April Anchors the Love

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

We came to this earth to anchor love and after lifetimes of hardship and struggle, we are immersed in the end times of the old and the birthing of the new. Amazing to have a body to express the love through in this NOW. We are remembering that we are love, that we are fluid and grace filled. We are creator beings for whom love is our natural state.

Are you discovering that you cannot remember from one moment to the next? More and more, we are living in the now, knowing it is the place of power. Past and future fade as the richness of the now feeds our soul. Breathing in and out, allowing the inner landscape to provide the place of peace and stillness. As the old departs, its clamors grow noisier and we are wise to tune to the channel within where all of our knowing resides.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love. (artist unknown to me but thanking her/him for this image found in collaging material).

The waves of love continue to purge all that is not love. I am witnessing judgment come up for me to see. I am observing myself in this, seeing where I am lacking love that seeks to make myself better than another in order to feel secure. The big step for me is to soften it all, to allow myself forgiveness for judging, to bathe all in love, myself included. Allowing the flow, trusting it is all in motion, not identifying myself negatively  because I judged another yet growing in my observation of this behavior and allowing it to shift into love.

I am ready to be the love I AM. I am ready for newness where all communication is from the heart. I am ready for all of my thoughts to be read by all as they are only of love. I am desiring to live in the grace of love. I feel this yearning and desiring arising from the collective. The desire to embark fully in the journey home to our truth.

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

I feel so much movement this month, we have two eclipses, sun and moon as well as a grand cross in the sky. We have Easter and Passover and are gifted the opportunity to embrace Christ consciousness ourselves, discovering that the second coming is within each of our hearts. We are our own messiahs, we are the Christ returned. It is ours to claim.

We have been trained to look everywhere but within. Taught that another has the answers we seek. Taught to revere ones dressed in orange robes or wearing the garments of renunciation. (I once met a Tibetan monk on a sacred mountain in India who taught me to look beyond the surface as he showed a shadowy energy….deep bow to him for the lesson gifted me). Yet, the Christed ones are amongst us, dressed in everyday gear, in their twenties of fifties or mere infants with eyes blazing wisdom like a laser beam. Every person on this planet has come to be a part of this shift of the ages. Every person bears a gift. All can teach us, all can enlarge us. I wish to stand as transparent as glass, to allow my outer expression to fully reflect the truth of the love that I AM.


The flow of death and rebirth……gratitude to the artist for this image.

Our galactic and inner earth relatives are poised to make contact. Open to the unusual, the surreal becoming real. The elementals are wanting to dance with us. Lean against a tree and open to its wisdom, the breeze carries a message of love as do the flowers and every living being. All the kingdoms of the universe are wanting to dance together. Let us open and allow, like a flower opening its petals so as to be caressed by the sun. As we show up in our loveness,  permission is granted for every other being to join the dance. Seeing my unicorn shimmering and knowing the form will follow. Feeling the flitting wings of the faeries in the garden and humming with them, wearing bells about my wrist to play with them. All I knew as a child in my world of make believe, coming true.

Wonder is everywhere. I open to it today as I breathe lovelight in this now. Peace to all as we reveal our true beauty to one another. I see you and gasp in wonder. Ahhhhhhhh.

7 thoughts on “April Anchors the Love

  1. Aloha Dear SiSTAR Linda Marie…

    what a Radiant…Clear…Loving… Reflection….You are…

    I too….claim my Christed Self with Full Knowing that ALL are…what a gift to be here during this most Miraculous of times…Dancing together with ALL the Kingdoms of the Universe is a wondrous way to say it…What a Blessing you are…Thanks for Being YOU…

    I love you my Unicorn and Faerie Friend…

    Bonnie Lou

    • How funny…this time thing is….I just posted this last response at 3:14 PM here in CA…but the post says 10:14 PM…wonder what time zone that is…


    • Dear Bonnie,

      That is so funny about the time! Claiming our Christed selves…..we have waited so long!

      I love you

  2. Intense are these wonderous energies, last night in my sleep I was in labour, last week after I came out from anesthetic I said I feel like I am reborn.
    A bit challenging still to go with this but I let go more and ride this ride of a lifetime knowing all is well, I still wonder how but I just go with it all.
    Thank you for another wonderful sharing, we are all in this together now more and more.
    My sister has just come to the party it seems, a true blessing.
    Much love and blessings, Maggie

    • Dear Maggie,
      How joyful to share with your sister! Grateful that you are able to let go and allow. It takes courage and fortitude, you have both in spades. Blessings of love and joy,

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