Refining Our Desires

imageI am witnessing my movement of the past couple of weeks as I prepare to find my third landing spot. There are pieces that I will miss from each place: the mountains and mists of the island, tomorrow I leave the open grassland and strip of blue water view to head back to California to see what Mount Shasta has to offer. I have desired to live surrounded by natural beauty and I have found that. The other component for me is resonance, with the physical space inside, as well. I love light filled spaces, art that feeds me, flowers and order. I am one who has painted every place I have rented or owned. I rearrange, move things about to find that harmony. Venusians are so sensitive to their surroundings, I am like a delicate plant.

We are seeking that feeling of flow with one another and all of life, sentient and not. I delight in all the frequencies on the planet, the diversity and range. Yet, I desire a sanctuary to come back to, where I can rest in my own energy or with others of similar frequency.

I have a sense that we are being called from our hermit like existence to put our toe into the waters of community. We have been clearing our fields as we move into sovereignty, the prerequisite required for community to flourish. I sense that the love pods will begin to spring into place with the spring. I have lived with my former husband and our adult children practicing these skills in the past year or so as we flowed in and out in various combos. Now I am offered the opportunity to try it out with strangers on a small scale.

Crushed yet still reflecting its form and iridescent beauty.

Crushed yet still reflecting its form and iridescent beauty.

I will look at a cottage for rent where I would be alone. That feels delightful as I love flowing with my own rhythms. It all depends on the feel of the place when I am in it. I am also going to look at a house share with a couple of others. I feel a leaning towards that as I enjoy the interweaving of energies, the support and sharing that can take place. The woman holding the lease on the house shared how she knew many who had been feeling a similar calling and felt the fear that brought up. Can we live in sovereignty with others so that we can feel that space of aloneness, together?  To be fully ourselves, honoring our rhythm and yet weaving it with others.are our hearts up to the task of living as an open book, fully transparent in each moment?

We have worked to find the peace within, that flame that we can sink into, bathing in its love. Now it moves outward into our surroundings, as we choose the physical and energetic environment that best allows that flame full expression. Discernment is called for, no right or wrong, rather an honoring of self as to what feeds our joy and what does not. As we each do this, we create pockets of beauty that spread as our joy enlivens all that we see. We are training our eyes and senses to greater refinement, attuning them to the inner knowing that all is love.

Our spheres of influence are growing with our recognition of our abilities. As we live fully our lovelight, where we are, we expand it into the world. Our spheres touch, overlap and create more beauty, wider versions of love’s forms. This becomes the wildfire igniting this earth’s expression as the star that she us. We are given the paintbrushes to co- create our idea of heaven on earth. We are the ones who bring it into form. Following our heart’s guidance in each moment…does this move me closer to joy? Braving our fears formed from old disappointments and betrayals, we take the step with a child’s innocence and trust. No longer content with good enough….no longer willing to make ourselves small to keep the peace…no longer living out the programming of a lifetime. We seek to fly free, to dive deep, to feel the wind rush through our beings.

I salute each one if you for your courage in forging a new path, holding to an ideal that lives in fairy tales, trusting yet again with an open heart, living the belief in love. Magik is afoot. It is ours to claim and use.

6 thoughts on “Refining Our Desires

  1. Yes, the beauty is within! Loved the first photo as it looked like volcanos in the back drop. The crushed shell and it’s beauty. Thank you Linda for all that you represent!
    Loving you my dearest as we reach out in Love.

  2. Hello my Dear Linda Marie…

    My heart delights at the possibility of having you as part of our Sacred Mountain Community…I trust your Inner Knowing to always take you where you need to be…when you need to be there…

    Magik is afoot…I’m right there with you…picking up a paintbrush and with a full new palette…Wah-Lah…co-creating Heaven on Earth with a full open heart…for soooo long I have said and felt…if it really is how we think it…and I believe that to be so…then it really is our Sacred Duty to think it the very best we can…

    I love you Beautiful Goddess Sister…thanks for Being…You…

    Bonnie Lou

  3. Dear Bonnie,
    Your face did light up for me when I thought of being at Shasta! It feels like a hub point for me to be able to access my family and friends in Sacramento and the coast. Yet I would have the natural beauty that I crave.
    Our sacred duty to dream it the best we can….I so agree.
    I love you,

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