Drawn In


I desire to dive deeply into that light.

Today has been an inbreath as the energy pulls me in. I sense my I Am presence calling me to swim in the river of my own divinity. It has been a hot and sunny day outside but I have spent it on my back in bed. I gauge intense energies rolling in by how far afield I can go. Today, nowhere. When I find the bedroom is my world, I know a waterfall of light is cascading down. I slept and drifted, felt that most of my being was off somewhere doing something which she has not shared with me. I am left here in a strange state that is uncomfortable. The heat rolling through my body in flashes, the hip and back pain that have yet to release, the ear pressure that comes and goes……and the listlessness all add up to me feeling spent. I am ready to have all parts of my being in one place and understand what it is we are about!

I feel only partially here.

I feel only partially here.

Yesterday, I shared the day with my three adult children, celebrating the Mother’s love. I am so grateful for each of them coming to allow me to experience the mother role. It felt like the last Mother’s Day for me, in this way, as I am called to the next chapter in my life. For thirty years, mothering has been a constant flame in my heart. Now that flame takes on a new hue as I feel myself being drawn away from this familial love to one more universal. I am confident of each members’ strength to move fully into the new pathways that are opening. Our love is a source of nourishment that we can each tap into.

I feel complete with this chapter of my life and curious as to how the next will unfold. I feel movement out from the family nest into the world as well as a dive deep within. Wider and deeper……no markers as yet except this feeling of floating between worlds. I feel a swirling vortex pulling at me and I chose to let go of anything tethering me. I am answering the call from myself, to myself. I intend to live in the allness of who I am. Whatever it takes, I am ready.


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