November Newness

imageNovember first found me on Whidbey Island, off of Seattle following a calling to the 48th parallel. I was grateful to have a dear friend begin the first leg of the journey with me to Mount Shasta. We stayed in our favorite hotel,which is abit south of town and has an us obstructed view of the mountain from our room. We went to the local grill for fish tacos and returned nourished for a night of fun. We began to play our crystal bowls on one another. The tones coming through were new and we realized something big was afoot. We cleared much for the divine feminine, so heavy were the energies that I had to keep stopping to clear the bowl so that it could continue with its song. As the energies lifted there came a point where the bowl was singing in joy and both of us collapsed in giggles, the like of which we have not known. A crew of Pleadian angels filled the room and we were given images of the journey into the mountain that was on tap for the night. We were both being dressed in gowns, mine gold, hers silver. The material was shimmery and sparkled like sunlight dancing on water as we walked. I was shown that this would be part of my new gift, to weave the liquidlovelight into cloth. I would make use of sunlight, starlight and moonlight! My hands were being activated along with my heart. I saw green plant material flow from my heart in woven designs. It was thrilling! My friend recalled that back in April whhad been present at the mountain for an eclipse of the moon in the wee hours of the night, I found myself on top of the mountain, dressed in a woolen garment that was light yet filled with warmth. It had been woven from sunlight.

My friend wore a crown that was made by faeries all doing gymnastics as they created new shapes, a living crown! Faeries also sat on each curl of her hair and bounced up and down in glee. Truly, all beings wish to play with us. We giggled as we realized how serious we have been about our path. The time to play is come!

We were shown a “transition train” that was being loaded. Folks and animals were boarding and we were part of an honor guard to thank them for their service. Their generation had lived lives of hardship and sorrow. They had endured and carried beliefs that no longer served the collective. They were so joy filled to drop their bodies which carried the imprint of so much wounding that regeneration was too difficult a task. There was such a sense of celebration as the earth felt the lifting of the old energies. As the train departed, we saw bands of cherubim bringing in babies streaming rainbow lovelight that lit up everything. The feeling of joy permeated us all.

Mount Shasta as dawn brought its rosy glow.

Mount Shasta as dawn brought its rosy glow.

My friend and I both saw folks we know, get on the train. We shed some tears at their passing, not knowing if it had happened in the physical as yet but seeing it was close. We knew it was all part of the grand design and each soul had chosen their time to depart or enter in. I was surprised to see my sister, who had committed suicide thirty some years before, as a member of the Telos community under the mountain. She was wearing an acolyte’s robe and as she straightened my gown, she gave me a smile, acknowledging our  connection. I was so glad to see that was where she chose to incarnate after her last life.

I found this material hanging from the trees by the shore. It so reminded me of what I saw in my vision!

I found this material hanging from the trees by the shore. It so reminded me of what I saw in my vision!

We were pulled into sleep as we were relating our tales, the wonderful thing for me was that we were both having the same visions and confirming it for one another. I am not usually as visual as she is so I was thrilled to be granted the visions. My third eye has had a  strange pimple like nodule on it for months now. It has begun to bleed when I wash my face. I am trusting that it has something to do with my vision coming online.

The next morning, we were called to the mountain. We drove up and before even getting out of the car, knew we were called to sleep. We dozed for about an hour and I sensed more work being done on my palms to quicken them. The day passed in a haze as we walked on the mountain and relished the sunlight.

Ashland, Oregon in its autumn beauty.

Ashland, Oregon in its autumn beauty.

I departed for Ashland to meet another friend for the night. So beautiful to weave the lovelight with others whose hearts are singing their song. Halloween found me needing to leave the festivities of Ashland behind to honor those who were departing on this weekend of All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead. The ancestors were very present and the veil barely there.

I had rented a room in a house from craigslist. All felt right and I came only to discover that the dogs were more present and numerous than I knew. The animal smell was overpowering to the point that I felt my body go into a state of shock. I was fatigued and it made it so I could not relax in my body. I cried many a tear the first couple of days. Every time someone called to ask how I was, I would burst into tears at the kindness in their voices. I slept and cried and slept some more. The head and neck pressure, the nausea, the smells….my body was on overload and I asked to be taken on the that transition train. Surely it was my time to go.

The colors of the manzanita tree are stunning.

The colors of the manzanita tree are stunning.

I have such angels about me. Friends called and asked the questions that brought some relief. Yes, my body confirmed that I was here for a purpose. I was streaming in the pink/orange/gold ribbons of liquidlovelight that I work with. My body was trembling as a conduit as they streamed in so strong and fast into the 48th parallel and the meridians of the planet. There are still times, it seems, where my body is offered as a chalice for the energies to land. I am grateful that we are moving out of clearing mode into anchoring the new mode. Still, there was some clearing involved also. At such times, it takes all of me. i can only be with it, surrendering myself to the process. The full moon of today is working with me and another that I know of, to complete this infusion.

I had thought I was coming to spend the winter months up here but now see that my work is done in a few days rather than a few months’ time. The energies are so quick now! I was left wondering where I was to land next. My mind went to pieces, dissolving in tears and frustration with the need to have to do this once again. I am so beyond tired of playing this earthly game of finding shelter for the body. Why do I have to be so sensitive to everything?! It has been years since I was able to live any semblance of a normal life. I have been a hermit, a lone pilgrim, weaving my lovelight with my dear car, Maxie. Stopping here and there in the winter months in spaces with my family, who can take bigger doses of me than others. My presence activates folks and that can be uncomfortable for all. On a soul level, I understand the agreements in place, on a personality level, I am tired of it all. I am at the end of my rope with this way of being. I want to be able to participate more with life and people. I desire a partner, a home, flowers, children. Simple pleasures of community.

imageIn my panic, I turned to friends and craigslist and the search. I could feel that it was not going to come in the old way. I knew that my frantic energy was working against me, yet I persisted.  I was being asked to trust and open to guidance. Finally,  I surrendered. I was guided to take an action out of my comfort zone and it seems it will bear fruit and a home will appear. I await the unfolding with a grateful heart. Today, I let it all go and for the first time since arriving, I found myself singing songs as I explored parts of the island. I was able to be out for a few hours, rather than just a short walk on the beach. I felt so nourished by the wind, the trees and the sea. Filled where I had been empty. Then the pressure returned and brought me back to the shelter of my room and bed.

The new has laid down a firmament that we can now walk upon. Change is the new constant and we must flow to be one with it all. I am grateful to be still standing with a heart beating. These past few days of dissolution of all that I thought myself to be and allowing of who I am becoming have been extreme. I know myself to be an extremist in the way I have walked my path. I sense that focus will now soften, that all of us who have been walking on the edge, will be called in to the center of life once again. But that is tomorrow’s story. For today I have a bed and the wind and the sea. The moon rides high over the land, blessing all with her light. Onward we go. I bless us all.


5 thoughts on “November Newness

  1. Hello Dear Goddess Sister Linda Marie…

    O’ my…I think the frequency of your writing has lifted to a new height…this might just be your BEST yet…Thank-you sooooo much for sharing…

    You are beautiful…I love you my Dear Friend…

    Bonnie Lou

  2. I hear you so loud and clear dear Linda, thank you.
    My mother was on one of the transition trains that left just over 2 weeks ago, I am still coming to terms with this.
    Oh the wonder of all this that is solely, oh so slowly at times, starting to happen.
    I have been wondering if I will ever be able to live a normal human life ever again!
    Love you sweet Linda, love Maggie

    • Dear Maggie,
      A big hug in losing the physical presence of your mom. That is a big one, our most primal relationship in so many ways. Surrounding you in lovelight. No, we will never live the normal human life, we will live as the flames of divinity that we are! hallelujah to that.
      I love you!
      Linda XXX
      take extra good care of you, cherish and nurture yourself. It is a big loss.

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