Integrating and Allowing

The colors of nature enliven my heart!

The colors of nature enliven my heart!

Yesterday was a day long class with a group of 11 women on 11-11. Of course, it started at 11am. Good day, good hearts, all committed to being the love. All new folk to me but hearts remember. Met a fellow gate keeper from the Great Central Sun which was lovely. It feels like memories of our linage are pouring in these days as our hearts open wider to our truth.

The truth that we can live in the love we are. That through our intentions, we can create a better world. There is a place for doing in our world, acting on our guidance is a way to honor ourselves. There is also a place for being. For allowing our hearts’ lights to flow into the world with messages of peace, of freedom, of all beings having food, shelter and the knowing that they are loved. Our thoughts create. We can intend goodwill and trust that it streams from our hearts to create just that.

We were told that we could move mountains with our faith and it is coming true as more hearts are tuning to the love channel, its signal stronger each day. Everything feels to be softening, hearts are opening with floods of tears, our relationship to time is loosening, we are being gentler with ourselves as the inner critic loses its hold. Our hearts are opening to a knowing that all is well so that despite the outer appearances, we feel this peace bubbling in our heart of hearts. Our knowing that we are creator gods and goddesses is returning to us on waves of sunlight, strands of starlight and beams of moonlight. Everything is wanting to dance with us as we begin to reawaken to the love we are.

Even bird poop can create beauty! Hearts of love when we look for them...they appear everywhere!

Even bird poop can create beauty! Hearts of love when we look for them…they appear everywhere!

I was gifted a day alone, to dream, to get lost on a long beach walk as my driftwood marker to the path back through the seagrass was toppled by the wind. I dreamt of my heart’s desire for my beloved, for a cottage by the sea, for my love pod about me. I took action by calling about a cottage listed at the foot of Mount Shasta. I listened to my heart’s desire for natural beauty as well as heading closer to family and dear friends. Then I let it go and sank into Hallmark channel Christmas movies as I delighted in the novelty of a tv. I watch movies on my computer but tv has not been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. I sense that tomorrow is another day to rest in this space offered, to allow what I have sent out to do its work. When the guidance comes, I will take the next step.

For now, I am resting in the dream of a world where all are free to sing their song, where all know and radiate their own beauty, where the Christ light has truly come again in each one’s heart. I sense we are entering a season of thanksgiving and Christmas, the likes of which we have never seen. Ring out the bells! Let your lovelight flow in all its glory.

4 thoughts on “Integrating and Allowing

  1. Good early morning my Dear Goddess Sister…

    Yes…Yes…Yes…may we ALL let our LoveLight FLOW…

    The Christed Light is HERE NOW…available for ALL to Radiate forth from each Heart…my constant prayer…Highest Good for ALL…

    I love you my Fine Friend…Thank-you for BEING…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Good morning love,

      It is here now! Thank you for knowing and playing in the creation fields so fully. Highest good for all, the hallelujah prayer , singing it with you.

      I love you,

  2. Oh, what beautiful words and energy to wake up to. Thank you my sister in Light. I am currently in the process of an “ascension cold” the first time i have been sick like this for years. Serious releasing is happening way beyond my body i feel and i greatly appreciate your powerful GRATITUDE energy to remind me to keep surrendering and Allowing. Keep smiling. beautiful soul bc you are reminding even your fellow Lightworkers that are walking next to you of the Light with that SMlLE from THE HEART.

    In the energy of Love Always,
    Carolyn R

    • Dear Carolyn,
      Thank you! A warm infusion added to my morning. Interesting about the cold, I have been feeling so slow and low in energy, cocooning by the electric fire. We are releasing sooo much, as you said, more than cellular stuff, on all levels of our being.
      I am grateful that your light is flowing here on our Mother Earth. We are supporting one another as we make this final push through the old matrix.

      Ribbons of aqua blue lined with gold heartlight streaming to you,
      With live

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