Last Dance With the Old

What is up and what is down...nature expanding my view.

What is up and what is down…nature expanding my view.

I am observing how we are being gifted with opportunities for our last dance with our fears, our insecurities, our wounds. The door ahead has been opened, the lovelight streaming out a greeting. It illuminates a straight pathway. We can choose to walk sure footed, in the knowing that only this forward motion remains. To greet that light, to be bathed in that stream of love, our truth.  Or we can take sidesteps, opting for a last dance with the old patterns before choosing to enter in. The lovelight blesses all, as it knows all will enter in. Free will allows each to choose the timing. How loved we are! Each path fully honored and supported.

Dear hearts all, we complete our roles with one another. Any area where I am not claiming my beauty, a soul will come to reflect that back to me. If I follow these clues, I will discover a part of me, huddled in a darkened room. It is our job, as the loving parents we are, to turn on the light of love and go to that child, lifting her/him in a loving embrace. Assuring that little one that she is treasured and wanted and nothing needs forgiving, nothing is too shameful to see the light of day.

Worn and peeling, yet a beauty shining through. Owning our beauty allows others to see it.

Worn and peeling, yet a beauty shining through. Owning our beauty allows others to see it.

Anywhere we feel we are not being met, we are offered an opening to meet ourselves. Offer a deep bow for all who play this role for they are truly agents of change. Observe and follow the clues, take action as you are inspired. When another shares a painful secret, offer a field of love for them to walk upon. Most likely you have already done so, as that is what allowed the place of safety for the secret to be exposed. If you feel judgment come in, recognize that some part of you is calling out for your love. Go to that self and flow the love you are. If you feel rejected, seek out that part of you that you have rejected and make amends. Betrayed, where have I betrayed myself? All is there to be read and healed.

Know that we are done with clearing and releasing, whenever we declare ourselves done. We have ever been whole. We only played at being victim/perpetrator, overseer/slave. We came here to evolve, to experience separation with all its permeations. How far could we take this game? There were the daredevils amongst us who came to ride the extreme edges playing dictator and tyrant. Many choose the role of playing asleep, safe in the middle lands. There were those who flowed the remembrance of oneness in their steps. What a glorious cast of characters! We have exchanged roles, played understudy and lead, bit parts and grand. We tried out everything.

How we will laugh and celebrate the closing of this long running play. Our costumes have become tattered and worn, the scripts, almost illegible with all the handling, the stage falling apart under our feet.

To play our parts credibly, we swallowed the belief that others were to establish our worth. Ever, it was our own hearts that held the love that heals every wound. The key to our freedom has always been within us. How clever that we set up this adventure tale, where we rode off in search of that key, that holy grail. Searching high and low, facing dangers and imprisonment, suffering and fighting for survival. Our souls have loved every experience, every twist and turn of plot.

IMG_9121Our Mother Earth, beloved Gaia, has requested a new play. She wishes to join her peers in the starry love fields. She offers us a role in this new script of her design. Weary and worn, we have chosen as a collective, to partake in this new play. This time we strip ourselves naked, allowing our heartlights to shine the signature of the role we will take on. We are asked to play our greatness, to let our voice be heard. Each note necessary in the chorus being sung. We move as one heart, one ribbon streaming from the Creator’s essence. The amphitheater is filled with representatives from every universe.

Follow that path of light, do not dawdle for long. The stage door is ajar, the curtain at the ready, we hear, “Places everyone!” I intend to be in place, ready to hit my mark and deliver my lines. I am calm and centered, with the peace of knowing that I have prepared well. I am ready. As are you. Time to step in!

Departure Defined

imageWhat does it mean when I hear that I am going? I am amazed at how deep is the knowing and how peaceful is the expression of it. On one level, it means nothing. On another, there are many doors. I feel the completion of my mission in every cell. Do I have any idea what this looks like? No. It is not knowable. I have been following the clues I receive.

There are tears of joy, tears with no source other than an over flowing of emotion which seeks release. Tears as I learn to allow my fullness room within this body. The tears assist my heart to expand to make room for more of me. The words that have played the past few months of almost constant movement from place to place have been: You are going to more, not less. They are a mantra I live by. We are evolving, always! Ascension is not an end point. Our time on earth is but one part of our continuing story. I was called. I came. I have contributed my piece. That allows me a great sense of peace.

The stillness as we allow our boats to float.

The stillness as we allow our boats to float.

What does leaving look like? Feel like? I have no clue. Ever since I heard that physical ascension would be possible for some in this lifetime, I knew that I would be one to experience it. I write to open a pathway for others. All of our paths are unique yet we glean comfort and information by sharing our journeys. I am sharing the clues that I follow. I do not have details as so much that lies ahead will be beyond our vocabulary to explain. I have known that what I desire is beyond my ability to imagine.

Feelings waft in and I follow their trail. I feel unattached to outer activity. There are no projects or desires calling out to me. I have been on this path of being for so long and it has been the dominant calling, taking all my energy. Doing comes in the driving in my beloved Maxie as we traverse landscapes, following the call. There is no feeling of landing though that intention was there for an autumn landing when I first headed out this past summer. I have sought the feeling, body desirous of place and stillness yet it has not come. Floating…that feeling remains.

Following the curves of the path as best I am able.

Following the curves of the path as best I am able.

Change is constant, all is fluid motion. Trusting that what is my truth in this moment may not be in the next. Allowing this. No holding to anything or anyone. I feel no things undone. I trust completely that all that is needed in each moment is brought to me. The other day, I thought of someone who had once been close to me and since moved on. She popped in, I opened Facebook and her picture was staring at me on my newsfeed after not showing up for ages. Then a sign appeared on the roadside with her name jumping out at me. I followed the swell in my heart and sent an email of love felt. She responded in kind. Complete. There was no trying, no efforting, simply following the feeling of love and appreciation that arose.

I was taken into a dreamscape of my love pod which opens occasionally for me. My youngest son was there with his love as I was with mine. I was holding and consoling his determined toddler, expressing his frustration so like my son when he was that age. There were horses and joy and peace. I know that I will live this. On what level? How? I do not know any of the details, only that the vision of the love pods that I have held for decades, is coming into fruition and I will be a part of it. My sense is that we will be free to move between dimensional spaces, no longer limited to viewing only one reality, rather many will be open to play in.

This shot is looking up a section of a huge redwood which had been cut to clear the road. You cannot tell what you are seeing from this perspective yet it was very clear from a distance. This is true for us as more dimensions open to our sight.

This shot is looking up a section of a huge redwood which had been cut to clear the road. You cannot tell what you are seeing from this perspective yet it was very clear from a distance. This is true for us as more dimensions open to our sight. Photo taken by my friend, Bev with my phone as it was on her side of the road. Thanks Bev!

So will I be here for Christmas, the New Year? I can only live that question. It does not concern me as I know all is aligned and cared for. I am always in my perfect place for my highest good. I ask to align that with the highest good of all and therein find peace. As they are one and the same as the knowing of our oneness takes root. Perhaps the change will be one of discovering my body filled with vitality, bursting with creative projects that seek form. Perhaps it will open with the discovery of myself existing in multiple realities, with one continuing in this known landscape. Perhaps it is beyond all thought.

What I do know is that as I have detached emotionally from people, place and things, I have expanded in my capacity to love everything. Especially myself! I have fallen deeply in love with who I am, feeling a reverence and honoring for the being that I AM. What a wonder! As that love explodes, it opens the gateway to loving all others. Every sentient being on this beauty filled planet of ours. The reverence and love for our Mother Earth is there in every best of my heart. There is no separation. No need to offer her a thought as it is offered in every breath. Separation dissolves to be replaced with this immense soaring freedom. It is intoxicating and yet quiet. Fireworks yet peace. As our heart beats without our conscious thought, this lovelight moves like a river through me. Source gives, I open to receive and allow its passage through this body chalice. All effort, all trying ceases. I observe what flows in and allow it to follow its natural course. I do not have to direct it, control it, instruct it. I am called to live it. All of me is engaged in this.

I have come to love the uncertainty found wrapped in the midst. To flow into the mystery and allow.

I have come to love the uncertainty found wrapped in the midst. To flow into the mystery and allow.

One may question why I have stated that I will depart. Why put myself in a position where I can be proved wrong? The fields of right and wrong are collapsing, opposites dissolving into wholeness. There is only my truth in this moment and yours in your moments. My writing is offered as I am guided to share. The words encoded beyond their meaning with liquidlovelight. I am the scribe, offering form in these letters, to be infilled. As always, take what resonates, leave the rest. We are guided every step of the way. We are so loved and cherished. We can best express this by cherishing ourselves as our Mother/Father does. In loving me, I love you. We truly are walking each other Home.

Flying Free

Beautiful bridges line the Oregon coast.

Beautiful bridges line the Oregon coast.

The winds of change blew me down the Oregon coast. It was raining hard, the winds pushed Maxie (my car) sideways as we struggled to stay centered on the road and bridges. The ocean threw itself across the highway in places and the mists enveloped us in their haunting depths. It was a soul journey as much as a physical one. Could I hold my center in the midst of the chaos swirling on the planet? Could Maxie and I exist in the eye of the storm, deep in the knowing that all is well?

We could and we did. I was very grateful to land at my friend’s home as the last hours in the darkness and fog had asked me to hold my inner light on high. I am increasingly aware of the various planes that I am creating on as I move through this physical plane. I traversed many timelines on this drive, and yes, the storm was necessary. I trust and move through. Easing my grip on the wheel, knowing I am guided and protected each mile I traverse.

Dizzying heights

Dizzying heights

The weekend presented a walk in the redwood forest along the coast. We left the sunlight behind and moved into the shadows and mists, the place where faeries dance in the fecundity of the forest floor. Your toes seek to grow hairy roots and your arms long to embrace the sky. My being sunk into the silence with a shuttering sigh. Forehead on huge trees, bark spongy and welcoming. Moss dripping, water churning in the creek we walked beside. Dense canopy offering filtered shelter as the sky opened in earnest with its buckets of life sustaining moisture. Waterfalls of light suddenly spilling from the treetops, liquid rivers of lovelight. Every sense alert, quivering in the aliveness. Two young men, cavorting with the energies, running down the path. My light body tumbles and races with them, eager to move with the forests’ power.

We went to see the movie, Interstellar. Almost three hours long, it took me on a journey. I saw how it was releasing the past trauma we endured at the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. We have shifted that timeline. We are creating the new earth right here with our hearts full of love. We woke up in time. We had vowed that there would be no more destruction, that our earth would live to become, once again, the Garden of Eden we remembered. We are our future selves as well as our ancestors, all come to this point in the time/space continuum, to birth with our Mother Earth, a new world. In the movie, the folks explore the galaxy for the environment that will support us. In the end, it is love that offers the home to land in. Our love for ourselves and one another, the glue that holds the fabric of our beings as they swirl and reform in the dance of life. The bookcase offers a glimpse into the way we weave frequencies, sending out harmonies and tones of love across the universe. My fingers knew that movement, the shifting, conscious placement of each strand and fiber to create beauty and life.

imageWe do not have to search the galaxy for our home. It has been hidden inside us the jewel in our hearts, pulsing its message of love. When we follow its beacon, we are transformed by its power. This in turn, transforms our world. Like Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, we have only to click our heels to return to our home. This earth is a jewel, entrusted to our care. We rode her to the brink and now we are pulling her back to safety. To the truth of the immense love that she is. She is our mother, having allowed us to find our way no matter the cost to herself in heartache. We have grown beyond our selfish, careless teenage ways. We are now adults, stepping into our sovereignty, here to assist with our talents and gifts. We came for this time, knowing we carry the solutions within the collective. As we move into aligning all of our actions with the highest good of all, we restore the garden of our souls and our Mother Earth. This is why we are here. Every person on this planet has a vital piece of the puzzle. In unity, we put it together, community by community until we see the flowering beauty of the whole. As each adds their lovelight, free from distortions of suffering, blame or pain, the new comes into view with a radiance that lights our galaxy and beyond. Our earth, a shining star in the Creator’s crown.

Yesterday I drove a highway of light, weaving my energies with three mountains, snow capped and shining in the lovelight. Tones, high pitched, angelic in nature flowed through my voice as the miles melted away. My heart was a furnace blasting its liquidlovelight out in radiant streams. Tears flowed with the beauty of it all. Mission accomplished sang the song in my heart. The tipping point has been reached. Love is the primary force on our earth once again. With that knowing I can depart, entrusting the building to the next generation that came in for the task. My generation have been the vision keepers, the breakers of the old patterns, the seeders of the new. Many will come back as the babies, streaming in with memories intact. Knowing that love is the creative substance that will transform this world.

Feather left as a writing tool, wet sand the blank sheet.

Feather left as a writing tool, wet sand the blank sheet.

I stand at the open gate, knowing the masses will pass through. My heart sheds tears with the wonder of it all. Relief that we have made it, appreciation for all that brought us here. No more questions, no more tasks ahead. I am savoring my wholeness, the freedom that is singing through my cells. I congratulate each one, thank this body elemental, the micro of our Mother Earth, for her support and love. We have arrived. We are the ones who came to bring us all Home. Masters all, we are mighty in our love. I rest in this. I rest in this.

Stepping Through

Only by being broken open, was I able to glimpse the beauty within. Our hearts often need this same shattering to expose our beauty.

Only by being broken open, was I able to glimpse the beauty within. Our hearts often need this same shattering to expose our beauty.

Clouds like massive wings moving across the sky. Legions of angels are here to assist our shift.

Clouds like massive wings moving across the sky. Legions of angels are here to assist our shift.

It has been an emotional couple of days for me as I have been given a vision of the upcoming Solstice portal. I do not like focus on dates, having learned my lesson of attachment to outcome. Yet, I do recognize the power that is present at specific times of planetary and galactic alignments. Celestial events do offer openings heightened potentials that we can take advantage of with our intentions.

On my walks, I am gifted with hearts in many forms. I love Gaia and she lives me! And you and you!

On my walks, I am gifted with hearts in many forms. I love Gaia and she loves me! And you and you! 

I was given a vision of many thousands of us stepping through the Solstice portal. We will prepare the way for the masses to follow. It will seem but a moment to those we leave as time will soon be a construct of the past. I will fulfill my hospitality role that I have prepared for in my dream time. Our group will prepare the space and I will read heartlights to assist each person to their love pod, the one aligning to their frequency. I read it as color and tone.

Emotions surfaced with this knowing of departure. Not new for me as twice in the past,  I have been informed that I was to take this step. This time feels so new as there are now enough of us to truly shift the collective. My heart expands in tears of joy at this knowing as well as tears of release in the letting go of life as we have lived and known it. We step into the magik lands that I have long dreamt of.

Where to house my body in the meantime, how to be present to the currents, what any if this looks like. Questions that I am called to live. I drop into the knowing, allowing it to lead. My adult children come to the fore and much information has flown through on clearing and assisting them. Our higher selves are present as we work to step free of the old entanglements and step into our truth more fully. The gifts I have for each are being given. I am flying my daughter home for her upcoming birthday as the keys and codes I have for her require physical presence to transmit. My sons’ gifts have been transmitted energetically with their conscious permission as well as that of their higher selves. The knowing that is flowing through is sure and swift.

These next weeks hold unlimited potential for each one if us as the Christ light floods the planet. I hear completion for my life stream, the fulfillment of what I came to offer our beloved Gaia. Always, a part of my heart will spin through this rose galaxy with her. I am being called Home to new assignments after a period of rest and renewal in the heart of my Mother/Father.

Even this knowing, I release. I am at peace with all that is open before me. Potentials shift with the wind. There is no more preparation. Nothing to do except what presents itself in the moment. However it comes to pass, there will be greater lovelight for all. Freedom to sing one’s heart song and create what it desires. We are one being, one consciousness becoming aware of itself. Everything desiring to return to its true form. Oh, the majesty! The thrill of this bright light. Know yourselves as love and take such tender care of the being you are. I love us all so.


Making Ourselves A Home

On my walk back from the beach, I was thrilled with the way the setting sun was dancing its colors across the houses on the shore.

On my walk back from the beach, I was thrilled with the way the setting sun was dancing its colors across the houses on the shore.

My wise sister and I were having a conversation about lights. A friend had asked her advice on up lighting some trees in her yard. My sister is a former landscape designer with an ability to paint with plants and light. She said that she did not like outside lights illuminating houses or

trees for the most part. She found it strange to see a dark house that had lights shining on it rather from within it. A symptom of our modern age where we were conditioned to dress up our exterior and ignore our inner being.

When we view a house at night, where the lights are on, offering a glimpse of family and connection within, it warms our heart. Books lit up on a shelf, folks gathered around a table, a fire glowing…all serve to draw is in. Viewing houses that lay dark inside but showcasing the structure outside, is a far emptier experience.

When we meet another soul who is lit from within, there is a radiance that attracts us, like moths to a flame. Our hearts want to flutter in that light and absorb it for ourselves. The outer appearance pales in comparison, it recedes in the background or is absorbed as part of the whole.

We are coming to that awareness as a people, that we are each responsible for igniting that inner light. Valuing it over the outer appearance, letting go of the judgments of our forms as not good enough. Letting go of the focus on creating some corporate induced ideal of what constitutes beauty. Moving towards honoring and tending the inner flame. Being comfortable in the skin we designed for ourselves, for these very times. Knowing it would be the vehicle that would allow us the greatest growth and expansion on the inner planes.

As we stoke that inner fire and allow it to blaze bright by speaking our truth, following our joy, aligning with our soul’s desires and will, we bless one another with our light. It offers warmth and food. We nourish one another in this way as we look into another’s eyes without shuttering our light. We fling the shutters open wide, we allow ourselves to offer that glimpse of Home that flows through our beings in a steady stream of liquidlovelight. Making eye contact with all whom we meet, allowing the love to flow freely.

This changes our world, second by second. We take that extra second to look the cashier at the store in the eye and exchange a word. We greet the one passing on the sidewalk with our torch of light flowing through our eyes and smile. We squat down and look the child in the face as we speak.

The blaze of light that draws us in.

The blaze of light that draws us in.

We let go of being simply houses as we inhabit our beings, making them a home. A home that the Creator lives in with us. A home glowing with love and warmth that makes others smile when they are near. It is time to come home to ourselves, to clear out the clutter the focus on the outer form has left behind. To make a space that honors and feeds our soul. To create a space that invites and welcomes the Creator in.

Christmas is a time when we welcome the light of the Christ child in. Let us each prepare him room by clearing the old boxes of resentments, shame, blame, judgment, sorrow. Let us give them to the angels to recycle back into lovelight. Let us string our hearts with radiant lights that never go out. Let us turn on every light, all of our rooms lit like fire as a welcome. Leave none empty or shuttered to the night. Let us dazzle one another with our brilliance as our Christed self makes itself at home.

We came to bring the light from Home. We have the privilege of our perfect forms to house it. It awaits only our claiming our right to reflect the sun, to house and shelter the Christ as our truth. It is time to turn on our heartlights and create the world anew. Oh, this Christmas season, it feels possible because of you. Thank you for turning on your lights and allowing me to be fed by your flame. This is how we feed the world, this is how love moves. Miracles and magik….it is time. Blessed be.


My driftwood path marker.

My driftwood path marker.

It seems for years, there has been the sense of energy vibrating through my body. The past couple of days and nights it has literally shook me, inside and out. There is so much energy flowing in, cleansing and renewing us. I saw all these filaments of light streaming from my core, each being cracked like a whip, allowing all the gunk of lifetimes to fly off. Memories of sorrows, pains, burdens….all dissolving with that explosive motion. This allowed new connections to be made as the newly cleared strands were plugged into pearlescent ones flowing in from the sun, the Creator, the All that is. We each have teams that assist in this upgrade. The night of 11-11, I saw thousands upon thousands being lifted to a huge ship with the name, White Wing or White something. The crews were ecstatic as they had been awaiting this moment as much as we had. New operating systems have been installed and are being test driven to work out all the bugs. No wonder we require stillness and rest.

imageAs I was lying on a table being attended to, the table spun upside down with me on it. It spun in circles a number of times making me feel a bit nauseous. It stopped at my protest, but with me upside down. My team said they just had to zip me up the back. The table was transparent and they could see and work on my back. Somehow, I was viewing them at work. I saw my spine, a white column of light. They used some instrument to flow down one side of my spine and then back up the other side. There were switches that were being turned to the on position now that the new wiring was in place. It felt electrifying!

Our inner systems are being purged and cleaned. Our emotional fields are being presented with shocks and jolts so as to release any remaining fears. Our physical bodies are throwing up and out any dis- ease or ailment. All that we hid and stored in these amazing body elementals of ours, is being taken out like the trash it is. We no longer need it. The angels are at the ready to take it for the great recycling, turning the old density back into the lovelight it is. It is energy that can be used anew by our children and their children. We are the bridge generation that came to clear the family lineages, to stop cycles of abuse, to understand and break centuries old patterns so that our children could walk free on the new earth.

My body is asking for a break from the loaves of toast that I have eaten of late. It was the only thing I craved…was it literal? Was I craving the bread of life? Drinking lemon water and the beauty of the deep maroon pink of the lilies I bought yesterday, I am open to be fed on many levels. Letting my tummy settle, allowing my world to settle about me. Flung once again into that deep unknown space, letting the frequency live me. There is only this moment. This breath. Love in, love out.

Shifting More and More Into the Now

We are bridging so much right now, past and future, old and new.

We are bridging so much right now, past and future, old and new.



The frigid air is here, dropping below the freezing point, arctic winds blowing the grasses in a shimmering dance before me. My body did not wish to move so everything rearranged itself. The owner of the cottage I had wanted to see in Mount Shasta had someone send photos which told me that it was not my place. I so need light and windows to breathe through. To sit in comfort and warmth while my spirit flies in the open vista beyond. The owner of the house share is off for ten days so we will meet around Thanksgiving to check out our resonance and for me to see the house. She is on her way to Whidbey Island, where I just came from. I get a kick out of these clues we are given as we follow our trail of light.

Who knows what will be real for me by then. I am witnessing my flight pattern. I notice that it takes me time to settle into a new energy, to feel into the landscape and find our rhythm together. Today I will venture out for the first time to check out the town and get some groceries.

Our world is moving so quickly, we can only stay present for what shows up. Allowing the movement, allowing all to flow through without attachment. I am sitting here watching the hawks swoop and hover over the grasses, seeking their meals. What beautiful creatures. Their flight in harmony with the dance of the grasses, the forward motion of the waves on the horizon tossing white heads against the blue.

The hawks hunting grounds.

The hawks hunting grounds.

What is my dance? My rhythm with the whole? I feel my heart dropping down with the hawk as he zooms in on his prey. Swift, sure, direct. To flow with the air currents, using them for guidance and support, then swift action when the desire appears.

Nature teaches us when we sit in her embrace. She offers up her secret wisdom to all who take the time to attune to her ways. This morning, I know nothing. The confusing spirals that swirled about me yesterday have cleared. I follow the hawk and open my heart to her message. We are dreaming the new into creation.

Refining Our Desires

imageI am witnessing my movement of the past couple of weeks as I prepare to find my third landing spot. There are pieces that I will miss from each place: the mountains and mists of the island, tomorrow I leave the open grassland and strip of blue water view to head back to California to see what Mount Shasta has to offer. I have desired to live surrounded by natural beauty and I have found that. The other component for me is resonance, with the physical space inside, as well. I love light filled spaces, art that feeds me, flowers and order. I am one who has painted every place I have rented or owned. I rearrange, move things about to find that harmony. Venusians are so sensitive to their surroundings, I am like a delicate plant.

We are seeking that feeling of flow with one another and all of life, sentient and not. I delight in all the frequencies on the planet, the diversity and range. Yet, I desire a sanctuary to come back to, where I can rest in my own energy or with others of similar frequency.

I have a sense that we are being called from our hermit like existence to put our toe into the waters of community. We have been clearing our fields as we move into sovereignty, the prerequisite required for community to flourish. I sense that the love pods will begin to spring into place with the spring. I have lived with my former husband and our adult children practicing these skills in the past year or so as we flowed in and out in various combos. Now I am offered the opportunity to try it out with strangers on a small scale.

Crushed yet still reflecting its form and iridescent beauty.

Crushed yet still reflecting its form and iridescent beauty.

I will look at a cottage for rent where I would be alone. That feels delightful as I love flowing with my own rhythms. It all depends on the feel of the place when I am in it. I am also going to look at a house share with a couple of others. I feel a leaning towards that as I enjoy the interweaving of energies, the support and sharing that can take place. The woman holding the lease on the house shared how she knew many who had been feeling a similar calling and felt the fear that brought up. Can we live in sovereignty with others so that we can feel that space of aloneness, together?  To be fully ourselves, honoring our rhythm and yet weaving it with others.are our hearts up to the task of living as an open book, fully transparent in each moment?

We have worked to find the peace within, that flame that we can sink into, bathing in its love. Now it moves outward into our surroundings, as we choose the physical and energetic environment that best allows that flame full expression. Discernment is called for, no right or wrong, rather an honoring of self as to what feeds our joy and what does not. As we each do this, we create pockets of beauty that spread as our joy enlivens all that we see. We are training our eyes and senses to greater refinement, attuning them to the inner knowing that all is love.

Our spheres of influence are growing with our recognition of our abilities. As we live fully our lovelight, where we are, we expand it into the world. Our spheres touch, overlap and create more beauty, wider versions of love’s forms. This becomes the wildfire igniting this earth’s expression as the star that she us. We are given the paintbrushes to co- create our idea of heaven on earth. We are the ones who bring it into form. Following our heart’s guidance in each moment…does this move me closer to joy? Braving our fears formed from old disappointments and betrayals, we take the step with a child’s innocence and trust. No longer content with good enough….no longer willing to make ourselves small to keep the peace…no longer living out the programming of a lifetime. We seek to fly free, to dive deep, to feel the wind rush through our beings.

I salute each one if you for your courage in forging a new path, holding to an ideal that lives in fairy tales, trusting yet again with an open heart, living the belief in love. Magik is afoot. It is ours to claim and use.

Integrating and Allowing

The colors of nature enliven my heart!

The colors of nature enliven my heart!

Yesterday was a day long class with a group of 11 women on 11-11. Of course, it started at 11am. Good day, good hearts, all committed to being the love. All new folk to me but hearts remember. Met a fellow gate keeper from the Great Central Sun which was lovely. It feels like memories of our linage are pouring in these days as our hearts open wider to our truth.

The truth that we can live in the love we are. That through our intentions, we can create a better world. There is a place for doing in our world, acting on our guidance is a way to honor ourselves. There is also a place for being. For allowing our hearts’ lights to flow into the world with messages of peace, of freedom, of all beings having food, shelter and the knowing that they are loved. Our thoughts create. We can intend goodwill and trust that it streams from our hearts to create just that.

We were told that we could move mountains with our faith and it is coming true as more hearts are tuning to the love channel, its signal stronger each day. Everything feels to be softening, hearts are opening with floods of tears, our relationship to time is loosening, we are being gentler with ourselves as the inner critic loses its hold. Our hearts are opening to a knowing that all is well so that despite the outer appearances, we feel this peace bubbling in our heart of hearts. Our knowing that we are creator gods and goddesses is returning to us on waves of sunlight, strands of starlight and beams of moonlight. Everything is wanting to dance with us as we begin to reawaken to the love we are.

Even bird poop can create beauty! Hearts of love when we look for them...they appear everywhere!

Even bird poop can create beauty! Hearts of love when we look for them…they appear everywhere!

I was gifted a day alone, to dream, to get lost on a long beach walk as my driftwood marker to the path back through the seagrass was toppled by the wind. I dreamt of my heart’s desire for my beloved, for a cottage by the sea, for my love pod about me. I took action by calling about a cottage listed at the foot of Mount Shasta. I listened to my heart’s desire for natural beauty as well as heading closer to family and dear friends. Then I let it go and sank into Hallmark channel Christmas movies as I delighted in the novelty of a tv. I watch movies on my computer but tv has not been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. I sense that tomorrow is another day to rest in this space offered, to allow what I have sent out to do its work. When the guidance comes, I will take the next step.

For now, I am resting in the dream of a world where all are free to sing their song, where all know and radiate their own beauty, where the Christ light has truly come again in each one’s heart. I sense we are entering a season of thanksgiving and Christmas, the likes of which we have never seen. Ring out the bells! Let your lovelight flow in all its glory.

Holding Steady

I allowed myself to be cradled in the Creator's arms today, just like these rocks are held in the wood's womb.

I allowed myself to be cradled in the Creator’s arms today, just like these rocks are held in the weathered wood’s soft womb.

The days roll by in interesting waves. Yesterday I arranged for more time here as I keep hearing  “wait”. Today I intended to live in the stillness, dropping all thoughts of where to, what next for this pilgrim. I awaited a response from a woman about a possible house share that came about  through following an inner prompting. She is assisting her mom as she transitions to another realm, so I knew that was where her focus was needed. I expanded into that breath, allowing it to move in its right time. Two days, that felt stretched wide, had passed since our contact. Two other offers came of temporary spots, how I appreciate these dear hearts. Still, the “wait”.  I went off to further explore the island. I was prepared with snacks and water this time as I intended a longer walk. I took off my shoes and stashed them behind a tree so as to feel the earth and rocks. I went a ways, took a call from one so dear to me. He offers yet again, the support of a landing spot and assistance in finding and furnishing a place. If I am at the end of my tether with this no home situation, he is ahead of me. He wants me safe and settled as he has been the backup support for too long. He is tired, I am tired of me. I end up feeling beleaguered. Tears, even defensiveness come up in me. Yes, my moving about does not make sense on one level; yes, I want a place; yes, I want community; yes, I want to participate in life. No, my actions have not facilitated any of this and yet…and yet. The idea of a lease and commitment to future time feels impossible to me. The thought of gathering furnishings feels like a weight that will bury me. Still there is the impulse to run back to the known, to be held for a moment, to be assisted in doing all of this as nothing else feels right. Something holds me back.

Eagle on wing, flying into the treetops.

Eagle on wing, flying into the treetops.

I hear the “wait” once again. I turn back and retrieve my wool socks and hikers as suddenly I am too tender to be walking with bare feet on the cold earth. I press on to the sea, watch two eagles follow one another into the forest. I find a weathered tree toppled along the bluff that offers a lunch spot. I take out my hard boiled egg, carrots and celery, feeling smug that I am so prepared. I answer a call from a friend. A moment later, a bee or wasp, stings the base of my thumb on the hand that was holding the phone. It went flying as I screamed in pain, scraping the insect away. It felt like a wasp as it is still sore, hours later. I had cleaned out my backpack that morning and forgot to put my first aid kit back in. I carry this green tin of Bert’s Bees’ res-Q-ointment that works for bites, burns and scrapes. I regretted my lapse as it would have offered some relief. I asked my body what that was all about. I heard, “activation and time to head back.” I don’t need any more shocks!  I felt teary, the wind had turned cold and suddenly I needed another layer on. What is this fragility that I seem to live in of late?  Everything is on the surface, I am as raw as the wind blowing off the sea. Time for warmth and a hot bath.

This was my gift as I turned from the sea, the sun spilling her silver liquidlovelight for me.

This was my gift as I turned from the sea, the sun spilling her silver liquidlovelight for me.

I lay in the tub, feeling underneath the rolling of my emotions to a deep stillness that is carrying me. I am a wave, being carried ever closer to the shore of my desires. Shambhala, that misty place, my heart resides. I feel each drop that forms this wave, all of us, courageous hearts.  We make our way, up and over, crashing and churning, relentlessly moving. An ancient knowing drives our movement, to leap and throw off what no longer serves, to dive deep to the place of remembering, to steadily surge forward towards that shore. No time given for arrival, no knowing what awaits…….Christopher Columbus and his men had nothing on us. We are explorers of an inner land. No landmarks, no navigational tools. Only this instinct, surging and moving us onward. Elemental. Yes, reduced to the elements. That is how I feel. I am carbon, crystal, water. A flame, a torrential storm, desert sand, the mist that floats in.

I AM. That is all I know this night. I AM.