Birthing the New

IMG_6851I am coming up for air from the dreamy, depths that have pulled me in. I traveled far and wide on swift currents that held me in their embrace. It has been a journey of weaving liquidlovelight in patterns that unfolded as I swam in the crystalline waters. The tone has been sounded for the new to commence. It begins within our own depths, as the swirling action gifted us by the solar winds, the planetary bodies and heavenly hosts, works to bring all our muddy aspects to the surface to be cleared. What a blessing! Each responsible for our own ocean of light. Once clear, we can ask to swim in the collective soup, allowing our light to permeate and penetrate the dense particles, loving them back into the lovelight that they are. When I am thus engaged, there is no part of me available for reflection as all is used in service to the light.

IMG_6854 On one of my daily walks by the river, a newly born fawn, stepped into my path. I could not see the mother for a time, as she was lying down, recovering from her ordeal as her little one tried out her legs. Her fur was sticky and curled from her mother’s tongue washing the afterbirth away. I instinctively knelt down, as you do for a child, and she came mewing to nuzzle against me. It was a blessed encounter. I pulled some foxtail weeds that had become stuck in her coat as she repeatedly fell in the grass. Her mom and I exchanged words of delight in this new life. The fawn followed me as I began to walk away, falling flat on all fours as her spindly legs faltered. I stayed with her for a time, finally walking into the grasses to get her off the path. She lay down as I marveled at how perfectly her coat was colored to blend in with her surroundings. Only her black nose spoke to where she was. I spoke to the mother in gratitude for her sharing of her little one with me knowing that I had been gifted with a sign of the new energies arrival in my life.

falling flat

falling flat

I looked up deer totem and took the parts that resonated for me.

A new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner. Maybe the most effective way to summarize the lessons of these beliefs, is to say that only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can we melt the barriers that separate us from others, from other life forms, and from the beautiful mystery which is our own magical and spiritual gift.” by Ina Woolcott

My thirty year life cycle of personal mothering has come to its end, my daughter flies off in a few days to begin new life on many levels. Mary Magdalene and the divine mothers came through to bless her and move with her. The lineage flows free. I am freed to expand into the universal aspect of myself that has awaited me. The timing is perfect as the firmament prepares to receive the new frequencies of liquidlovelight that are streaming in. This solstice is opening gateways and portals, long closed, as we take a giant leap in our evolutionary game.

IMG_6843I am being called once again to move with the slyphs of the air, to follow where they lead. My direction has been given, my trusty ally, dear Maxie (my nineteen year old car) has been given a tune up and the all clear by my mechanic. A few days of solitude will be given for me to center myself, gather and pack my camping gear and a bag of clothes and let go of any extras that I have accumulated in this year of settledness. The open road offers freedom as well as bringing to the surface some anxiety of the years spent in constant motion as I wove patterns of light across the USA and Canada. Those years were hard on my body, emotional as well as physical. I sense that this journey will be different, one of more ease and grace. I am so grateful for the knowing that has grown within, for the absolute trust I have in myself and the universe at large. I sense it is short term, this car traveling. A time to touch in and co-create with other members of my lovepod who are calling to me. The communities are preparing to be born. Our heart’s desires are about to come into fruition as the summer sun expands them into ripeness. Juiciness approaches. I have been stripped naked, allowing the light of our father sun to permeate my very core.

Gratitude dances me as my heart’s fire propels me. All is well. It is time and I am ready to play my part. Thank you for playing yours. We are love.

8 thoughts on “Birthing the New

  1. Good morning Dear Sister/Friend Linda Marie.

    What shear joy to hear of your sacred meeting with dear medicine…truly a gift..a message of GENTLENESS…

    Sounds like a NEW beginning as you move into the next chapter or book in your life stream…I so trust that your Inner Knowing will lead you to where you will be next…I am in gratitude knowing that I’ll paths will cross again soon…you are a GIFT…and my soul delights in this knowing…

    Happy Summer Solstice tomorrow at 3:51 AM here in California as the SUN moves into Cancer and the LIGHT blesses us with an amazing opening into our radiant crystalline forms…Blessed be…

    I love you…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,
      Just back to this page and saw your lovely comment.
      My body feels flattened by the energies of the past few days. Trusting it will lift so that I can pack the car and head on up your way.
      I love you

  2. Hi sweetie—that is such a great post! Interestingly I also saw a young fawn on Wednesday. Love what it said. Your experience was nothing short of miraculous. WOW!

    Much love to you on your journey…be safe and have fun as I used to say every day to my daughter for her walk to school. <3 <3

    • How fun that you saw a fawn too. We are being gifted. Today I am so flat, exhausted, can’t imagine how I will pack and clear and move but trust I will! We are safe, we are so protected and loved.
      Heaps of love to you,

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