Flames of Transformation Pounding This Weary Body

Shadows hinting at our taller, thinner forms to come?

Shadows hinting at our taller, thinner forms to come?

Intense energy days….today my head felt like it was being hit by a hammer. So heavy, made me feel ill. My body has been sweating as the fires of transformation continue to burn. As a friend said to me: “We are transforming into flames of love!” That is a better image than mine of a sledgehammer hitting me! Today I believe it. My body has felt so heavy and dense, each morning it seems to take longer to get it moving. The dissonance between the freedom of my dream time and this reality is more and more difficult to navigate. Tears of weariness arise along with a sense that we will soon be shining ones.  Both feelings present…..how to be present with them both?

We are right in the midst of immense movement, excitement a current running through me. All that I have dreamt of and held a vision of, seems almost palpable. Our new world, shimmering at the edge of our sight. I heard the word, purify, in relation to this week.  My mind went into its old aesthetic mode: “Oh, we will fast.” My body quickly said no to that. She told me I was too fragile emotionally for that and needed comfort food and warmth or coolness. Indeed, chocolate, sugar and salt have been my food groups of choice, alerting me that change is in process.  My body knows something big is up and she will not be the same. Purification is coming in the form of inner heat, it is building the head pressure, sleepiness and sleeplessness. This afternoon I could do nothing but lie down and let sleep take me, tonight it is after 4am and I sit here with the fire for company, the moon illuminating the sky.

Oh, this transforming is not easy. There are moments when I do not think I can go on. It feels like I have lived this limited life forever. I observe others moving about with energy to do a hundred things and I sit or lie here breathing in and out with energy for no thing. Other times, I am pulsing with the lovelight and on fire with the knowing that all is on track.

Last month's full moon rising...time is disappearing.

Last month’s full moon rising…time is disappearing.

Our earth is burning with heat in the southern hemisphere, flooding and freezing in the north, all in flux. I feel all of this with her as the flames and chills roll through me and the pounding waves batter me. We are all seeking balance and a clear vessel to move in. There is only surrender to this moment. To feel every emotion fully, to allow it to play itself out and open to the next. I am safe and warm, surrounded by the dark, quiet house, the fire flickering in the hearth. I send out ribbons of heartlight to all those suffering in this night. I pray for freedom and blessings for all. Hold on, I hear. Hold on. A world beyond our imaginings is about to be born.

8 thoughts on “Flames of Transformation Pounding This Weary Body

  1. Just to say that all that you have been experiencing the past few days, I have too in my own way. For me it has been wave on wave of excited energy triggering rushes of adrenaline and old core fears – restless broken sleep, chills and sweats, wanting to sleep in the day, completely drained and in bed for two days.

    Definitely a time of transformation and letting go of old limiting beliefs, in preparation for unimagined expansion of deep, rich, joyful possibilities. I had the same long-battered weariness at how incredibly long and hard this journey has been – and the frustration of once again seeing others with more ‘normal’ energy going about their busy-ness whilst I am once again knocked for six by the energies.

    At other times I feel the excitement of the rapid unfolding of so much potential new possibility. I just need to gather the courage to let go of old distorted limiting beliefs and fears and allow myself a radical empowered new start. Although I wouldn’t wish it on others, I am perversely comforted by your post today – to know I’m not alone in sensing and being affected so much by the power of this time. It feels timely. Bless you and love to you.

    • Oh bless u and thank u ladies! – both ur posts have really comforted me too. I have been going through very similar experiences with symptoms causing energy highs and lows – the emotional joys and frustrations! In particular the lack of predictable sustainable energy levels in every day life over the past 18 months has been a big irritation…needing to sleep entire days and awake some nights, however I too know its a positive symptom of change – but man – it feels very limiting at times(especially when so many other seems absolutely symptomless!)! For some strange reason it really helps to hear people who I know are intune, going through a similar experience…I guess its coz at times i do wonder if im reading the situation correctly as i haven’t read many posts sharing these symptoms (although i do understand its probably best not to over focus on the frustration energy i guess or spread it around) – but now u have given me assurance and confirmation i was looking for!..Yay – I feel very happy and content…love and hugs of love light …<3

      • Dear Melanie,
        I so relate to the unpredictable energy levels making planning of any sort, neigh impossible. Surely keeps us in the present yet in a limited way. My world is pretty small. Last night not able to sleep till 5am……though once I got in bed, I was given a head massage by some friendly family. A small perk I experience occasionally.
        Thank you for allowing your energies to be so freely given to “the cause”. We “be-ers”have played a huge role in anchoring the energies for the earth and the collective.
        I think it is healthy to feel fully the frustration and despair that can come. It is overwhelming at times. I am laughing at myself this morning as after 3 hours sleep, I am sitting here contemplating going out to buy paint to paint a room. What??? Yesterday I could have no more considered this than flying to the moon! So the energy shifts and I breathe into it and move when I am able and lay low the rest of the time (which is about 90% of my life!).
        Keep on keeping on, I know the power of what we do. If I can assist in any way, this sword from Mother Sekhmet does a wonderful job of clearing stuff and allowing more breathing room. I use her pretty regularly on myself and friends. Just message me at lovelylinda2012@gmail. com

        Blessings of diamond light and love,

    • Dear Flame,
      I am so glad to find a fellow traveler! I sometimes wonder at myself for agreeing to this “opening a path to being” role that I have taken on. It has meant years of inactivity and a small world for forever as I never know how my energy will be or what I will be called to, until I am.
      I have not met any others, besides my eldest son, who have allowed 99% of their energy to be in use elsewhere while doing the minimum to keep the body vehicle intact.
      It sounds like you are full of courage! I see you letting go in all ways. If you want a time with my sword from Mother Sekhmet, she is of great assistance in cutting those last beliefs and fears away. Just message me at lovelylinda2012@gmail.com.
      We are doing this, so others will not have to be so affected. I often think of those doing the 9-5 jobs and how grateful I am to have set up my life to have this open space in order to be without structure in my days.
      I am comforted by knowing of you, holding your flame so bright!
      Ribbons of heartlight in orange-pink hues of love,

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      I know you do know this feeling. Today it has lifted and I can look about with a glad heart…yesterday I would have gladly taken a ticket off planet for good. I am weary beyond any understanding of that word, weary of myself being weary!
      I am so thankful for your flame burning with such joy.
      Blessings of heartlight and fire,

  2. It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks. I am feeling like I appreciate the moments more and more. Where as before I was looking at the whole day. The pic of you in shadow is exactly how I see our “star being” companions in my readings. Love it and love you!
    Be well and love the light!

    • Dear Donna,
      Wasn’t that photo fun? I love it and yes, on Venus I was tall and thin and know so many star beings are. How wonderful to live moment to moment….it is so rich that way. Allowing all to arise naturally. I laugh because I will think I do not want to do something and then a moment later find myself doing it with joy and ease. Somehow by allowing all to present itself, it works. I give my Sophia, my I AM presence, my list of tasks and ask her to find the perfect time and the ease to complete them, then I let go. She manages it so well! Very freeing.
      Streaming ribbons of purple- blue heartlight to you with much love,

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