Making Ourselves A Home

On my walk back from the beach, I was thrilled with the way the setting sun was dancing its colors across the houses on the shore.

On my walk back from the beach, I was thrilled with the way the setting sun was dancing its colors across the houses on the shore.

My wise sister and I were having a conversation about lights. A friend had asked her advice on up lighting some trees in her yard. My sister is a former landscape designer with an ability to paint with plants and light. She said that she did not like outside lights illuminating houses or

trees for the most part. She found it strange to see a dark house that had lights shining on it rather from within it. A symptom of our modern age where we were conditioned to dress up our exterior and ignore our inner being.

When we view a house at night, where the lights are on, offering a glimpse of family and connection within, it warms our heart. Books lit up on a shelf, folks gathered around a table, a fire glowing…all serve to draw is in. Viewing houses that lay dark inside but showcasing the structure outside, is a far emptier experience.

When we meet another soul who is lit from within, there is a radiance that attracts us, like moths to a flame. Our hearts want to flutter in that light and absorb it for ourselves. The outer appearance pales in comparison, it recedes in the background or is absorbed as part of the whole.

We are coming to that awareness as a people, that we are each responsible for igniting that inner light. Valuing it over the outer appearance, letting go of the judgments of our forms as not good enough. Letting go of the focus on creating some corporate induced ideal of what constitutes beauty. Moving towards honoring and tending the inner flame. Being comfortable in the skin we designed for ourselves, for these very times. Knowing it would be the vehicle that would allow us the greatest growth and expansion on the inner planes.

As we stoke that inner fire and allow it to blaze bright by speaking our truth, following our joy, aligning with our soul’s desires and will, we bless one another with our light. It offers warmth and food. We nourish one another in this way as we look into another’s eyes without shuttering our light. We fling the shutters open wide, we allow ourselves to offer that glimpse of Home that flows through our beings in a steady stream of liquidlovelight. Making eye contact with all whom we meet, allowing the love to flow freely.

This changes our world, second by second. We take that extra second to look the cashier at the store in the eye and exchange a word. We greet the one passing on the sidewalk with our torch of light flowing through our eyes and smile. We squat down and look the child in the face as we speak.

The blaze of light that draws us in.

The blaze of light that draws us in.

We let go of being simply houses as we inhabit our beings, making them a home. A home that the Creator lives in with us. A home glowing with love and warmth that makes others smile when they are near. It is time to come home to ourselves, to clear out the clutter the focus on the outer form has left behind. To make a space that honors and feeds our soul. To create a space that invites and welcomes the Creator in.

Christmas is a time when we welcome the light of the Christ child in. Let us each prepare him room by clearing the old boxes of resentments, shame, blame, judgment, sorrow. Let us give them to the angels to recycle back into lovelight. Let us string our hearts with radiant lights that never go out. Let us turn on every light, all of our rooms lit like fire as a welcome. Leave none empty or shuttered to the night. Let us dazzle one another with our brilliance as our Christed self makes itself at home.

We came to bring the light from Home. We have the privilege of our perfect forms to house it. It awaits only our claiming our right to reflect the sun, to house and shelter the Christ as our truth. It is time to turn on our heartlights and create the world anew. Oh, this Christmas season, it feels possible because of you. Thank you for turning on your lights and allowing me to be fed by your flame. This is how we feed the world, this is how love moves. Miracles and magik….it is time. Blessed be.

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  1. Dear Linda,
    The warmth from your heartlight is like a Christmas bonfire! I so agree with your sister about lighting. Looking others directly in the eyes is such fun. Being ourselves can make one giddy! Joy to the world! Let every heart prepare Him room!

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