Flying Free

Beautiful bridges line the Oregon coast.

Beautiful bridges line the Oregon coast.

The winds of change blew me down the Oregon coast. It was raining hard, the winds pushed Maxie (my car) sideways as we struggled to stay centered on the road and bridges. The ocean threw itself across the highway in places and the mists enveloped us in their haunting depths. It was a soul journey as much as a physical one. Could I hold my center in the midst of the chaos swirling on the planet? Could Maxie and I exist in the eye of the storm, deep in the knowing that all is well?

We could and we did. I was very grateful to land at my friend’s home as the last hours in the darkness and fog had asked me to hold my inner light on high. I am increasingly aware of the various planes that I am creating on as I move through this physical plane. I traversed many timelines on this drive, and yes, the storm was necessary. I trust and move through. Easing my grip on the wheel, knowing I am guided and protected each mile I traverse.

Dizzying heights

Dizzying heights

The weekend presented a walk in the redwood forest along the coast. We left the sunlight behind and moved into the shadows and mists, the place where faeries dance in the fecundity of the forest floor. Your toes seek to grow hairy roots and your arms long to embrace the sky. My being sunk into the silence with a shuttering sigh. Forehead on huge trees, bark spongy and welcoming. Moss dripping, water churning in the creek we walked beside. Dense canopy offering filtered shelter as the sky opened in earnest with its buckets of life sustaining moisture. Waterfalls of light suddenly spilling from the treetops, liquid rivers of lovelight. Every sense alert, quivering in the aliveness. Two young men, cavorting with the energies, running down the path. My light body tumbles and races with them, eager to move with the forests’ power.

We went to see the movie, Interstellar. Almost three hours long, it took me on a journey. I saw how it was releasing the past trauma we endured at the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. We have shifted that timeline. We are creating the new earth right here with our hearts full of love. We woke up in time. We had vowed that there would be no more destruction, that our earth would live to become, once again, the Garden of Eden we remembered. We are our future selves as well as our ancestors, all come to this point in the time/space continuum, to birth with our Mother Earth, a new world. In the movie, the folks explore the galaxy for the environment that will support us. In the end, it is love that offers the home to land in. Our love for ourselves and one another, the glue that holds the fabric of our beings as they swirl and reform in the dance of life. The bookcase offers a glimpse into the way we weave frequencies, sending out harmonies and tones of love across the universe. My fingers knew that movement, the shifting, conscious placement of each strand and fiber to create beauty and life.

imageWe do not have to search the galaxy for our home. It has been hidden inside us the jewel in our hearts, pulsing its message of love. When we follow its beacon, we are transformed by its power. This in turn, transforms our world. Like Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, we have only to click our heels to return to our home. This earth is a jewel, entrusted to our care. We rode her to the brink and now we are pulling her back to safety. To the truth of the immense love that she is. She is our mother, having allowed us to find our way no matter the cost to herself in heartache. We have grown beyond our selfish, careless teenage ways. We are now adults, stepping into our sovereignty, here to assist with our talents and gifts. We came for this time, knowing we carry the solutions within the collective. As we move into aligning all of our actions with the highest good of all, we restore the garden of our souls and our Mother Earth. This is why we are here. Every person on this planet has a vital piece of the puzzle. In unity, we put it together, community by community until we see the flowering beauty of the whole. As each adds their lovelight, free from distortions of suffering, blame or pain, the new comes into view with a radiance that lights our galaxy and beyond. Our earth, a shining star in the Creator’s crown.

Yesterday I drove a highway of light, weaving my energies with three mountains, snow capped and shining in the lovelight. Tones, high pitched, angelic in nature flowed through my voice as the miles melted away. My heart was a furnace blasting its liquidlovelight out in radiant streams. Tears flowed with the beauty of it all. Mission accomplished sang the song in my heart. The tipping point has been reached. Love is the primary force on our earth once again. With that knowing I can depart, entrusting the building to the next generation that came in for the task. My generation have been the vision keepers, the breakers of the old patterns, the seeders of the new. Many will come back as the babies, streaming in with memories intact. Knowing that love is the creative substance that will transform this world.

Feather left as a writing tool, wet sand the blank sheet.

Feather left as a writing tool, wet sand the blank sheet.

I stand at the open gate, knowing the masses will pass through. My heart sheds tears with the wonder of it all. Relief that we have made it, appreciation for all that brought us here. No more questions, no more tasks ahead. I am savoring my wholeness, the freedom that is singing through my cells. I congratulate each one, thank this body elemental, the micro of our Mother Earth, for her support and love. We have arrived. We are the ones who came to bring us all Home. Masters all, we are mighty in our love. I rest in this. I rest in this.

4 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. I had a feeling you would be coming by on your back to California…I am in Lincoln CIty, OR and would have enjoyed meeting you over tea…:) I know what you mean about feeling you can go now… for the last decade I felt as though I had been asked inside clearly if I would stay and help the rebuilding and such. I felt much of my role would be counseling people catching up. But lately, I’ve felt the same thing…that I am free to leave if that’s what I want. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel that inner “driven” energy to “stick it out, tough it out”, keep hangin’ in, do the self sacrificing thing. I feel I could let it all go at this point too. Thanks for sharing your insights. Glad you are on your way! :)

    • Dear Robert,
      I would have surely come to tea! Extend the invitation and you never know when you may see me. Yes to letting go and flying free. Many are being called onward…the words that I hear so often, you are going to more, not less.
      There is always more…more love, more truth, more joy.
      Blessings of love,

  2. Thank You Linda. This is beautiful and again the point resonates. Completion, Mission Accomplished, Gratitude…..and RELIEF. The habitual mind still exerts its pressure – trying to “figure out” what I “should” be doing, but my body pretty much says I’m done. Funny thing is I feel very healthy, just really tired, and really unambitious. Content to read, and walk, watch sunsets and silly movies from the 60’s.

    So Blessings Dear One. We will have a lot of celebrating to do when We meet at that celebratory party, and soon! xooxoxo <3

    • Dear Karena,

      We are sharing this space! Movies, books, walks in nature, conversations with loved ones. Nothing left to do. Fatigue, yes. But content in my slowness.
      It will be a celebration the like of which we have not known. I have seen glimpses of the prep…jewels and crowns and gowns….been watching princess movies!

      It will be joy to hug you!
      Always the lovelight flowing between our hearts,

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