to know what I am talking about. They look at me like I’m crazy. Maybe we really are perceiving with our senses, very differently from one another.

    It really does feel like we are getting close to the moment of quantum awakening that Ken Carey spoke about so long ago. I’ve always felt it was a true event but the delays have really tried my trust. I am learning to accept that all we hope for will happen at the best time possible.

    • Dear Robert,
      Yes! The sun has changed in its intensity. I have also felt this for some time and am guided at times to sit and absorb codes coming through. The awakening feels so imminent, I feel myself quivering with it today as I find myself stepping back from everything to allow myself a deeper immersion.
      The trust ….the being asked to go much further and remain much longer than any of us planned. Stretched past the breaking point….and yet here we stand. Congratulations for being here! I have felt such gratitude to all of us front runners who have stood guard at our post, long after relief was promised. Thank you for not abandoning yours.

      No more delays, this time, we go. Every cell singing the song of freedom.
      Joy to the world!

  2. O’ YES….Dear Godess Sister Linda…you have such a beautiful way with words…filled with love and compassion…Thank-you for BEING the Radiant Reflection that you are…YES>>>YES>>>YES>>>…I, too, AM ready…My constant prayer…HIGHEST GOOD for ALL…May we ALL ALLOW our deepest INNER KNOWING to FLOW forth as we step into our new roles in FULL CONSCIOUSNESS with WIDE OPEN HEARTS…

    AHO…and so it is…

    I love you…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      I love being my radiant expression! I love knowing your radiance!
      It is exciting to imagine stepping into the new in full consciousness. Yes, our highest good and the highest good for all….one and the same as we weave our strands of lovelight.

      Cascades of silvery lovelight from me to you,

  3. Mahalo for sharing your beautifully expressed words…inviting us all into the journey, the pathway, the adventure of love. I say YES to the letting go, to the surrender of not knowing and the willingness to stand strong in the ground of my own space as I radiantly emerge in the Garden of Love… Aloha, L

    • Dear Lori,

      My pleasure to share. We are communing in that one stream of love, our hearts finding resonance. I see you in your radiance!

      Blessings of love,

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