It Is All New

IMG_5221Have you felt these new frequencies rolling in? They are calling us to be present in every moment. Your mind can have an idea of what you are going to do and it can be tumbled about in the wave crashing in. There is no solid ground, we are the ground! A new firmament is being created as we stream our lovelight from Home into this earth. Exciting, exhausting, relentless.

I had been given a vision and a date for my first step into my new expanded role. Dates shifted and the new moon called me and a friend to Mount Shasta days earlier than expected. It all happened as if in a dream,  a few hour drive up to the spot that called to us on the mountain and then back again. No walk in town, nothing but hit our mark and depart. Floating the whole way in a rich soup of energies. The aftermath, days of stillness. Packing awaits, departure looms and yet I can do nothing but lie here and dream.  We are dreaming the new into being. This is powerful work and the time is now. I heard the deep voice booming, “It begins,” and I knew its truth as my vision unfurled the shock waves of love spreading across the land.

Birds flying in sync in moving waves across the sky. We can let go and trust the patterns of love.

Birds flying in sync in moving waves across the sky. We can let go and trust the patterns of love.

As these waves of love pour in, they loosen the debris from each of our hearts. All the sediment that has weighed us down is being lifted, we have only to observe its departure. Like a layer of fog covering the earth, it can appear thick and impenetrable when you find yourself in the midst of it. Yet, as you stand and breathe it in, whether it be joy or sorrow, it can melt like the mist it is. This fog layer asks to be loved fully so that we can claim clear skies for all of humanity. It matters not whether it is my shadow or yours, I breathe it in and breathe it out in liquidlovelight. Alchemists of old, our time is now to show our mastery. All that has been hidden in the shadowlands, comes forth to be spun into the golden lovelight. You can do this, I can do this. It is not difficult as we have learned that all the stories have but one theme, and that is love. All that has come into our world has been to open us to receive or give the love that we are. It was never personal, but rather gifts of growth and expansion. Freedom lovers, one and all, we desire to love our hearts, and all hearts, free.

Oh, to be wild in love! To fall in love throughout the day. To love everything and everybody. I recall a younger sister sharing this sentiment thirty years ago and my response of, “You are crazy, you cannot love everyone. ” She took her life not long after as she could not find a way to remain in the dense energies of the time with her loving heart. It has been a grueling journey for sensitive souls. That time is coming to an end as we have decided, as a collective, that we desire everyone to live a life of freedom, of abundance, of  peace and harmony.

We are just getting our land legs in these new energies, see yourself as tender as this fawn, newly born.

We are just getting our land legs in these new energies, see yourself as tender as this fawn, newly born.

Gentleness is called for as we acclimate to these new frequencies. Our wonderful bodies are working overtime to adapt and transform. We honor them by resting, drinking lots of water, allowing them what they call for. When we completely surrender to the process, we find that whirlwinds of energy suddenly appear to complete a required task. My packing will get done with ease, this I know. I cannot decide it with my mind, only allow the movement, riding the waves. To be in tune with these waves is the essential task. Life will continue despite a to-do list that remains unchecked. We are moving into the NOW moment, the zero point field where past and future are merely words that no longer make sense.

Surrender, allow, be. Letting go of the shoulds, letting go of other’s desires, dropping into what is and finding peace. My heart is on fire with this love. It is spread heart to heart, a conflagration of lovelight exploding around the earth. We will never be the same. It will never be as hard again. Hold to nothing, allow all to move through you and you will shiver with the delight that freedom brings. To be here now, all the lifetimes of sorrow dissolved in the joy of this love. Breathe it in for now, the play begins! The new firmament is moving into place and we are the ones to create the world we desire. Expand your hearts and you will know the gift that you bring to the drawing board. Know your worth and hold your head high as you begin to give it. All on this planet, have a contribution to make. Look to your own heart, feel what lights you up and be it with all that you are. You are divinity in form, a creator god ready to play with other gods. We can create a world beyond our imagining!

Staggering After the Solstice

A table I set with flowers for a dear one's celebration, reminding me that a banquet table is laid for each of us, with the Creator's love.

A table I set with flowers for a dear one’s celebration, reminding me that a banquet table is laid for each of us, with the Creator’s love.

The Solstice packed a punch this year, no gathering with others as it felt challenging enough to stand upright alone. A few days have passed, and I am still reeling with bouts of exhaustion that leave me feeling as if I am a boxer, staggering to his corner stool, after a challenging round. I feel pummeled. Interactions take energy I do not have to spare. To eat or not to eat, has become an question as waves of nausea carry me off. Sometimes a piece of toast quiets the torrent, or does the opposite and intensifies it.  Extremes appeal; salt, sweet, crunchy, soft. I am getting ready to pack camping gear and the kitchen kit is in question. Will I cook for myself outdoors on this adventure? I keep sensing the last time with some foods therefore, savor it now.  Feeling myself drinking water and more water, maybe juices, smoothies. Hearing the sun can sustain these new light bodies. Wondering how soon that will be my reality.

I feel like I am sleepwalking through deep snow, encountering occasional melted patches where the sun has hit. I take advantage of these to complete tasks. Conversations are challenging, requiring too much energy. It feels like white noise in my head, comprehension lacking. Driving has been interesting as cars pull in my lane, as if I were not there. Am I visible? I feel like I am floating down the road, perhaps I really am invisible. What is real? What is imagined? It is all blending in a new soup.

The sky tonight, calling me to open roads and wider vistas.

The sky tonight, calling me to open roads and wider vistas.

I express my needs to my I AM presence and trust they will be met. I have to take the car to the garage, get my tooth taken care of, this computer needs attention as it flickers and wavers, trying to decide if it wants to get to work or not. Today the tooth and the car got taken care of in between stretches where I lay anchored to my bed. As soon as a window of energy appears, I move with it, knowing the crash will soon follow. At five p.m., I had to sleep, now at 10 p.m., I am awake. There is no sense in the clock anymore except to attend to errands that are attached to a dissolving reality. Our world is shifting… computer screen has been demonstrating it to me. Days of fuzzy, dancing screens, doubled, blurred lines, even a day of no screen at all showing up, and now my computer is operating as pretty as you please. Let this be reflected in my body!

There are days where I can’t seem to see very well, everything is cloudy. I find myself using my reading glasses to cook something or do the laundry as if I were blind. Other days, my vision is as sharp and focused as you please, no reading glasses required for any task. Two days ago, my belly was a bloated tight drum, uncomfortable as if an eight month old baby were tumbling about in it. Today it looks like I gave birth, slack and soft and reduced in bulk.

Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, this leaf quivers with life. Allowing myself to be washed in the sunlight of love that is pouring in.

Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, this leaf quivers with life. Allowing myself to be washed in the sunlight of love that is pouring in.

I have had moments of anxiety as I prepare for this new/old adventure of driving about with no plan, in my nineteen year old car. 252, 784 miles on her and she still wants to go. I had felt that she and I were to have new forms. Surely we would not be asked to move about in these old body suits? Today as I feel all this internal shifting, I note that there is a shifting. Things have changed but as yet, the outer appearances do not reflect this. Ok, so we go as we are, trusting that all will be well. My departure date has flashed on the screen of my mind. I look about me and wonder how I will meet it in this present comatose state. I have to pack and clear and clean. Will my body hold up? Do I have the stamina for life on the road again? How long will this trip last? Is it a trip? I have no destination, no home to return to……I am moving back into my nomad state after a year of being settled. Why did I sign up for this at this juncture of my life? I am fifty-eight years old, and feeling it tonight. I had let go of  most of my worldly possessions years ago, keeping the car and camping gear and am surprised to find myself having to do so once again. In this year of living in my former house, I have enjoyed having familiar treasures about me. The pleasure of using a mixing bowl I love, the joy of my son’s paintings brightening my room, the relief of this small fan blowing on me in bed. My body wonders if it will feel comfort. I keep hearing that I am not moving to less, but more. More on every level… heart trusts, my body is not so sure. I am trusting my own manifestation skills to come online. Knowing I do not want to, nor have, the resources to outfit a life in the old way. Curious how this bigger life is to come into being, knowing that it will as I have walked it in my dreamscapes.

My river walk reminds me of the joy of flowing with no fixed point.

My river walk reminds me of the joy of flowing with no fixed point.

Deep breath. Sinking down into my heart, I feel an expansion, a sense of freedom wafting in with the breeze. Oh yes, the sylphs of the air are calling me north. A direction given with some “work” points along the way. This is not a road for the faint hearted. Ascension is real. The shift is here. We are moving. We are becoming aware of our oneness. Love is flowing and weaving across the planet. My liquidlovelight is called for and for now, it requires movement. This I can do. We are each called to our part. Grace is here to lend a hand. I am in need of her hand and take it gladly. Let’s go see what is up ahead.


Birthing the New

IMG_6851I am coming up for air from the dreamy, depths that have pulled me in. I traveled far and wide on swift currents that held me in their embrace. It has been a journey of weaving liquidlovelight in patterns that unfolded as I swam in the crystalline waters. The tone has been sounded for the new to commence. It begins within our own depths, as the swirling action gifted us by the solar winds, the planetary bodies and heavenly hosts, works to bring all our muddy aspects to the surface to be cleared. What a blessing! Each responsible for our own ocean of light. Once clear, we can ask to swim in the collective soup, allowing our light to permeate and penetrate the dense particles, loving them back into the lovelight that they are. When I am thus engaged, there is no part of me available for reflection as all is used in service to the light.

IMG_6854 On one of my daily walks by the river, a newly born fawn, stepped into my path. I could not see the mother for a time, as she was lying down, recovering from her ordeal as her little one tried out her legs. Her fur was sticky and curled from her mother’s tongue washing the afterbirth away. I instinctively knelt down, as you do for a child, and she came mewing to nuzzle against me. It was a blessed encounter. I pulled some foxtail weeds that had become stuck in her coat as she repeatedly fell in the grass. Her mom and I exchanged words of delight in this new life. The fawn followed me as I began to walk away, falling flat on all fours as her spindly legs faltered. I stayed with her for a time, finally walking into the grasses to get her off the path. She lay down as I marveled at how perfectly her coat was colored to blend in with her surroundings. Only her black nose spoke to where she was. I spoke to the mother in gratitude for her sharing of her little one with me knowing that I had been gifted with a sign of the new energies arrival in my life.

falling flat

falling flat

I looked up deer totem and took the parts that resonated for me.

A new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner. Maybe the most effective way to summarize the lessons of these beliefs, is to say that only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can we melt the barriers that separate us from others, from other life forms, and from the beautiful mystery which is our own magical and spiritual gift.” by Ina Woolcott

My thirty year life cycle of personal mothering has come to its end, my daughter flies off in a few days to begin new life on many levels. Mary Magdalene and the divine mothers came through to bless her and move with her. The lineage flows free. I am freed to expand into the universal aspect of myself that has awaited me. The timing is perfect as the firmament prepares to receive the new frequencies of liquidlovelight that are streaming in. This solstice is opening gateways and portals, long closed, as we take a giant leap in our evolutionary game.

IMG_6843I am being called once again to move with the slyphs of the air, to follow where they lead. My direction has been given, my trusty ally, dear Maxie (my nineteen year old car) has been given a tune up and the all clear by my mechanic. A few days of solitude will be given for me to center myself, gather and pack my camping gear and a bag of clothes and let go of any extras that I have accumulated in this year of settledness. The open road offers freedom as well as bringing to the surface some anxiety of the years spent in constant motion as I wove patterns of light across the USA and Canada. Those years were hard on my body, emotional as well as physical. I sense that this journey will be different, one of more ease and grace. I am so grateful for the knowing that has grown within, for the absolute trust I have in myself and the universe at large. I sense it is short term, this car traveling. A time to touch in and co-create with other members of my lovepod who are calling to me. The communities are preparing to be born. Our heart’s desires are about to come into fruition as the summer sun expands them into ripeness. Juiciness approaches. I have been stripped naked, allowing the light of our father sun to permeate my very core.

Gratitude dances me as my heart’s fire propels me. All is well. It is time and I am ready to play my part. Thank you for playing yours. We are love.



charcoal sketch of Gabriel’s

“I will soothe you and heal you.
I will bring you roses. I too have been covered with thorns.”
~ Rumi

This quote soothed me yesterday. I have felt covered in thorns. Are we all standing on the edge of our sanity? Edge of the known world? I see a dark blanket hovering over the earth.We have to wrap ourselves in it, to see the stars once again. For me, it is my own shadow side, all the bits and pieces that did not succumb to the love I offered.

Oh, we have been raised to be polite, to bite our tongues, to hold anger in check, to stuff all the unpleasantness. We grew from there into realizing that we had to excavate all this old rubble in our being. We prayed, sobbed, howled, wrote, danced and worked to clear and release these stuck emotions. Many of us came to feel the freedom of being an empty vessel, only to have another round of debris float up to be cleared. We learned that we had to let go of judgment and embrace all aspects of ourselves. We invited in our inner wounded child, held her/his hand and offered comfort. We saw how the lovelight kept unearthing more rubble as the love penetrated deeper into our core.

IMG_6504Now, oh, now, we are hitting bedrock. It is a jarring process as the light plunges into the solid rock of our being, blasting its way free. What is exposed is pretty slimy, smelly and downright unpleasant. I do not love it. I am looking at my sarcastic nature, my pettiness, my cutting sword nature……the good, the bad and the ugly…….with the good taken out. I am no longer interested in turning any of it into rainbows and sunlight. I see the blue black nature of it and know that this is not a redecorating project. No pink bows to tie it all up. No, this is the shadowland where my murderous self resides.

The question for me now seems to be, can I allow all of myself expression? There are some aspects, I turn from. I am highly uncomfortable with. Yet, my sense is that I need to allow it freedom of speech, just as I do for my “light” side. Do I have to love it all? No. Indeed, I do not. But can I be with it? Can I allow the experience of its flame, to move through me?

It has been like setting out with Columbus on the Santa Maria……believing that the world was flat and at any moment, we might sail off that edge. Holy Hannah, hang on! Buckets of courage called for. This is the rack of the Inquisition come again. We are being stretched to our limit, and then beyond.

I witnessed myself express rage from years ago, an interaction suddenly burst from its present day moorings into cataclysmic flames. The dear other, who triggered this flame, quickly distancing himself and throwing up a wall of protection. I watched the Red Cross nurse aspect of me, come in to see to the wounded. I refused all help, sent her packing with her bandages and good will. Shame and guilt showed up only to be turned back with a withering look. I sat there quaking, as this rage claimed a seat within. She sat and made herself comfortable, chuckling abit at claiming center stage.

My personality self is no longer in charge. My soul is shaking me like a rag doll. I have no control over this process as I have long since, surrendered to my I AM presence’s will. I am trusting this process. Allowing my world to dismantle if that is what it takes. This dark side will no longer be hushed. All the new age platitudes fall away. The surface kindness and love gives way as we go plumbing the depths for the gold of authenticity. I know that freedom is under all this blackness. I know that by owning my truth, accepting the black, I am gifted with more colors with which to create. A painting with no shadows drawn in, is flat. The black gives depth and richness. I dip my brush in the ash.

At present, I am standing in a coal mine, black dust, huge rocks, and iridescent shards everywhere. I have my heartlight turned on high, to light the way through this rubble. It is not the journey I imagined at this stage of the game. I know only to keep moving, one foot in front of another. No Indiana Jones at my side, to present stunning solutions…..I plod on feeling this underground space is the perfect place for me, away from any others who might be harmed by the creature I AM.

IMG_6828 I sense a softening as I am  exposed to the light of day. I had gone to the store with my son to outfit him with food staples for his trip. As we were checking out, I complimented the woman at the register on her pearl earrings. She asked, “Do you want them?” “Yes,” was my instant reply, surprising myself.  “Will you wear them?” she asked. “Yes, I will,”my reply.  “Then I would like you to have them.” She removed them from her ears and handed them to me. I thanked her and walked out with our groceries. I witnessed myself desiring to go back in and give her the flower bouquet I had just bought. Then I laughed. I had stated that morning that I was open to receive…….and here it was being given. Could I receive without needing to give back? Could I accept the gift with gratitude, knowing that was enough? Yes and I watched an old pattern dissolve. She gave. I received. A loop completed.

From the coal mine, a shining pearl. Dark and light..all me…we walk. Not quite hand in hand, but  alongside one another, eyes straight ahead.