Eclipse Approaches, Clearing Continues

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved his majesty.

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved her majestic acceptance of her changed life.

After an eight hour drive, the night offers me no sleep. The pattern is continuing, one night of sleep, followed by one of none. My body feels good, just an adjustment to being awake all night. I have to make sure to have things at hand to while away the hours. The computer is necessary as It seems my spirit wants me to write during these nights.

I was lying here watching scenes with one dear to me, yet most of this life, far from me, play before me. My understanding of who we are to one another expanded and I saw the moments when we could have made the choice to bring that knowing to full consciousness. I was left  with a bit of a heartache along with an acceptance that we are each free to unmask ourselves or not. My desire cannot make another make the choice I want. Honoring the holiness of each one’s path… a mantra that has helped me release control or attachment to a certain outcome. I am left with gratitude for all the moments our paths did cross in this life.

Awake and in dreams, scenes of our lives are being played out, emotions released, freeing memories  to depart. All to bring us fully into the now moment. To see ourselves and one another anew, meeting as if for the first time. Who are you now? Rather than filtering our interactions through the lens of what was. Imagine the freedom! We are meant to be fluid and free beyond what we can imagine. I can feel it and know it is getting closer to being possible, each day.


The light breaks through just when we are at our breaking point, to uplift and support us.

On my drive today, I drove through sheets of rain, dense fog and brilliant sunshine. I felt such a love and reverence for our Mother Earth. She is so glorious! So multifaceted. I felt her exaltation as she breathes in the new light from our Creator. We are being so gifted with energy to uplift, shatter and reform us so that we can share in this exaltation of freedom. Imagine walking outside and sharing love with our Mother, with the trees, with the birds, the air, the grass. All singing a love song to you and to me and us finally knowing ourselves free to sing it back once again.

This eclipse portal has been intense and wild, pushing us to the brink. The pull to jump ship is strong. Yet, we stand. For we know, in the deepest recess of our hearts, that this is the lifetime that we have been waiting for since first agreeing to incarnate on this beautiful blue jewel. We said we would come and help her become the star that she is. We said we would do it together, as one people, united in love. We have tried so many times before to set this pattern of love and unity into the earth. We did not succeed and the memory of that  defeat echoes in our hearts. This time, we came in great numbers to anchor this lovelight and this time, we will be successful. My future self laughs in delight at the wonder of it all. I know that the story has a happy ever after ending. I have lived with that ending in my heart, despite the long treacherous path it has been. More difficult than predicted, we have had to guard that flame of faith with all of our might.


The ocean’s gift of so many different colors and shapes. I love rocks!

I welcome the gift of the sun and its partial eclipse. My cells are dancing in anticipation, awake and alert to accept the glowing flames on offer. Unzip your beings, dump out all that no longer serves, so as to make room for what our sun is delivering. I sense that this gateway is one that will allow us to truly fly. Oh, to be free! Free to float in our Mother/Father’s love and share it with all beings. No words needed. Our hearts streaming liquidlovelight set to our own magical tone. The harmony! The peace! The joy! I AM ready. Are you?

3 thoughts on “Eclipse Approaches, Clearing Continues

  1. Linda, thanks for this wonderful sharing. Glad to hear you are taking these energy waves with grace and acceptance…makes it so much easier. Sending thoughts of love and light your way. Relishing the freedom, inside and out, you have given yourself at this special time.

    Love, Alex

    • Dear Alex,

      You are so welcome. My freedom loving soul is quite enraptured with these moments! Dropping more form and flowing, what fun we planned for ourselves on this journey of remembering!

      Thank you for the love and light, flowing golden streams back to you.
      I love you,

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