Magic on Mount Shasta

The sundial bridge aligning us with the solar energy to come.

The sundial bridge aligning us with the solar energy to come.

About a month ago, I was shown a vision of myself with two friends during the Thanksgiving holidays.  One lives close by and the other lives in Colorado. I shared the vision and the one in Colorado had a knowing she would be journeying for Thanksgiving but not knowing where. It all came together and a few hours after picking my Colorado friend up from the airport, we were all on our way up to Mount Shasta, where she had never been. We stopped at the beautiful sundial bridge in Redding for a walk and then traveled into the hills where glimpses of Mount Shasta surprise you around bends and turns in the road. Oh, she is a beautiful mountain.


Mount Shasta through the trees.

Mount Shasta through the trees.

We all began to feel a physical sensation, my knees were like electrical conduits, another’s thighs and another’s shoulders. Then Adama, the high priest of Telos’ fame, came into me and spoke. I knew of him but had never had any direct or conscious experiences. He is the leader of the city of Telos, which is under Mount Shasta.  He greeted us and told me that he was the one who put the vision in my mind as the three of us had an appointment to work together at this time. He thanked us for heeding the call. He spoke of continuing earth changes and our roles as pillars of peace and comfort to others. He spoke of the ascension and the rising of people’s consciousness and the new energies that were being gifted to the earth at this time. All the realms were assisting humanity with gifts of love. Our trinity was needed to anchor these new frequencies deep within the mountain.  Divine timing is critical as one thing builds upon another. He spoke of the throne room and pointed out our chairs.  One of my friends questioned him about this room and he laughed and reminded her of her familiarity with this room. His energy was expansive and loving.

A chlld's chalk drawing on the sundial bridge that spoke of hearts with wings.

A chlld’s chalk drawing on the sundial bridge that spoke of hearts with wings.

The divine mothers then came in, one by one, and wove their tapestries of light into my heart. Each had its own color and tone which I absorbed as they were woven into my heartspace. Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Isis, Kuan Yin, White Tara, Kali and Mother Sekhmet and others I was not familiar with.  Ribbons, extending from the weavings, were connected to every man, woman and child on the planet. I had had this experience with Mother Mary, this past summer, as she entrained my heart with her own. This had allowed me to feel the heartbeat of humanity and hear their cries for peace. This was that experience magnified a thousand fold by all the other divine feminine beings. I felt my body being “screwed” into the center of the earth. It looked like I was wearing a parachute, with all the ribbons descending with me and then the fabric of the chute following like a billowing cloud. I heard appreciation from them as they were in need of a physical anchor to set their frequencies deep in our mother earth’s crystalline core. This new energy is now available to be accessed by humanity as our vibrations have risen to accept this frequency of love. Each ribbon, a heart connected to Mother Earth’s heart, beating in unison. Oh, how she loves each of us!

The sentinels at ascension rock.

The sentinels at ascension rock.

As we drove into town, it became clear that we were to head straight up the mountain. The road was only open to Bunny Flats which turned out to be a blessing as from the back seat, I witnessed one friend doze off and put my hands on the shoulders of the driver to keep her awake. We could not have gone any further. We pulled into the parking lot, reclined the seats and were immediately carried off by sleep. It was surreal, like being in the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz.  I felt us enter an elevator, heard the whoosh as it descended in a nauseating rush, saw the doors open to a greeting committee and then I was asleep. We all awoke together, with heavy limbs and tongues unable to speak. Eventually, the sun lured us out to sit on the snow in the trees. Our bodies needed the sunlight to fully awaken back to this reality. We took our three crystal skull friends out with us and enjoyed a bit of gentle snowball play. Our limbs were still heavy and physical activity was limited. We went into town, bought some crystals and headed to our motel. We created an altar in our room, lit candles, drank a glass of wine in celebration and rested. We were taken into the throne room and felt a new jewel being added to our crowns. Emerald, ruby and diamond…….dazzling in their light. Later we were able to drive a half mile down the road for some pizza. Often after high energy work, my body grounds through eating dense food. It was delicious.

Leo in his sling, cedar jewels in my hair.

Leo in his sling, cedar jewels in my hair

The next morning we awoke to clear sunny skies. I was dealing with some discomfort from my dragon wings and was stretching and flexing them. I looked out the window in that moment and a dragon cloud was riding over the mountain! We were given continual confirmation of what we were feeling. We had breakfast in town and visited the peace garden before heading up the mountain once again. We were guided to go to ascension rock. As we walked to the rock, a piece of wood lit up in front of me. I picked it up in wonder as it felt familiar, like a ceremonial knife, in my hand. I set it in a tree nook to check on our way back, not sure as yet if I was to take it. We hiked up to the huge pile of boulders. I had my skull, Leopold III, in a sling on my body, like a baby. As I was climbing, I bent over and he tumbled from the sling. He did a flip and landed face up, in a crevice a few feet deep. I scrambled to retrieve him and was glad that he had only a minor scratch on his bottom. He enjoyed the tumble! We allowed the energies to guide us as to where to sit and commune. My friends felt themselves go within the rock, but I did not. I asked about this and was told that I was a gatekeeper and was in my position, guarding the entrance. I could feel the truth of this. IMG_5164

The knife as I found it.

The knife as I found it.

As we began our walk back, I was guided to collect the wooden knife. As I held it in my hand, Mother Sekhmet came in and addressed us. She assured me that the knife was mine, a gift from her and the elemental kingdom. She asked us to stand in a wide triangle shape, and she brought her energy through. Oh, she is mighty! I held the knife up to the sky and then brought the energies down to the earth. We all held our positions as the energy connected sky and earth. My friend cautioned me in the pointing of it as she felt it cut through dimensions and that it could easily send someone spinning into another plane of existence. We were to discover more of its power in the following days. Thanksgiving gratitude flowed freely as we journeyed down the mountain to celebrate with family and friends. How blessed we are!



8 thoughts on “Magic on Mount Shasta

  1. O’ my Goddess….your RADIANCE certainly comes through your writings and fb communicating….but…. WOWEE….in person your Radiant Sparkle is off the charts…. <3 Especially just coming off the Sacred Mountain…WOOHOO… <3 I look forward to hearing more of your Mt. Shasta experience as it wishes to be shared… <3 Thank-you all 3 for sharing yourSELVES and the Skulls…AMAZING Energy…as if we didn't already have an amazing link up of our souls…NOW it feels like there is a more DIRECT link up of our Higher Selves…on a whole new level…what a BEAUTIFUL experience….and the BEST is yet to come…

    Blessings and love my beautiful 'inside and out' siSTAR…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      It was such a treat to meet you in person. I see you have unicorn in your email, I love the unicorns!! Mine is right here beside me this morning, enjoying the firelight with me. We will connect soon as I am guided that I need to be on your property with your magical stones and your magical self!

      Blessings of love and joy at our reunion,

  2. What a wonderful experience . The sleep the mountain and the three presents the mountain received . I felt moved and thankful for your commitment and gifts you bring the Earth. “The knife”. What a gift I see it as a magic wand. I see it gold and inscribed with writings.
    Thank you and the ladies for the wonders you bring and open so freely. We are so blessed to be a part of this.
    Much Love

    • Dear Bev,

      I feel such gratitude to walk my walk, to witness yours, for the gifts we are privileged to bring through in conjunction with Mother Earth. Thank you for your vision of the knife, that gives me tingles.

      Blessings of love,

  3. Dear Linda…
    After reading your article I just had to let you know,how grateful I was to hear of your magical experience here in Mt Shasta…
    I can feel your love and amazing energy through your words!…
    I too love this wonderful mountain and believe in the wonders that exist within and around it…It seems you have experienced many of them first hand!…What a blessing! You truly are a blessing to this world, at a time when we need it most!
    Thank you for coming and bringing your wonderful gifts of healing and love to the mountain!
    I look forward to reading more of your wonderful experiences on your journey!
    .If you ever come back to Mt Shasta I would love to invite you to come to my home and meet with you and your wonderful friends!
    Love and Blessings!

    • Dear Ellen,

      Thank you for your kind words, they have lit up my heart.

      How wonderful that you live there and assist in holding the energy. I had thought to move there a couple of years ago but St Germain clearly told me that was not my path. Mine is to dance with her, she spent years sending me out to carry codes and bringing me back to receive more. It was lovely to receive the call to return this time.

      I have just been given that I am to return before the Solstice so you may see me sooner than later! I met another soul sister on the last trip from the area and am guided to visit her. I would be honored to come to your home. I see myself traveling solo, though I will bring Leopold, my skull companion and my newly acquired knife.

      I will email you and we will see if it aligns for us both.

      Blessings of peace and joy,

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