Galloping into the Year of the Horse

My son, Gabriel's painting in celebration of the Year of the Horse.

My son, Gabriel’s painting in celebration of the Year of the Horse.

As the year of the horse propels us towards February’s fire and movement, we are being lifted into a new field of love and expansion. I realized that for the past few weeks, I have been dreaming of riding a horse on beaches, through forests and over misty moors. It seems my horse awaits, offering to take me on a journey into realms unknown.

I was chatting with a friend on facebook, sending one another hugs and love when suddenly my eyes filled with tears as I felt him hugging me. It was as if he were physically next to me. We then spoke of horses, with the year of the horse upon us, and he recalled a white stallion that he rode into battles of light and dark, many a time. Suddenly, I find myself astride my own horse, wearing chain mail whose weight I can feel on my body, sword in hand, riding with a company, my friend at my side. We are of elven origin, can feel the fey nature of our beings. It feels like a scene out of the Lord of the Rings! He then types my name, Nooryana, and my body goes into an extreme head nodding confirmation. I feel her enter my being and experience a sense of awe at her beauty and strength. My friend expressed his knowing that we were there when the veils were pulled down and the wonder of being here now, as the veils are being lifted. My body, once again, confirmed this for me.

Our entrance table celebrating this new year.

Our entrance table celebrating this new year.

Everything is blending, time and space shifting. Our hearts are uniting us so that we truly do feel one another across oceans, continents, time and dimensions. Our connection to other aspects of ourselves is strengthening as we open our hearts and bodies to welcome them in. I love Nooryana and today I am going to do some art with a friend, playing with big sheets of newsprint, chalks and crayons to see if the image I saw of her, will emerge on paper. I sense something will appear to deepen the connection.

As we are being asked to enlarge our sense of who we are, I have watched my emotional body react in shuddering waves to a message that came through a dear friend. We were driving in the car, and she was sharing her practice of praying out loud with others, a part of her role as prayer chaplain at her church. I spoke a prayer of gratitude for the gift of her presence in my life and she said she wanted to do the same. What came out was in a different voice, a low tone speaking,  “Linda receives her robe and crown and scepter and will now step into her role as a leader of men and women.” We were both astonished as the words were not what her mind had intended.  I felt and observed my emotional body go into a tailspin. How could this be about me? How am I to be a leader? Me, who lives such a small, quiet life? The part of myself that seeks to contain, lit up all the roadblocks to this being possible. Yet, I have known for a time, that soon I would be called out into the world. I have heard, “Rest now for the time will come when all will be in motion.” I have sat with this message for three days, allowing it to percolate through my system. I knew I was to share it, not as a form of self-aggrandizement (which my ego self says, oh, yes it is!) but to open the doorway for us all to step more fully into the truth of who we are. In the days following, I was given similar messages from other friends, reinforcing the truth of this.

Truth Trigger resting in her box made by my son.

Truth Trigger resting in her box made by my son.

I believe we are all being called to express our gifts more fully. We are asked to enlarge upon our idea of who we are, breaking free from the conditioning to play small and safe. Hence, there is a need to clear anything that blocks our gifts from coming through. I am being guided to begin offering clearing sessions with the sword, Truth Trigger  and Mother Sekhmet. I am a conduit through which she works to clear and shatter limitations. The sword appeared at this time, as she is needed to remove the remnants that block our knowing of the truth of why we are here, now, at this shift of the age.  Mother Sekhmet has called me to this work and assured me that those who have need of this work, will be drawn.

Elephants have been showing up for me for weeks. This one appeared in the midst of the redwoods. I love her!

Elephants have been showing up for me for weeks. This one appeared in the midst of the redwoods. I love her!

I just read a story of elephants being tethered by rope. Someone inquired as to why the elephants remain when it was apparent that they could snap the rope on their legs with one movement. The trainer explained that the rope had been enough to restrain them when they were infants and once that was internalized, the belief remained, despite it no longer being true. This is such a beautiful illustration of the conditioning that we have accepted as truth about ourselves, often from something we were told as a child. We are adults now, free to break those ropes and be who we choose to be. The sword works to shatter these limiting beliefs and allow ourselves entrance into an expanded knowing of who we are. Of course, we have no need of a sword or anyone to do this. Yet, those comments can lodge in our beings, appearing as huge and frightening beings. In honoring our inner child, we can take someone’s hand as we stand to face these beings. We can let her/him know that they do not have to face it alone, that we have called in help. Our higher selves will orchestrate the right person, sign or situation that we need in order to take the next step on our journey to wholeness. I so appreciate Mother Sekhment’s fierce mother’s love showing up in my life!

I am grateful to be here now. I am ready to expand into more of myself, embracing Nooryana and all others who I open to receive. I calm my ego self and surrender to the Creator’s will for my life. To serve the One is the all. If She/He believes in me, who am I to question that? I will play the part I came to play with all that I am, however large or small that appears to the outside world. In truth, I am shown there is no large or small part……all parts are necessary for the whole. What is necessary, is to fully embody our own roles. Leader of men and women…..bring it on! I have no idea what that looks like or entails,  I only have to take the next step in full trust that I am guided and loved. Thank you for daring to take your next step in faith and trust that you are more than you ever dreamed you could be. I love your light and the beauty that we are co-creating on this lovely jewel of the Earth. She is taking her step into stardom and asks us to follow her.

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Co-creating in the New Fields of Light

We were sitting in this state of repose shown by this Buddha. My sword, in her new box created by my son, enjoying the sunlight.

We mirrored the state of repose of this Buddha. My sword, in her new box created by my son, enjoying the sunlight before her work commenced.

The energy has shifted as evidenced at a gathering of a few sisters last week. We sat in the sunshine by a softly flowing water feature and each held different crystals and rocks which took us on our own journeys. There was some quiet conversation as we sporadically shared yet for the most part, we were engrossed in our own world. Hours passed and we knew that much had flowed through our fields as we opened to be conduits for the energy.

As I wrote in my last post, I had been in deep stillness for the day or two before our gathering. The morning of the event, I awoke and knew that I was not yet released from the stillness. Some knowing held me in bed, listening to the household awake and move about. I surrendered and lay communing with the tree outside my window. At some point, it was as if a weight had been lifted, and I was free to get up and engage the day.

The tree's shadow on the billboard caught my attention, its KA body visible!

The tree’s shadow on the billboard caught my attention, its KA body visible!

As I hopped in the car with my friend to drive together to our gathering, she related that after her morning meditation and clearing her chakras, she found herself knocking on my front door. The realization came that she was in her KA body, so no need to knock. (KA: the second body, the energy body which becomes the light body. It is the same shape and size as your physical body, and being an energy field, it permeates every space of your physical body. It is also known as the etheric double or spiritual twin. From Tom Kenyon.)  She came in the door, feeling a bit awkward having walked in unannounced but sensing all was well. She went into my room, stood at the foot of my bed where I was lying. She realized that she was to anchor me to the center of the earth, so she put her hands around my ankles and immediately felt the energy that I had been gathering, flowing through her down to the center of the Earth. The energy then expanded and shot back up through a large torus portal breaking the surface of the earth and flowing out into the atmosphere. Our KA bodies were huge, expanding with the up-swelling of the energy. We faced one another, touching foreheads, giggling with the joy of it all as our hands formed the prayer position in front of our chests. We were honoring one another for our part, well played.

It seems that I was lying there, awaiting her presence to assist in releasing the energy that had built from the day before. It was such a confirmation of how we are co-creating, each bringing our skills and abilities to the fore for the highest good of all. It was not necessary to know my friend was present, only to listen and follow my guidance that advised the continued stillness. My friend followed her guidance, even when she felt uncomfortable entering my house unannounced. It is the trusting and surrendering to the inner knowing, that brings forth the gifts.  I felt so blessed to be a part of it.

A new painting of my son's that shows the rocks and water and trees in a new light. Formless yet  you feel the landscape.

A new painting of my son’s that shows the rocks and water and trees in a new light. Formless yet you feel the landscape.

I am excited to begin experiencing more with our KA bodies. Tom Kenyon has some good exercises to assist in tuning into our KA bodies on his website. My friend that I recently visited on the coast, has reported that I now show up in her kitchen or greenhouse to chat. I sometimes give her messages to pass along to myself. Our I AM presence will bring  messages through others as a means to communicate as we come more in resonance with ourselves. As she understood, we are beginning to access one another without the need to be physically present. Telepathy, teleportation and bi-location are at our doorstep! All coming on line to remind us of the powerful creator beings that we are. We are not interested in using these abilities as parlor tricks, rather we know we are given these gifts to change this world into one of peace, joy, harmony, abundance, freedom and love. As we co-create together for the highest good of all, much will be given to us. As we step up to shoulder the responsibility that comes with our gifts, we become powerful creators. What a year awaits us!

Fire and Sun Blazing

Tossing a crystal into the ocean with love.

Tossing a crystal into the ocean with love.

Today I awoke with the note of stillness ringing in my ear. A day to savor all about me. First though, I had to go out to drop my car at the garage with my dear mechanic who decides what should or should not be done for my almost 20 year old car. He has his own measure of whether or not a repair is worth it considering her age and miles. I have little say in it. My rear passenger window stopped working. I took it in for repair. It came back not working. Jesse said, “You don’t carry passengers in the backseat, what is the point of spending money to fix that?” He was correct, I rarely carry more than one passenger but was willing to pay to have the window fixed. Jesse vetoed that. He changed the oil and did what he deemed necessary for my safety. He is relieved that I no longer take off for long journeys across the country.  He tracks Maxie’s needs on his computer but amazingly with hundreds upon hundreds of cars coming and going, can recall much of the details with a glance at her.  I accept Jesse’s quirks as he charges fair prices and will always try to lower the cost in any way he can. It is who he is. His garage teems with life as his honesty has earned him a steady clientele. He is always busy.

For the remainder of this day, I have been sitting by the fire, enjoying its warmth while I read a book. As the afternoon came, the sun’s heat drew me outside to sit in her warmth. Its rays are so intense these days that I can only take so much before I must move indoors. Feeling decadent, I sit by the fire with the door and windows open to let the warmth and sunlight in more fully. The house can be chilly despite the warmth found at the doorway. Brilliant blue sky, showcasing the early buds on the trees. The world feels caught in a dream state as the moments float by. An occasional breeze lifts my pink prayer flags and they flutter like a bunch of adolescent girls at a dance. I sink deeply into a space of rest within myself.

Boats in the harbor offering my heart wings, feeling February movement to come.

Boats in the harbor offering my heart wings, feeling February movement to come.

A friend called who said, “We are singing the same song.” A surge of recognition through me, oh my, we share the same soul group or family. No wonder we delight so in one another’s note! She and a few others will gather for some ceremony tomorrow, and today’s stillness is in preparation. We are trained in our society to focus on the action part of a happening and give little thought to the “being” part that proceeds it and lays the groundwork or structure for its unfoldment. My spirit is busy in its prep work and most times before movement, I am pulled into a deep pool of stillness. I honor this part that is mine to do for a group event, the seemingly passive part that underpins the outward expression.

I love lighthouses, teaching me I can emanate my light from a fixed position these days.

I love lighthouses, teaching me I can emanate my light from a fixed position these days.

All feels so close, almost visible as it shimmers at the corner of my sight. The hard work is done, the deep sigh arises. I am aware of savoring these moments as we witness the shift of this age. The age of Aquarius that has been spoken of for decades, is finally upon us in the physical world. I bank the fires of my heart in preparation for the wild passion and movement that is afoot. Horse year indeed! We are about to go from a tentative walk and clumsy trot to a full out gallop. Hang on!

Birthday Ponderings

Dancing with the diamond light.

Dancing with the diamond light.

Today the calender states that I am 58 years old. Throughout my “frumpy forties” , as I called those years of numbness and pain, I had looked forward to my “fabulous fifties”, knowing somehow that those would be my years to shine. Indeed, at fifty, my world as I knew it fell apart, and the journey to myself began. Today, I survey the landscape I stand upon with a smile.

There is no more looking to escape pain, no more closing myself off from joy, no more “duty girl”, trying to please. There is freedom, there is love, there is quietness, there is richness and there is knowing. I know that I am love. After begging for direction from on high for a year and being told, to “be”, I have truly settled into that path and claimed it for my own. I was given to understand that my role in this ascension process was to open a pathway of being. After fifty years of doing, “being” was not anything that I understood. I have anguished over it, rallied against it, judged myself harshly, been judged by others and yet……walked into it with everything I had. Surrendering over and over again to that inner voice’s insistence that this was the way. Trusting even when I was terrified, stepping forward even when I wanted to run back into the known and familiar.

A rope swing in the redwoods inviting me back to jump into its crystal pool.

A rope swing in the redwoods inviting me back to jump into its crystal pool.

Just yesterday, a friend shared that I had helped her to let go of judgment. She related that she would find herself judging my path, “Why can’t Linda just settle down and get a job?” (Believe me, for everyone who asked that question, I asked it of myself thousand of times!) Yet she saw me hold my tone of beingness, over and over which she says allowed her to loosen some of her fears of life. If I could live without structure or form, she could trust her own life more fully as well as appreciate the structure her job, groups, and family provide. I so appreciate that she has chosen to remain my friend, despite the fears my path has brought up in her at times.

As I sit here in front of the fire in the hours before dawn, sipping a cup of coffee, hot liquid warming me, I feel so blessed. I am so grateful to myself for listening to Sophia, my I AM presence and finding in her, such a devoted friend. I know that the hard times are over…….and there were many of them in this fifth decade of my life. That is now past as we truly step into the age of Aquarius, my birth sign, my time to shine. All that has led to this moment now fades into completion, a story ended as I am birthed anew.

At times, this path has been stepping into the mist with complete trust.

At times, this path has been stepping into the mist with complete trust.

In this new story, which I begin this day, I am a woman who knows her worth. I am liquidlovelight flowing forth in cascades of dancing colors. I can view all aspects of myself with tenderness. The fact that I do not always show up for others yet do show up for myself, has been a life changer. I can see a middle path arising, where we all show up for ourselves, allowing us to fully be present with one another. I can almost touch Shambhala, its energies seeping into this reality with its joy. I do not know the “how” of creating our new earth. I simply know my tone and choose to sing it as purely as I can. I can hear your tone as well, so beautiful and true. Together, our hearts desiring peace, abundance, freedom and love for all beings on this planet, we are co-creating the new earth.

I am this mushroom, raising its brilliance from the darkness that was.

I am this mushroom, raising its brilliance from the darkness that was.

Last night I spoke with the Creator and dear Sophia stating my sense of completion. I could go home now, mission over or I could begin a new story, take part in a new play. I felt the deep fatigue in my soul, weariness from sloughing through the mud of the old. To rest in the arms of love……oh yes. I was then given a peek behind the scenes to come. Tears fell at the beauty, and I knew I wanted a chance to take part. My mind has its fears; will I have enough money to continue to support myself, where is my place on this earth, will I find my community, my love pod, will I have a home to call my own, will I have a partner…..on and on it questions. My heart pats it lovingly on the head and smiles. I am a beloved of the Creator, I am cared for mightily. There is joy unending awaiting me. This new story has a fairy tale ending created by and for me. I am dreaming it into being with each breath. My heart overflows with gratitude and love for the being that I am as I step into my new life. I embrace each of you in this energy of rebirth and rejoice. Hallelujah! Happy birthday to me, sweet Linda Marie.



Infusion of Beauty

First day's sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!

First day’s sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!


I am back from a wonderful trip that infused my cells and renewed my heart. My younger son and I drove north to visit a friend on the northern California coast. It was such a delight to travel together as he is the most companionable of companions. As an artist, he shares my sensitivity to beauty in all its forms. My friend lives in an old farmhouse that she and her husband resurrected, decades ago, from condemned status to a sanctuary that sustains them with its gardens and animals. There are a few sheep and chickens, a greenhouse, raised garden beds, bees, flowers,  berry producing vines and bushes, a wonderful dog, a fire pit, and easy access to the deep mysteries of the redwoods and a coastline of beaches and rivers to play in.

One reason for the trip was to take a basketful of crystals to be released into the ocean and rivers for healing of the effects of Fukushima. Friends and I had prayed and done ceremony with the crystals for a couple of months until we were given the signal that it was time for their release. I am grateful for the timing as it allowed us to shift from the idea of healing the waters to offering our love to the waters. It may turn out that the radiation is for our evolution, we do not know the larger implications of what is taking place. I have let go of healing anything or anyone and instead offer a field of love to all. I trust love to know what is best, surrendering to the Creator in all things.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

Each day we tossed crystals from cliffs and shorelines, allowing them to do their magic. My friend’s husband, a hunter/fisherman, took some with him on his boat and sent them flying with love. My friend saw them standing upright in the waters, each connecting to the others, radiating out beams of light as they connected to the grid about our earth.

I was also in need of an infusion of beauty. We went to the redwood forests nearby to retrieve a crystal that my friend had been directed to place in a magnificent grandfather tree last July for one of the alignments. It was now time to return to her and her smile was broad when she found it still in the tree. This forest felt more ancient and wild than any of the other redwood forests that I have been to. A few minutes walk in and IMG_5667my heart was so filled with the trees’ presence that I sobbed and sobbed in gratitude for all that they have held for humanity. I knew that I had once stood amongst them,  my roots digging in the damp mossy ground and my branches flung upwards to the sky. The finest of nature’s cathedrals, inspired hushed tones as we walked in reverence and joy. The greens and browns soothed my soul as I leaned against the rough bark and drank deep of the humus bouquet in the air. The sun filtered through, illuminating various scenes as our necks craned upward following trees whose tops were lost to our sight. We were gifted mightily. The trees and elementals whispered their gratitude for our light flowing in and amongst them, an exchange of such mutual delight, a tone of harmony and love. Our trip was to hone this tone, to know it on a cellular level, so as to emanate it with each breath and step we take.

IMG_5745The ocean with its jutting rocks and craggy shores, leapt in joy and surprising warmth. I went barefoot for part of each day to soak the salt and fresh water, the rocks and dirt, leaves and needles, into my being. Icy rivers ran into dancing ocean waves, seagulls playing in the vortex created as they flowed into oneness. Sunsets streamed their colors, searing my heart anew each day while the full moon rose to offer its cool brilliance to the night sky. A handful of days, offering all of nature’s bounty to us in love. We opened to receive this gift through all of our senses, stepping into the newness of the amplified energies of this year.

We ate fresh food from the garden and fish and meat offered from the water and land. We drank water from Mount Shasta’s headwaters, energized with her pristine light. Everything was alive and speaking to us with such love. We felt encapsulated in a bubble of harmony, four passengers on the ship, New Earth, sailing merrily along.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta bathed us in love as we picnicked on her slopes as part of our journey south. The peace we felt rendered us mute as we lay against our rock backrest. The love is gaining substance, you can almost scoop it up like the handful of snow I tossed at my son on the mountain. It is permeating our beings, we can drink liquidlovelight, eat love, breathe in love, be caressed by love. It is showering down upon us with the sun’s every ray, splintering our fields into the rainbow light that we are.

Rocks and ocean behind=happy woman

I had a dream while away where an aspect of myself came and told me I had 6% and indicating that more of me was ready to flow in. What? Am I embodying only 6% of who I truly am? I pondered this until it came clear through a conversation with a friend. We so need one another to illuminate our truth! She asked if it referred to the 6% that remained to be cleared in my field. Yes, that was it, said my body, with huge nods of confirmation. As I used my Mother Sekhmet gifted sword of truth on us both, and felt the shattering of more that no longer serves, we heard that it was now 4% remaining. All is to be cleared before the end of this month as February represents flying into our freedom! Woohoo! It is not the numbers that matter, it is the note that can ring clear and true from our hearts. We are all tuning our instruments, anticipating the conductor’s lift of the baton. Oh, the music we are about to make! The angels are taking their seats in anticipation of the glory. We are master musicians, one and all. Find your seat, we are about to begin!

Floating in the Mists

The mighty redwoods are calling me to come play.

The mighty redwoods are calling me to come play.

The void, again? I feel as if I am floating in space, no form to hold to, no sense of “me”. The emptiness can feel uncomfortable as nothing seems to touch who I am. Opposing this are moments of complete connection with myself, with Source and the knowing that all is well, all are one and that love is all.

Then back to being a particle floating in the ethers. My body feels uncomfortable, no real pain, simply does not feel that it fits me. It feels heavy and cumbersome, slow and awkward. I want to lay it down and float free in that cosmic sky. In my heart, I know this is all part of the process of finding myself home in every moment. I surrender to it, breathing through it as if through a veil. No desire to do anything. Tired, a fatigue that permeates my cells and thoughts. It is as if I am underwater and it takes too much effort to make that kick to the surface. No, I’ll just float down here. Even with the knowing that life is up there, I feel no motivation to move. Everything that I have experienced in this lifetime, is done. I feel complete with everyone and everything. Nothing holds a spark for me. There is only this suspended space where I float.

I am ready to live in the new earth. There have been moments of being there, sweet moments. I hold the feeling of those moments and the vision of the love pods and the harmony. I can hear the song of souls, basking in their freedom to sing their true note.

It has been such a waiting game as we waited for everyone to come to the knowing that it has been a game that we became caught in, the Matrix indeed. We have had to wait for folks to choose to unplug from that reality as the new play is about to begin. My work is done for this stage and hence the void as I await the new where I am to create. I drift, life reduced to keeping my body comfortable as well as my heart. I awoke and made a fire, I look out at the overcast sky wondering if the moisture droplets in the air will coalesce into raindrops. I am desiring a latte and a croissant…..comfort food. I think of exercise and can’t reach it, my body too heavy to move. I am planning on making a trip tomorrow to see a soul sister. That will take me to Mount Shasta, the redwoods, rivers and the ocean. Perhaps all the natural beauty will shake this malaise. It comes and goes, as moments of joy break through but it feels like having a low grade fever. You are not really sick but you do not feel the vibrancy of wellness. Everything is a bit out of focus. The old is crumbling and I feel the dissolution viscerally. There have been moments of despair as the collective voice feels the extent of the unraveling.

Seeing life through a misty lens.

Seeing life through a misty lens.

Fortunately, one of my sons is going with me on this trip. Left to myself, the thought of packing seems daunting at this moment. But pack, I will. And tomorrow at this time we will be driving north, into the cold beauty. I feel myself sitting by a fire with my friend on the full moon, knowing there is power in our communion. I surrender to the desires of my I AM presence and move where she points me. I know myself blessed to have a warm house, good food, and warm hearted folks about me during this stage of the game. I am grateful for it all, even this time that does not engage me. For each day, more are awakening, more are feeling their own God self stirring within. That was the mission and it is being accomplished. I am grateful to have successfully carried out my role.

So, I float until the new play gets up and running. I am ready. There is no fear nor nervousness. This new play is the one I came here to shine in. Until then, I sit in the wings, radiating the light that I AM.



Conduit Not Container

IMG_2490Those words came through while I was in a conversation and have been echoing within, awaiting me to type them out. I witnessed some information I read, come in and light me up with a surge of energy and deep feelings. It melted beliefs that had been in place for decades in a moment. My mind then began to read more from this source, wondering if I was to meet this woman. I saw she was giving a talk in Mount Shasta, saw that I could make it to the event if it was important for me. I spent about an hour, reading more, listening to part of her radio show, speaking with a friend…..swirling in it. Just as suddenly as this wave hit me, it departed. I then knew that the woman had no further information for me.  What was of value, I had received. As the truth meter in my body lit up and I felt the sensations, it provided a mirror for me to see more of myself revealed. I could attach to the story therein and follow it further (distraction) or I could let go and allow the next moment to arise in its fullness.

I laughed at the whole experience which so clearly illustrated the concept: conduit not container. We are to let all flow through us, resisting nor holding to none of it. We have been conditioned to be containers, storing experiences, feelings, emotions and information. We have categorized them, stuck labels on them, shoved them in dark corners until we had no room left to be present with the now moment.

IMG_3134We know that this no longer works as we have spent the past few years digging through it all, in order to finally be free of it. We have learned to embrace our shadowy dark sides and bring all of it to love. We have opened to experiencing each moment without doing a search for a match within the memory banks in order to compare, contrast or label it.

My mind had reverted to the old patterning of wanting to create a container for the information that came in. It was scrabbling around in overdrive while my heart patiently waited for me to get with the new flow. When I did, I could only giggle. The information lit me up and I felt it. Old beliefs melted to be replaced by knowing. Done!

There was no more asked of me. If an action was needed, I would be inspired to take it. I saw that my heart expanded in its knowing and that any further pieces were to come from within me. This information had served its purpose by opening me to a greater understanding of a past life and who I am in this life. Gently, oh so gently, we are being guided to the truth of who we are. Our I Am presences are the wisest of mentors, holding our hands as we grow in our knowing.

We are starlight dancing on the water, no need for solid footing as we dance along.

We are starlight dancing on the water, no need for solid footing as we dance along.

In this new year. we are being gifted with energy surges like never before. We are asked to allow all of it to flow through. To be the conduit that offers no resistance, that allows the waterfall of liquidlovelight to cascade over us. We are continually washed clean as all flows, allowing the dance of interconnection as we weave in and out with one another and all beings.

Open, receive, let go……and the knowing grows. I love this dance.

Fanning the Flames of Our Hearts

Dancing in the flames, one of my son's sculptures.

Dancing in the flames, one of my son’s sculptures.

Early morning, the stars are brilliant against the frozen sky outside. I am snug by the firelight. Coals, still alive from the previous evening, quickly burst into flames anew. They are like our hearts,  appearing as gray ash but let them be stirred by a loving hand, and they respond with fiery warmth. Many a flame has died out as the conditioning of our society has kept us with our hearts under wraps. It is up to us to act on the knowing that the coal is alive in each one, waiting for that breath of love, to ignite it once again.

This we can do for one another as we walk this path of love. In my old, service model life, I would believe all was found in action. Now I am seeing how I can breath a loving intent to another through words, spoken or written or through thought and feeling. I have a friend who is going through a trying time with her myriad responsibilities. My old self would have offered to shoulder some of them for a day or more to give her a respite. My new self surrounds her in a pink blanket of love and asks the angels to assist with whatever is for her highest good. My body is keeping me very quiet through this deep fatigue that sets in at random moments. My energy is not yet sustainable in the outer world and I am called to honor that. This has been true for me for the past year or two it seems, lifting when I have been called to travel for my earthwork and then dropping back into hermit mode once completed.  Recognizing the power of being has been one of the many gifts of this time. Also, the awareness of the choices that are ever present to us all. It is so easy to make a choice and then live as if no other is now available to us. I recall my last year of work/marriage/children life and how I did not believe that I could make any change to lessen the pressure that I felt. I was in a tunnel and could not see any way out.

Collages are a fun way to see what our hearts are yearning for. Elephants and mountains are talking to me these past few days.

Collages are a fun way to see what our hearts are yearning for. Elephants and mountains are talking to me these past few days.

Being on the outside, we can offer one another a new perspective. Something may have been added to a life that now topples all that was already in place. I loved my garden of old with all of its old fashioned fragrant roses yet now I can barely keep a pot of flowers going. What once worked, is no longer sustainable.  It is about flowing with what is of greatest importance in this now moment. For me, it is honoring my body’s needs for rest and my soul’s need for unfettered time. My focus is ascension, reclaiming my mastery by walking my inner path with all that I am. It claims all of me. I have had to make choices to support my desire. I own little as I do not desire to spend the time to care for much outside of myself. I live simply so as to not have to work in the 9-5 world. It is so easy to get locked into a lifestyle and then spend all of our time supporting it, that we forget to regularly assess whether it still matches our desires.

A friend's collage of the awakening of the divine masculine, all flowing.

A friend’s collage of the awakening of the divine masculine, all flowing.

This new year is inviting us to flow, to hold to nothing, to be the chalice that allows the liquidlovelight to move from Source through us to our mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters. We are invited into the now moment to access the gifts to be found there. Feel into what is your heart’s desires and see where energy is spent that does not support that desire. We are given the freedom to walk away from what no longer works. There does not have to be judgment in the act, something does not have to be “bad” for us to let it go. It was perfect at one time and now there is something else. We can let go with love and appreciation.

My sword/knife that was recently gifted to me by Mother Sekhmet has taught me this. I have been instructed to use her weekly or more often as I feel the call, to sever anything which I have begun to hold to. All emotions, feelings, thoughts are to flow, no hanging on to any of it. Simply allowing all in and breathing all out. Opening myself to say yes to all that shows up in my world, knowing my higher self has orchestrated it all for my benefit, and allowing it space to be fully felt and then released. The catch and release system of the soul!!

Clearly I have a desire to dance and swirl as these images sing to me.

Clearly I have a desire to dance and swirl as these images sing to me.

This morning, I am intending for my lovelight to surround every being here on this beautiful blue jewel of an earth, with a field of freedom. May all have the opportunity to choose what lights up their hearts. It is time. Our intentions and our walking our own truth, bring it into form for others. I am blowing gently on the coals of sleeping hearts, seeing them as the bright flame that they are. We are one people, one planet, one love. We are waking from a reality of duality into one of unity. Our hearts were designed to lead the way, we have only to fan the flames and allow them to burn bright.


IMG_2481After my recent experience of discovering my at onement with all life, I came across this video of an animal communicator.

It echoes the connection to the other kingdoms that I have been feeling more and more. We are one being. We have the capacity to heal the earth and all her kingdoms, ourselves included when we begin to hear one another. All wants to be seen, to be appreciated. Where there is seeing of one another, there is honoring. We will know what to do to make each other comfortable and happy just as the woman was able to communicate Spirit’s desires to her caretakers and they then acted upon that understanding.

IMG_5377I work with the element of air. I recently was inspired to make prayer flags to put over the spa in the backyard. The air comes in and tells me that she carries my prayers around the world with her breath. It delights me to co-create with her in this way.

I also work with the rocks. They, as all of us, love to be seen, to be shown in new light as I balance them atop one another or in trees. The trees love to be laid against, upon, to be stroked. Everything responds with love when it is touched with an open heart. I am off to the nature park to practice my communion with the deer, the birds and the flowing river. Think of greeting everything in your field, with love. Think of the energy of love, being returned to you! This is the world we are now co-creating with all of the earth’s kingdoms and with our mother, herself. She is the queen of love and giving.

The dragon's egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend's labyrinth.

The dragon’s egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend’s labyrinth.

I will carry my lapis skull, Leopold III, who fills me with such love. He wants to greet the outdoors with me and shine his special light upon all that he sees. A couple of my crystals want to go too. We are all such children, wanting to play and be in joy together. I have spent lifetimes in serious, somber devotional paths. I sense the playfulness and joy that this year is opening to us all. I have shed my garments of the old heaviness and reach out for the bubbles of joy that are forming in my heart. They wish an outlet, asking to be birthed in this new landscape. My heart tells me that I came for this time, right now. My being is coming into flower with all of the planet. Let us open to commune with all the realms and kingdoms that desire only to serve the One in unity and love.

May your days be filled with golden bubbles of joy. Breathe in your own beauty and let it shine. I love you.