My driftwood path marker.

My driftwood path marker.

It seems for years, there has been the sense of energy vibrating through my body. The past couple of days and nights it has literally shook me, inside and out. There is so much energy flowing in, cleansing and renewing us. I saw all these filaments of light streaming from my core, each being cracked like a whip, allowing all the gunk of lifetimes to fly off. Memories of sorrows, pains, burdens….all dissolving with that explosive motion. This allowed new connections to be made as the newly cleared strands were plugged into pearlescent ones flowing in from the sun, the Creator, the All that is. We each have teams that assist in this upgrade. The night of 11-11, I saw thousands upon thousands being lifted to a huge ship with the name, White Wing or White something. The crews were ecstatic as they had been awaiting this moment as much as we had. New operating systems have been installed and are being test driven to work out all the bugs. No wonder we require stillness and rest.

imageAs I was lying on a table being attended to, the table spun upside down with me on it. It spun in circles a number of times making me feel a bit nauseous. It stopped at my protest, but with me upside down. My team said they just had to zip me up the back. The table was transparent and they could see and work on my back. Somehow, I was viewing them at work. I saw my spine, a white column of light. They used some instrument to flow down one side of my spine and then back up the other side. There were switches that were being turned to the on position now that the new wiring was in place. It felt electrifying!

Our inner systems are being purged and cleaned. Our emotional fields are being presented with shocks and jolts so as to release any remaining fears. Our physical bodies are throwing up and out any dis- ease or ailment. All that we hid and stored in these amazing body elementals of ours, is being taken out like the trash it is. We no longer need it. The angels are at the ready to take it for the great recycling, turning the old density back into the lovelight it is. It is energy that can be used anew by our children and their children. We are the bridge generation that came to clear the family lineages, to stop cycles of abuse, to understand and break centuries old patterns so that our children could walk free on the new earth.

My body is asking for a break from the loaves of toast that I have eaten of late. It was the only thing I craved…was it literal? Was I craving the bread of life? Drinking lemon water and the beauty of the deep maroon pink of the lilies I bought yesterday, I am open to be fed on many levels. Letting my tummy settle, allowing my world to settle about me. Flung once again into that deep unknown space, letting the frequency live me. There is only this moment. This breath. Love in, love out.

8 thoughts on “Vibrating

  1. Dearest Linda: EVERY sentence of this posts correlates to experiences I AM also having. I woke up this morning with the room spinning – not just the usual vertigo, but literally SPINNING. That sensation lingers…… Dreamt of completing preparation on a place like a spa where people were arriving and checking in as I and 2 others were catching a train to the “next” destination. I was lugging 2 suitcases – REALLY?!? I thought I have LET GO of all my “stuff” by now! I read a powerful article this morning from…. are You ready for this?: THE WHITE WINGED COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF NINE. Here’s the link if You want to read it. DIAMOND CODES. I’m on board with this!!!! Taos is receiving it’s first snow of the season……beautiful! So much Love, Beauty and Gratitude to You today!!! xooxox <3

    • Yes to the spinning. So much happening, we are being kept off balance in order to let go of the old I every way.
      I read that article Magenta brings through done lovely stuff from the White Winged Collective.
      Funny about the suitcases. Love the spa like space and all you saw there. So much happening as we are being positioned.
      Enjoy the first snow, always so magical. I miss it.
      Feeling your beauty and love,
      Mine is singing back to you,

  2. Also love the comment of Us being the bridge generation. I had been told years ago that I was “a bridge’, and my mind has really chewed on that one for years. I am the END of a long line of abuse in my lineage. Thanks for that clarification! xooxoxoxo <3

    • Dear Karena,

      Thank you for ending that cycle for us all! It has been a huge accomplishment by the baby boomers. We are bridging these dimensional spaces just as we planned from Home.

      Loving you,

  3. Greetings my Dear Linda Marie…

    Speaking of the vibration shaking you to your core…it is indeed a QUAKING…and just as our Dear Mother Earth QUAKES…our bodies adjust to the new frequencies and the SHAKING and QUAKING literally opens areas that have been stuck or HIDDEN… where old no longer needed fears and memories can be released…the flinging filaments…I see as a means for the the AKA Cords (of attachments) to be cut and severed…

    Breaking the old patterns of lineage and abuse is of great service to humanity and worlds beyond…the SELF-HEALING NATURE of our bodies are fully available NOW for ALL..there are MIRACULOUS HEALINGS taking place and soon it will be the NORM…and one of my favorite MANTRAS is: ‘Thank-you for my RADIANT HEALTH and WELL-BEING’…

    Not many remember their off planet healing experiences…your’s was beautifully expressed…

    Thanks for your eloquent way of communicating your HEART FELT EXPERIENCES…

    I love you my Star SisSTAR..

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,
      I love your description of this process we are in and wholeheartedly, agree. Amazing! Thanks also for the reminder to express gratitude for our radiant health, claiming it for ourselves and all.
      Last night’s shaking made me wonder if there was an earthquake…indeed, an internal one!

      I love you,
      Linda Marie

  4. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for a great post, I really resonated with this one.
    I told you last week I think it was that I had chosen to go, well I didn’t make it this time. I heard I had missed the boat, then I read of what you wrote here about the ship, there will be another one along shortly, 12:12??
    I felt the vibration again during the night, just in my lower area. I still had some old stuff I had been carrying of Mums, quite a lot actually, I let it all go very willingly and hopefully I will get the next boat, ship.
    Loving you gently dearest Linda, you are very loved, Maggie

    • Dear Maggie,
      All in perfect time. I no longer think of dates or time, just know it is all happening for our highest good. Great that you released so much from your mom.
      Thank you for the gentle love. It felt like a soft hug.
      Blessings of sweet joy,

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