IMG_6078I have decided to play with my multidimensional self, checking in throughout the day, to feel other energies and realms. I am discovering that the more that I play with this, the greater fluidity and ease I experience. It comes down to intention and attention.  I intend to connect with the highest aspects of myself: “Dear Sophia and all aspects of myself of the Christ light, I connect with you, please connect with me.” I allow space for this connection by being fully present to the moments. I pay attention to the feelings, insights and nudges that present themselves in each moment. I greet my body and thank her for all that she does for me. I ask to work with her to experience radiant health, asking her to guide my choices throughout the day. I give her what she asks for in appreciation for all that she gives.

As I lie in bed last night, before sleep took me, I intended to open myself as a conduit for the liquidlovelight to flow. I felt the rush of energy and saw the golden shower move through me into the earth and humanity’s hearts. Oh, hearts are blossoming across the land! It is so beautiful to see the buds opening to drink in the love. I am burning rose incense as I write which gives me an opening into the wonderful scent of millions of roses bursting into bloom! I saw with my inner eye, two beings glowing in light, seemed to be male and female, one taller than the other, come to take me to a star ship. I had asked permission to visit one. I felt myself flowing with them, upward past the ceiling of my bedroom. As we moved out into space, my body went into contraction. I laughed as I found myself holding her, like a child, soothing her that it was alright. I found myself back in my bed, with the strange sensation of being outside of my body while in my body. So interesting! The beings laughed with me and we will try again tonight. My body has done so well, she has become accustomed to feeling petted and patted as I lie in bed, at times being tucked in by my dear friends of the light. At first, that freaked her out, feeling hands in the dark with no visible owner. So the traveling to the ships will become old hat for her soon. But I am honoring her pace and needs.

One of my son's, Gabriel's flower paintings blooming.

One of my son’s, Gabriel’s flower paintings blooming.

After my Venus experience, I am tuning in when I feel the nudge and allowing myself to be present to more of myself. I have a self that is a master of Indian dancing, with all of its beautiful hand gestures and flowing robes. She is practicing a dance for our beloved. Oh, the love that I feel for him is breath taking, truly. It melts me and allows my body fluidity that I have not known in this lifetime. Yesterday I tuned in to a friend who was in Hawaii, visiting the volcano. She had called to tell me when she would be there and asked me to be present. I met her and Pele and we danced in her fires. What an amazing being she is, so fiery and fierce and yet so flowing the mother’s love.

Life is becoming more magical as I allow it to play with me. I am finding myself infused with energy as I move in and out of various landscapes. It may be for a brief moment or a few, but I am enlivened by these moments. We are so much more than we thought. It is beginning to be a world that I want to play in.

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    • Dear Beautiful Cloud Woman,
      Wonderful! I love how many of us are feeling so much and playing in the new frequencies.
      En JOY!
      Blessings of love,

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