Breathe in the New to Expel the Old

IMG_6538Are any of you still standing in these waves of energy? Intense has a new meaning this month. Yesterday I went to an old granite quarry that is now a park with a couple of friends. There was a rock there that had beckoned to one of the women in her dreams and she was delighted when she was led to it in the physical. Leopold, my lapis skull wanted to come along to enjoy the day. The sun was hot and after watching a lizard puff in and out on a rock, I found myself doing the same, feeling that I was melting into the stone. At one point, I found myself moving my arms skyward and chanting an ancient song. The voice that came through felt to be an earth deva that had witnessed man’s abuses. Hers was a long lament, asking to be witnessed by our trinity. One woman kept the rhythm with a stone as the notes sounded and the other grounded deep on the rock that called us there. My sense was that the sadness of the past needed to be witnessed by our love in order to be freed. It was an honor to allow it expression. Butterflies flitted about, beauty in motion, confirming the release.

Leo in his commanding position.

Leo in his commanding position.

Not much sleep last night as the energies kept rolling in. Sitting with an unease in my body to see what it needed from me. I was feeling the layer of muck and mire that Tuesday’s blood moon eclipse offers to release. My body was unsettled as to how it would be able to allow it to move through this system. In a chat with a friend, as I followed her suggestion to move back and see the larger picture, my body let out a deep sigh. Ah, yes, I can enlarge my field to the size of the planet and beyond if I need to. This eclipse is clearing all of the old that we are releasing. I am able for this, to do my part. This body is able. Waves of gratitude streaming to her as I feel this truth. The other piece that came in from my friend and confirmed by my body, is that we are to breathe in the new energies in order to expel the old. We have released so much and done our clearing work. In the past, we have released in order to create space for the new. This last bit is different in that it will dislodge as the new lovelight flows in. The in breath of love dispels in the outbreath, the old. Wonderful!

A vortex of reeds and flowers that was the highlight of this year's flower and art show in San Francisco.

A vortex of reeds and flowers that was the highlight of this year’s flower and art show in San Francisco.

I also was given my first glimpse past the eclipse cycle into the month of May. Oh, the joy! ItĀ feels like it holds our deepest desires made manifest. It feels so full of love and connections and beauty. Spring fully in bloom, trailing scented blossoms everywhere. I am drinking that lovelight in as my being feels comatose today. Allowing the scents and birdsong to wrap me in love as I move like a lumbering elephant through these moments. My spirit is dancing in May as I plough my way through April’s clearing gifts. Everything feels like jello, thick and viscous. Some instinct swings my trunk, clearing a path. I close my eyes and allow my heartlight to guide me as my being sleeps. I surrender and trust that this broad back and wide elephant feet are leading me to joys unimaginable.

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