Leaving the Old Behind

imageIt has been so long since I was able to write, I have been journeying on the inner planes. I have been traveling for the past few weeks, enacting the three triggers that I was asked to perform in my new universal role. It has been a time of expansion, physical challenges and grace.

I am presently melding with the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming. This has been an elemental experience for me. I swim in Jackson Lake’s clear waters, lie on the ground here, am cooled by the slyphs of the air, lie in my tent and watch the lightening beings and thunder gods illuminate the mountain range, hike along the trails, weaving liquidlovelight. I have not showered or washed my hair in over a fortnight, rather allowing the waters to cleanse me as they will. I have been guided to become feral, allowing my essence to blend with the mountains, dropping deep into the earth’s crystalline core and allowing their strength to infill me.

view from my campsite

view from my campsite

This has been a wonderous experience for me as I am placed at their feet, as it were, in deep reverence and love. I have traveled a triangular pattern of lovelight, from Mount Shasta to British Columbia’s pristine lakes, to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park in Montana, and down Yellowstone’s steaming lands to the jagged peaks of the Grand Tetons. Myriad emotions have flowed through me; despair, joy, sorrow, longing, unease and deep peace. We are leaving this reality behind. Many emotions are brought to the surface as we depart the old. As much as we are ready, and more than ready for the new earth to manifest, we grieve the passing of this age. I have spoken to so many who have found themselves in tears that seemed to have no end. Days of crying that have no known cause. All part of assisting our Mother Earth as she moves into her newness and truth. She takes our tears and uses them to water her heart and allow her full blossoming.

I am standing in the joy and strength of my beloved mountains, truly we are opening to fall in love with everything and everyone. We are the energy of the new earth and it is through our open hearts that we are truly bringing heaven to earth. Glory to God!

6 thoughts on “Leaving the Old Behind

    • Dear Donna,
      You are so welcome. as you know, it is a privilege. You are doing your part there, me here. All perfect!
      Blessings of joy,

  1. Good morning Dear Spirit Sister…

    So happy that you are allowing the Divine Unfolding as these Amazing Nature Gifts nurture and heal you our our Dear Earthly Mother….thanks for sharing your beautiful, heart felt words Dear Friend…These truly are Magical Times…

    I love you…

    Bonnie Lou


  2. Dearest Friend, Linda, Thanks for being at such glorious places and sending back your experiences and especially photos. I am too old to hike in the wilderness, but I take such joy in vicariously being with you.

    • Dear Aunt Lucy,
      I am privileged to travel about and have the opportunity to meld with such beauty! I feel your heart alongside mine and it is a delight to share in this way.
      I love you,

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