Eclipse Was a Game Changer

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta welcomed us for the Blood Moon Eclipse. My three adult children accompanied me, my former hubby holding the energy at home as we successfully laid down our soul family template of light. A dear friend came and held a cocoon of support about me as she played her part and sat with me in the brisk air on the deck as the moon and earth’s shadow did their dance in the sky. At one point, she knew that the Telosians, our inner earth family members were out on the mountain top. We could see the mountain shining its whiteness behind us as we faced the moon lighting the sky in front of us. She sensed their excitement as they were able to amplify the effects of this moon for the good of all. They had a big trampoline type device that they were using to draw the energy of the moon through the center of the earth and reflect it back out to the Great Central Sun. I saw that they were wearing white robes and marveled at the lightness of them as I felt mine on me. It was a frigid night and I wondered at the thin weave of the material as I felt its radiant warmth about me. I then saw how it was woven with sunlight, so as to be light yet held the warmth of the rays. Wow, I have seen myself weaving liquidlovelight but never thought of it in a practical application! How wonderous! I laughed as my Telosian self realized I knew myself as her and she as me. A sweet moment shared.

IMG_6599The completion of my family’s part in this eclipse, was like a deep sigh running through my body. For weeks, I and many others, had been involved on the inner planes, aligning and adjusting things in order for the greatest good to be realized from this eclipse. It had been my focus and end point. I was so grateful for each member of my family for showing up. The next day, I felt such a huge release in my body. I wanted only rest. We went up on the mountain and sat with her to breathe in the new energies. Later we took a nap by the lake, the mountain looming above us, an eagle soaring, the trees whispering, the water lapping and the earth sending gratitude for a job well done. Amazing how the gratitude goes both ways as our hearts melt in the wonder of participating in these events we called into being.

IMG_3202-1There was a naked jump into a freezing crystalline creek followed by sitting on a rock throne to dry off in the sun. The water washed all efforting away as I was given the understanding that I would no longer transmute or clear energies through my body. We have spent a lifetime doing that and my body felt it. Now there is a new way of ease and grace. Intention and attention does the work. I am free to be in a new way. Hallelujah! The eclipse energies had been so intense and I felt fried inside as I had struggled abit to expand enough to be a conduit for them to flow through.

Easter love flooded the planet with its resurrection flames. Now the Cardinal Grand Cross is here with more gifts. What a blessed time. I have witnessed irritability come in as well as waves of sadness and remnants of old stories as my body adjusts to the new frequencies. At night when sleep eludes me and my skin feels too tight, I wonder how much longer it will take, how much longer can I take? Then I surrender once again and allow it all its place.  All is being washed clean. No more stories, no more small Linda only this mystery of love.

Floating free

Floating free

I know nothing.  I feel delight in the expansive freedom that is wafting its fragrance, enticing me forward. I am allowing this love to live me, to move me as it will. I know myself ready for what is to come, feel the spaciousness of the new landing. There are no anchors nor tethers remaining. I am complete. The eclipse was my last assignment in the old energies. I allow myself to float fully in the new. How that shows up in my life is the mystery I live. I was guided to give my banking info to my family to make use of if I move to a new realm. What does that even mean? I have no clue and know there is no point in making a story about it, rather to follow the guidance. I am feeling the expansiveness as well as at times, a squeezing as a frequency confines. No juice remains in the old and the new sparks in and out. I am wriggling out of the cocoon into the light of the Creator’s love. May this love live me. It is the all to me. Delving into the mystery, pulling weeds in the garden, spinning in the heavens, weaving lovelight into radiant garments. This is where you will find me. Living the mystery of the great I AM.

6 thoughts on “Eclipse Was a Game Changer

  1. Dear Goddess siSTAR Linda Marie…

    O’ how RADIANT you are…thank-you for sharing your ever unfolding MAGNIFICENCE…and GRACE…and BEAUTY…dry your wings Dear Butterfly…your Magical new journey has begun….enjoy your Shimmering/Sparkling new wings…after enlightenment our real life Divinely Unfolds with a deep INNER KNOWING that ALL is WELL…

    Blessings my friend…I love you…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,
      Thank you for these words. You assisted me so in our time by the clearing crystalline creek. You helped me to see myself in a new way and allowed the next step to be taken. I am drying these wings, feeling a bit raw but knowing all is well.
      I am so grateful for your wisdom and steadfastness to this path over all the years. What a blessing you are!
      I ate some of your tamari almonds today and felt you beside me.
      I surrender over and over to the mystery of this love.

      I love you,

      • Dear Linda Marie…

        What a SPECIAL time I had with you and Jeanette at one of my favorite creek spots…so loved sharing with both of you…

        You Both are such sparkling gems…I loved spending time with you both and meeting your crystal friends and always Leopold…

        It is soooo awe inspiring to know you in physical form as well as spirit…keep being who you are…the rawness is truly bringing us into an aliveness, that’s hard to express is words…but feeling it is a GIFT beyond measure…

        Blessings my Dear Radiant Goddess SiSTAR…I love you…

        Bonnie Lou

  2. Beautiful and very loving sharing as usual Linda, thank you.
    Yes the full Moon eclipse was special, it was right outside my back door where I felt I could almost touch it as I fully experienced it.
    It is funny, I was getting to give my son my banking and some other details in the event of my death, yet I know I have 6 months or so of living this life I still have to assist others to get higher to where they are to be.
    I went through the tunnel so to speak to the other side during my hospital experience as I told you, I see now I have come back to assist those who need me, once this is finished then I will be able to go through again to fully access and live my new Love life.
    I will be interested more to read of your new experiences now you are finished, love and hugs Maggie

    • Dear Maggie,

      How wonderful that you know your time and what it is about. You are blessed.
      I am in the mystery of it all and allowing it to live me. I know nothing. Each day I show up with an open heart and allow all entrance. I love the “new love life” that awaits you and me and us all. I am so ready for that playing field.
      We are creating it through our interactions and sharing.
      I, too, am curious as to how the next moments unfold but my heart is keeping me in this moment and it is enough.
      Beauty abounds!
      I am grateful for your presence and all that you do.
      Much love,

  3. Thank you Linda, I know exactly what you are saying and someday along the path I will experience this all fully, for now this is my lot so to speak. :)
    We are all where we are to be, I was told I was still needed here where I am.
    Thank YOU for your Love and presence dear Linda, love Maggie

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