The Banquet Table is Being Laid

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

Each day unfolds like chapters in a complex book, multilayered, leaving you flipping back to the beginning to recall the characters and how they and the storyline all fit together. Lately it feels as if the access is denied as the past (as in an hour ago) disappears from the screen of my mind like smoke. We are being seated in the present more and more. There is only the NOW is becoming our reality. I thank God for this.

My vision of late grows more vivid and exciting despite feeling as if I am standing on quicksand that threatens to engulf me at times. There is no more firm footing as I have let go of attachment to the way this reality presents itself. I can be in waves of bliss and then pulled under, lying flat calling out to my angels for assistance. The physical fatigue, so dense it is numbing, seems to have been part of my experience for years. I am ready for it to be over, even as I surrender once again to its undertow. I know my body elemental is doing the very best that she can to assimilate the new frequencies and move within them. My mind can experience some frustration as I will feel a lifting, begin exercising again, feeling strength return for a series of days only to find myself flat again, unable to even contemplate the idea of movement. Embracing the buddha belly and flabby thighs, I sigh and know that the outer physical will be strong and rejuvenated in divine timing. There is only this NOW moment and it demands all of me. I am fortunate in that I do not have pain though I found myself crying out for assistance the other night and wondered at that. I was not in pain, why was I asking for help? I observed myself with interest. I saw that I was so deep, so far from the body that I was not sure I could come back nor did I desire the return. My emotional body is challenged by this coming and going and it takes its toll. These journeys take all of me as I offer myself as a conduit, a chalice for the liquidlovelight to flow through. My higher self, Sophia guided the return as it is our plan that I stay in this body for now.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

I returned with a vision of such beauty and delight that I could float within to calm all of myself. I have long known that we are moving out of a world that uses money, that has wars and physical pain. Suffering and hardship are not in the future, they are a part of our soon to be past. All of the conversation and energy focused on prosperity programs have not held my note. I do not discount that there may be a transition phase where all are given dollars in their bank accounts to experience the feeling of unlimited financial freedom yet for me the focus has been freedom. I see us free and abundant in every way….that means an abundance of good health, joy, love and sense of belonging. The freedom to sing our song, to move freely in our days without clocks or bosses or any outer whip of authority moving us. I see our hearts guiding us with a gentle flow that feels so natural. Each attuned to their own note, free to express and create it in the world.

The vision: We are all invited to a large banquet, there are beautiful tablecloths and flowers and candles in abundance. Every type of food is presented to perfection. All are free to choose what to put on their plate, whom they would like to sit next to, what kind of seat they find the most comfortable, whether to sit in the shade or the sun, to have five courses or one…….all is choice. Some may choose to walk by the banquet all together, some may take a mere sampling and retreat, some may gorge themselves. All options are available. My heart is so alive with joy at the sight of the bounty, the beauty, the company, the elemental beings offering themselves in service to the One. All are in harmony. The tone is one of such sweetness, my tears flow and the ground drinks them in a circle of unity.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I want to shake everyone I see and say, “Wake up! This is the time you came for, do not miss it!” The most important thing we can do is spend as much time in our hearts as possible from now until Easter/Passover and the Grand Cross alignment of April 20-23. Truly, this time offers us all the opportunity to embody Christ consciousness. The blood full moon eclipse on the 15th will offer a chance to see any remaining shadows within, to embrace them with our light and love. Easter/Passover offers the resurrection of our own Christed nature that we have been taught was found in only one man. The second coming arrives in your heart and mine as we prepare a place for the Christ to enter. This is a miracle. We are living in miraculous times and as we claim our mastery, we will know ourselves as the creators of miracles. As our brother Jesus said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. ”

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

What is amazing to me is that this is not on every news show or billboard nor the topic of all conversations. I then have to take a step back and honor the holiness of each one’s path. Knowing that some will not even see the banquet table for the burden of unworthiness that they carry, others will choose only a taste and others will try every offering. This is a month of miracles, let us open our hearts in love and gratitude. We are so blessed.

12 thoughts on “The Banquet Table is Being Laid

  1. Dear Linda,
    I just finished reading about your vision and all I can say is WOW, how absolutely beautiful and perfect it sounds. A great feast of abundance, in every sense! And I can also relate to the feeling of frantically trying to wake others up so that they don’t miss such bountiful offerings. In fact, this entire post was resonated very much with me. I think we’re all feeling that way. And you did such an eloquent job of expressing it! You’re a wonderful writer – thoughtful and engaging. I can’t wait to read your next piece.

    • Dear April,
      I love how so many of us are tapping into the energies. I am so grateful to have found your blog and feel your kindred spirit. Thanks for the kudos on the writing, I ask the words to be charged with the energy as our vocabulary feels so limited these days. I sometimes want to tone or hum, knowing it more fully captures what I have experienced.
      Looking forward to your next post and to all the wonders to come!
      Blessings of love and Joy,

  2. Dear Linda,
    I just don’t have words sometimes when I read your post, my heart is full, you are me, I am you.
    Love always.

    • Dear Maggie,

      Our words are becoming obsolete, toning feels better. Telepathy is better still.
      We are one.
      love flows

  3. Linda, Thanks for your beautiful words, besides the wonderful vision that you hold I relate to the aches and pains and sometimes almost unbearable fatigue. I, most days, just honor it and slow down to what my body can handle. I too look forward to the day or is it the dimension where all this can fade and we can rest in our radiant splendor. In the mean time my Heart quickens with excitement as we approach this tipping point of our Soul’s evolution. Sending you Much Love and Light

    • Dear Zackoree,
      You are welcome, thank you for taking the time to read and respond! My heart leaps in joy as more and more of us allow this transformation room in our lives. Our radiant splendor…….breathing that in.
      Blessings of love and joy,

    • Dear Donna,
      I love hearing of more of us finding ourselves in this now moment. It is a key to what we wish to create.
      You are welcome for the words and I am grateful for your tone of love.
      Blessings of deep hummmmmmm,

    • ah, beautiful Cloud Woman,
      me too. Breathing and being, not much more energy available. Actually was informed (by higher self) that offering the majority of my days until the eclipse, is my work for now. Just took a yawning walk around the park……ready for bed!
      We are able for this.
      Blessings of love,

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