Beyond Faith, Beyond Form

IMG_7687In a conversation with a friend, it came to light that faith is a belief and form is a structure. We are being invited to go beyond the confines of both. The freedom that is on offer is expansive and unknown. We are being asked to leap into a way of living that is freshly minted from the celestial realms. For all the techie souls, who love to be up with the latest product, this is it! Computers and the internet have assisted us to make great leaps in communication and connection around the world. We have moved towards a global society. This new liquidlovelight is moving us further on that path towards unity and harmony with all life. Telepathy, teleportation, communing with nature spirits, animals, galactic and inner earth beings, angels and devas will become the norm. The fairy tales of our childhood will come alive in brilliant color as we develop our senses, beyond the five we have been limited to. Oh, happy day!

I am rereading The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy fame. It is nourishing to read and imprint my psyche with the steps of alignment. To awake with the intention to be alert to synchronicities, to call forth all the assistance that is available to align me with my divine plan and that of our Mother Earth. To open to the flow of life, allowing my inner guidance to steer me effortlessly through my days.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

I am also so grateful for the support of friends, for the sharing that brings new insights as we blend our hearts’ light. I sense that is how the new is coming into form, through the co-creation of many hearts with our Mother Earth’ heart as well as the cooperation of her kingdoms. Think of building a home…….no longer simply deciding to place it somewhere from a mental idea but rather walking the land, allowing it to speak, to guide as how it wants to participate in the building. Inviting in the elementals and the forces of nature to assist you rather than imposing our will on them. The feeling once built, would be nurturing, allowing all beings to flow and grow. We are being invited to enter this flow with all of life. No more separation, no more divisions and boundaries. Our hearts flying free in the lovelight.

With this comes the end of using our will, our efforting, our trying to make things happen. Our beingness is what lights up our world. We know ourselves as the light of the world. We enter into the Christ consciousness and the idea of moving mountains no longer seems out of reach. We do not have to look for sacred sites, we become the sacred site. Within, without… division. Inner and outer life coming into alignment. Oh, that sends a deep sigh through my being!

Just off the phone where I was spinning with a friend in Scotland. We are locked in an extractor that uses centrifugal force to spin our beings. All the old is being released from our cells, just as every drop of honey is extracted from the honeycomb when placed in this machine. We received that our cells are being truly emptied so as to receive every drop of the liquidlovelight that the eclipse is offering to us. We are being made anew.


I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet holding its form.

I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet  intact. 

I have not felt such a splitting as I do this day. The tears have flowed as I have felt the door to all that has been closing as I walk down this passage way. Ahead, to be opened tomorrow with the eclipse energy being the key, is a huge double door. I sense that beyond it lies the life of my dreams. The frequencies of home come to earth. The magic and miracles of my dreams, the happy ending of my visions, the dancing light of my heart. The tears are for those who have chosen not to fly but rather walk. Some have refused to do that, instead lying down on the earth to rest. On a soul level there are no tears as I know that each is following their own plan as they know it. Some are here to walk between the worlds, bridging the energies. Some have decided to depart, to take up a life once again, further down the road when they can come in as a babe, fresh to this life. Some walk in neutrality, holding that space on this plane.

I am a pioneer, one who is here to bring through new frequencies, one who is meant to take wing and fly. When I was a child and studying the pioneer movement in grade school, I knew I had lived that life of Western expansion here in the USA and was here living it once again. Expanding into the frontier of inner consciousness, no less a tiring and treacherous path, blazing a trail through the wilderness that will soon become a superhighway for more souls to follow. I am so grateful to have traversed this landscape, for all the support and love shown to me that allowed me to come to this point. My body elemental has been amazing, so strong and enduring a partner on this journey. I bow to her grace and love. I thank the elementals of earth, fire, water, air and ether for their support which provided direction and navigational skills. I thank the nature kingdoms, the trees and mountains and streams that have fed my soul when I was parched with thirst and weary to the bone. I bow to those pioneers who walked before me, hacking away at the density to forge a trail of light that I could follow. I have walked in your footsteps with a grateful heart.  I am grateful to all who have entered my sphere through friendship, whether for a day or a year or many, to keep me company on my path. I bow to the light that you are. I am grateful for those who are choosing to fly with me as we bring through our gifts with a soaring hearts. I am grateful to Linda Marie, my personality self, for her focus and dedication to her/our inner knowing. I am grateful to Mother Mary for my name which she told me, means “beautiful Mary”. She claimed me as one of her own as her devotees in that lifetime were called the “Marys”. To be given that name was the result of initiations into a path of love.  She has overlighted my path and guided me unerringly to my truth. I am grateful to Sophia, my higher self, my I AM presence, whose love and support has allowed me to come ever closer to communion with her essence. I am grateful to El Morya, the master of God’s will, who has walked by my side, steering me and teaching me to walk that path in my life. I am grateful to the angels and archangels, especially Archangel Michael who has been my shield and buckler throughout this lifetime and all others. He is my brother in every sense of the word. Gratitude for all the masters who have gifted me, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are no words, only heartlight to express my love and appreciation. I am grateful for the teachers among my fellows, who offered a light to guide me. I am grateful for every heart on this planet, for offering me an opportunity to know myself anew and to recognize God in each one.

IMG_7656May we all blossom into the beauty that we are. May we waft our fragrance in the air and breathe deep of the love flame. I stand at this eclipse portal with a heart aflame. Blessings upon us all this eve. May we walk with the Creator, knowing ourselves as a part of Her/His flame.


Eclipse Approaches, Clearing Continues

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved his majesty.

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved her majestic acceptance of her changed life.

After an eight hour drive, the night offers me no sleep. The pattern is continuing, one night of sleep, followed by one of none. My body feels good, just an adjustment to being awake all night. I have to make sure to have things at hand to while away the hours. The computer is necessary as It seems my spirit wants me to write during these nights.

I was lying here watching scenes with one dear to me, yet most of this life, far from me, play before me. My understanding of who we are to one another expanded and I saw the moments when we could have made the choice to bring that knowing to full consciousness. I was left  with a bit of a heartache along with an acceptance that we are each free to unmask ourselves or not. My desire cannot make another make the choice I want. Honoring the holiness of each one’s path… a mantra that has helped me release control or attachment to a certain outcome. I am left with gratitude for all the moments our paths did cross in this life.

Awake and in dreams, scenes of our lives are being played out, emotions released, freeing memories  to depart. All to bring us fully into the now moment. To see ourselves and one another anew, meeting as if for the first time. Who are you now? Rather than filtering our interactions through the lens of what was. Imagine the freedom! We are meant to be fluid and free beyond what we can imagine. I can feel it and know it is getting closer to being possible, each day.


The light breaks through just when we are at our breaking point, to uplift and support us.

On my drive today, I drove through sheets of rain, dense fog and brilliant sunshine. I felt such a love and reverence for our Mother Earth. She is so glorious! So multifaceted. I felt her exaltation as she breathes in the new light from our Creator. We are being so gifted with energy to uplift, shatter and reform us so that we can share in this exaltation of freedom. Imagine walking outside and sharing love with our Mother, with the trees, with the birds, the air, the grass. All singing a love song to you and to me and us finally knowing ourselves free to sing it back once again.

This eclipse portal has been intense and wild, pushing us to the brink. The pull to jump ship is strong. Yet, we stand. For we know, in the deepest recess of our hearts, that this is the lifetime that we have been waiting for since first agreeing to incarnate on this beautiful blue jewel. We said we would come and help her become the star that she is. We said we would do it together, as one people, united in love. We have tried so many times before to set this pattern of love and unity into the earth. We did not succeed and the memory of that  defeat echoes in our hearts. This time, we came in great numbers to anchor this lovelight and this time, we will be successful. My future self laughs in delight at the wonder of it all. I know that the story has a happy ever after ending. I have lived with that ending in my heart, despite the long treacherous path it has been. More difficult than predicted, we have had to guard that flame of faith with all of our might.


The ocean’s gift of so many different colors and shapes. I love rocks!

I welcome the gift of the sun and its partial eclipse. My cells are dancing in anticipation, awake and alert to accept the glowing flames on offer. Unzip your beings, dump out all that no longer serves, so as to make room for what our sun is delivering. I sense that this gateway is one that will allow us to truly fly. Oh, to be free! Free to float in our Mother/Father’s love and share it with all beings. No words needed. Our hearts streaming liquidlovelight set to our own magical tone. The harmony! The peace! The joy! I AM ready. Are you?

Musings During A No Sleep Night

the opening to the lovelight

the opening to the lovelight

This is the third night of no sleep, with a night of sleep in between each one. Sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep. Hmmmm, is this the new pattern? I have to laugh at the way my mind looks for patterns,wants to organize and categorize. It wants something to grap onto in this tsunami of eclipse energy where so much is disappearing and changing. Our memories are being loosened and pulled away, our sense of time continues to speed up, our bodies are throwing up strange symptoms for us to puzzle over. It is no wonder my mind is reduced to counting nights!

The frenetic energy is ramping up to some kind of crescendo which will see us tipping into new dimensional spaces. Everything quivering until it explodes and settles into a field of love that we have not experienced on our beautiful Mother Earth. Yet we will recognize it as the vibration of home. I am so grateful for all those who have held the torch of love, lighting the path for us. Dr. Emoto has been called home, leaving us his gift of water consciousness and so much more. Dolores Cannon, another pioneer in expanding consciousness, has also answered the call home. There are many whose work is complete and can now enjoy a well earned rest before continuing their soul’s journey of evolution.

These late roses are gifting me with so much sweetness.

These late roses are gifting me with so much sweetness.

A sense of space has opened for me as the 48th parallel called to me. It has taken the form of a place to rent for the next few months on Whidbey Island which is off of Seattle. I was surprised and yet not, to discover that Maine is also at that latitude. It confirmed for me that my soul wants me there, just took some time to decide if I was to be on the East or West coast of the USA. Who knew that lines of latitude desire attention? This should not be a surprise to me as I have realized that everything wants to be seen and appreciated. A navigational mark on a map of our earth? Yes, it too, loves to be noticed. We are to work together, and I am excited to be asked to be of assistance. I have no idea what that will look like but know that is where my body needs to be placed for this time.

I sense this will begin to happen for many folks as their soul opens the instructional documents that are coded for release at this time. A mass awakening is at hand and we are being readied and called to our places. My heart is elated that the time has come and there will be no more waiting. I am ready and I know you are too! It is time to bring us all home to the love that our hearts have yearned for. Hallelujah!

Dissolving Into Fluidity

I loved the heart shaped opening on this rock, nature will do this to us, if we allow.

I loved the heart shaped opening on this rock, nature will do this to us, if we allow.

These days between eclipses are so new, so challenging, so exhausting, so wired, so weird. I heard someone use the expression: tired/wired. I get it. It is 3 a.m. and I am still awake. I am grateful I do not have to work or I would be adding anxious to the mix.

Everything is dissolving. Our old stories of who we were, our ideas about how anything works, our thoughts about what is reality and what is illusion……all flowing down the drain. Dreams leaving me with a bittersweet feeling as I say goodbye to what might have been. My body is having the most difficult time. She senses death, decay, dissolution. Indeed, I feel as if all of my organs and tissues have turned to liquid mush inside of me. My brain is spongy, soggy, heavy. Everything is flowing towards the earth, wanting to lie with her, decompose into her, fertilize her for the next cycle of growth.

I offer her comfort, chocolate chip cookies and milk, as I would a child. I am the child. Cookies thrown on the floor, foot stamped; No! There is no comfort to be found in food. I lie in bed and feel electrical pulses buzz in my left hip, then my neck. Finally the all body vibration that I have come to enjoy. At other times, the intense feeling that comes in is so uncomfortable that it does not feel possible to remain in this body for one more moment. Take me, I plead. Yet here I am.

All this has been going on for years. My body is not impressed. She is tired beyond belief. She is no longer interested in a bedtime story of ascension. She does not want to hear that she is becoming crystalline. Our light body feels like an imaginary friend that she has out grown. She has heard the tales over and over and now demands a new story.

The waves toss out the old, there is no making sense of it, just let it go. Debris to be dissolved into something new.

The waves toss out the old, there is no making sense of it, just let it go. Debris to be dissolved into something new.

What can I tell her? I stand at a nexus point, dying and being enlivened all at once. The crone and the babe inhabiting the same space. Of course it feels weird and woolly. We have not done this before. By all rights, I should be dropping this body to the earth, which she very well knows. She is attempting to follow the script that we have enacted in myriad  lifetimes. This is a new script, a role she has not played. There was no rehearsal, all happening live on this stage of life in 2014.

I stood on the beach today watching the waves pound the shore, relentless in their march. I felt their fluidness in my cells. Our bodies asked to hold the form while the energy flows in and out, over and over. I feel eroded by the energy, ground down to a husk. Then the sun broke through the clouds, and I knew moments of grace, transcendence where all felt light.

I know myself as the chalice, offering my heart as a container into which the liquidlovelight can pour itself; the body, the vehicle that anchors it all into the earth. We are being asked to bring heaven to earth through our bodies. The knowing is deep as to the privilege I have been given to have a physical vessel of the earth. It is what allows the Creator’s essence to seed itself deeply into our mother’s body. I do so want to witness our Mother Earth blossom from these seeds of love. All held, the desire for death, the desire for life. Two becoming one. Oneness.

We are walking through the dissolving imprints of duality. Everything has a fuzzy quality as it shimmers and fades. Time is unhooking its grip, speeding up till it is no longer considered at all. Decision making is no longer easy as we are asked to choose from a palette of whites. How can I pick one when all look just about the same? Neutrality is the new game. Good and bad have had their day. How do we navigate this new landscape, that is shimmering into view? If you look straight at it, it disappears. You cannot fix it to a point, it is fluid and changeable. There is no catching it, holding it. All we can do is BE it. Allow the energy to flow through.

My teacher of the day.

My teacher of the day.

Today at the beach, tears flowed. I no longer look for cause. My mind has given up as it is no longer important to understand, there is only feeling it fully as it moves through. It flows in, flows out. I watched the waves crash against a large rock jutting out of the water. The waves approached in their steady way, only to hit an immoveable surface, which sent them leaping into a thousand sparkling fragments. We create our own rocks to smash against when we hold some thought or emotion as fixed. We shatter our hearts over and over on our journey, splintered fragments flying as our souls wrestle us from known forms. We love to put equal signs between things, to firmly place our period as if to nail it all down.

As I watch the water drops fall back to the ocean’s surface, rejoining the processional waves’ motion towards the shore, I feel a way being shown.  Once the waves meet the shore, there is no ending, rather they are swept back out into the ocean’s embrace. No beginning and no end. We thought it was all about reaching the shore, achieving a goal.  But no, it is about being part of the dance, flowing in the ocean of the Creator’s love. Being the light. Bringing the light. Claiming our essence as liquidlovelight.

The violet light, transforming all into the love it is.

The violet light, transforming all into the love it is.

4 a.m. and a candle flame flickering in the dark. I, too, am the flame. Being with this moment, breathing in the fresh air flowing through the window. I know nothing. I AM this flame, this breath, this love. And you are too. God bless us all. Children of the Sun, of the Moon and the Stars. We are creating our own welcome home.

I AM Enough


This piece of driftwood knew it was more than waterlogged wood, it is a bird about to take flight! Nature shows us the way to be who we are.

I wonder at the results we would see if we did an experiment today, whereby we answered all of the conditioning that our western society sends us with the words: I AM enough.

We are conditioned to believe that it is the outer appearance that is of utmost importance. Our teeth need to be whiter and straighter, our hair thicker and shinier, our faces unwrinkled, our bodies stronger and thinner.

Let us sit in our bodies, take a deep breath and respond from every cell: I AM enough. 

We are conditioned to believe that success is measured by the size of our bank account, the number of investments in our portfolio, the letters signifying degrees earned after our name.

Let us sit in our bodies, breathing deeply and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been taught that religious organizations have the direct route to God and we had better get on board.

Let us sit in our bodies, inhaling the gift of air and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to hand our power over to politicians, the state, doctors and the medical system, educators and experts of every kind.

Let us sit in our beautiful bodies, let out a deep sigh and respond: I AM enough. 

Our families, ancestors and cultures have conditioned us to believe that we are flawed and wounded. We lack some fundamental ingredient for wholeness.

Let us sit in our bodies, wiggle our toes and respond: I AM enough. 

The world has taught us that men are superior to women, that light skin rules over dark, that separation is necessary.

Let us sit in our bodies, smile in our liver and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that war is the answer to problems and to not look for the ones stirring up the problems and profiting from our children’s deaths.

Let us sit in our bodies, fill every cell with love and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that allegiance to our nation, our culture, our race, our family is honorable and takes precedence over our humanity to one another.

Let us sit in our bodies, breathe in particles of starlight and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe and that anything that is not seen in the material realm is an illusion.

Let us sit in our bodies, invite in the presence of our angelic and star families and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that the next book, diet, program, philosophy, movement has the answer that will make us whole.

Let us sit in our bodies, allowing our cells to dance in the light of love and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been taught that we have very little power as an individual, that we cannot create change in our world with our thoughts and intentions.

Let us sit in our bodies, drawing in draughts of peace and exhaling the same out to the world and respond: I AM enough. 

If I AM enough, I no longer need much at all. Life becomes very simple. Food, shelter, clothing for the elements, the love of one another.  When we fill ourselves with the knowing that I AM enough, we discover space around us, stillness where all the noise was, opportunities to move in a new way.

I AM enough allows us to walk with our heads high, our eyes bright and our hearts wide open. We sit and allow our own being to fill us. We allow the liquidlovelight to pour in and saturate every cell in our body. Try it! What you will soon discover is that the lovelight overflows, it cannot be contained within our bodies. It flows out in our smiles, our radiance, our joy. We discover that I AM enough becomes WE ARE ENOUGH! 

In that moment, the world changes.

We came here to do just that.

I AM enough, YOU ARE enough, WE ARE ENOUGH! 

Drifting Between Eclipses

My heart's desire, a little cottage by the sea.

My heart’s desire, a little cottage by the sea.

It is difficult for me to recall where I have been of late or what has transpired. I am in such a dreamy, weary state much of the time. The amount of soul fatigue I feel is overwhelming. At present, I am at a friend’s house for 10 days, taking care of her dog while she is away. It is a peace filled space of gardens and chickens and trees. The ocean is a ten minute drive away and rivers and redwoods are within reach. I love all of these places, walking in nature being one of my most favored activities. Yet, here I am. Pulled inward by the fire that I love to tend. The weather is not cold but damp with a chill that invites the dance of the salamanders in. Yesterday I enjoyed a walk on the mist shrouded beach but today it simply feels like too much effort despite the sun shining its warmth.

October… home in sight. I have had places pop in, while I was visiting my sister outside of Chicago (the best time together, so nourishing and sweet) Maine came in as a possible winter landing spot. Yes, drive over 3000 miles to live in a harsh winter clime! I found a house online, offered for winter rental, lived it fully for a few days, then it all disappeared into the mist once more. The Pacific Northwest was an idea before that….traveled there, enjoyed it, yet no place called home. Now I am on the California/Oregon coast…….lovely yet not calling. Yesterday I checked out Mount Shasta and the surrounding area…..could be. There are winter rentals available, furnished that would suit. What seems to follow such forays into place is a deep fatigue that disconnects me from taking the deciding action to actually rent a place. As if I am being held in this place of no place for a reason that surely eludes me. Leaving me with an even deeper level of fatigue. Help!

I do sense that I am completing something with each place by placing my attention there. It is as if I did take the action and lived weeks and months in the space of hours and days. I know that this is possible and trust it all despite not understanding it.

My heart desires community, simplicity, natural beauty, peace. I am witnessing so many dear to me, land in to the place of their dreams. My heart rejoices as I feel the foundations of the new being laid by their hearts flying free. My heart……she flies deep and wide in unknown landscapes that my conscious mind does not connect to. When awake, I understand nothing, feel so neutral. After roller coaster waves of highs and lows, there is this flat plain, like a recent drive through Illinois’ miles of cornfields with no end in sight.

What is real? My body…..I am honoring her need to sleep, to rest, to lie about, my mind quieted by movies and books, dropping deeply into this place offered. Diet becomes neutral too, my penchant for vibrant colors in my food fades to tan…toast, cookies, peanut butter, tea, crackers. Fresh greens, late orange and red tomatoes, carrots……all stare at me as I sit in the garden. All feels too bright for my digestion system which has defaulted to salt/sweet mode. I know that taste for colors is a sign of vibrancy and life. Yet here I am, in the crumpled leaf mode of autumn, all browns and tans, little appetite……neutrality inside and out.

How many times have I been in the cocoon stage and emerged anew as a butterfly flying free? We shed our skins and are reborn again and again. Each time, believing it is the last. I am in the mush stage, all feeding on itself, no new introduced as all energy consumes. Landscapes abound and I want to retreat to my bed, watching it all from a distance, the movement of the leaves on the sturdy walnut tree outside the window, more than enough. All receptors close down, no new stimulation needed as this process takes place. I honor this stage, claiming its right to be. Our society honors the outward, what can be seen yet it is all part of the mystery.

Our next eclipse approaches……who will I be? Where will I be? No answers, only the breeze on my skin.

I read something recently that went in like a cold shower: All illness is caused by not being true to yourself. I could feel the truth of that, how our bodies slow us down in order to call us back to ourselves when we get lost in the byways of life. The other truth that I have seen being played out, is folks exhibiting illness so as to love it enough for it to release for all time. Taking on the vibration of cancer to release the fear and pain from it. Taking on chronic fatigue to show the path of stillness. Taking the diagnose and loving it with the power of their hearts so as to free the collective from the shadows that the dis-ease caused.

Does that feel contradictory? I am seeing that it is no longer a case of either/or but rather this and that. This can be truth and that can be truth. We are coming into unity consciousness and the days of duality are dwindling fast. Many are shining their light into the medical system, the legal system, the banking system……all the old structures that are collapsing are asking for a return of their energies to the love that is the only truth. If you find yourself embroiled in any of these systems, know that your love can move through them on multiple levels and assist the dawning of the new structures that support all.

The sun beckons me outside to the garden, when my world shrinks and a step outside feels like a journey, I know transformation is at hand. When there is no thing in the present that calls a response from me, I know I have used up all that is present in this frequency and await the dawning of the next. I know that magic and miracles await. Whether it is through becoming the duff of the forest floor as I disintegrate or the butterfly testing out her new wings, I will be there. Grateful for the privilege of this life. Grateful for the tones of love sounding in my ear. I so love our resilient hearts.