Musings During A No Sleep Night

the opening to the lovelight

the opening to the lovelight

This is the third night of no sleep, with a night of sleep in between each one. Sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep. Hmmmm, is this the new pattern? I have to laugh at the way my mind looks for patterns,wants to organize and categorize. It wants something to grap onto in this tsunami of eclipse energy where so much is disappearing and changing. Our memories are being loosened and pulled away, our sense of time continues to speed up, our bodies are throwing up strange symptoms for us to puzzle over. It is no wonder my mind is reduced to counting nights!

The frenetic energy is ramping up to some kind of crescendo which will see us tipping into new dimensional spaces. Everything quivering until it explodes and settles into a field of love that we have not experienced on our beautiful Mother Earth. Yet we will recognize it as the vibration of home. I am so grateful for all those who have held the torch of love, lighting the path for us. Dr. Emoto has been called home, leaving us his gift of water consciousness and so much more. Dolores Cannon, another pioneer in expanding consciousness, has also answered the call home. There are many whose work is complete and can now enjoy a well earned rest before continuing their soul’s journey of evolution.

These late roses are gifting me with so much sweetness.

These late roses are gifting me with so much sweetness.

A sense of space has opened for me as the 48th parallel called to me. It has taken the form of a place to rent for the next few months on Whidbey Island which is off of Seattle. I was surprised and yet not, to discover that Maine is also at that latitude. It confirmed for me that my soul wants me there, just took some time to decide if I was to be on the East or West coast of the USA. Who knew that lines of latitude desire attention? This should not be a surprise to me as I have realized that everything wants to be seen and appreciated. A navigational mark on a map of our earth? Yes, it too, loves to be noticed. We are to work together, and I am excited to be asked to be of assistance. I have no idea what that will look like but know that is where my body needs to be placed for this time.

I sense this will begin to happen for many folks as their soul opens the instructional documents that are coded for release at this time. A mass awakening is at hand and we are being readied and called to our places. My heart is elated that the time has come and there will be no more waiting. I am ready and I know you are too! It is time to bring us all home to the love that our hearts have yearned for. Hallelujah!

2 thoughts on “Musings During A No Sleep Night

  1. Dear Linda,
    I have read your last 3 posts but never got around to replying, I could relate to much of what you have written.
    Here I am, back from the dead it feels like. Again this morning I was wanting to die and then a bit later I was choosing to live again, death is a very strong energy with these eclipses.
    Thank you love, I still don’t have many words but what comes from me these days comes with the greatest of love.
    Love is the reason for everything it seems. XO

    • Dear Maggie,
      We are moving from words. Our hearts are doing the talking and I hear yours! Yes, the death energies as we clear all those other lifetimes when we gave all and all was still lost. This time, we are making it happen. The time of wonder is at hand, hold on,hold on.
      I love you

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