Tipping Point Reached……Deep Sigh of Relief

Today is  a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

Today is a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

I find myself sighing with relief today as I sense that we have indeed passed the tipping point of light and love on this planet of ours. Yesterday the energy coming through had a newness, a freshness to it that I felt in my bones. Not to mention heat rising, a need for gallons of water as well as more rest as my body released years held tension. It was the plan all along that freedom would return but it has hung in the balance more times than I wish to recall.  I knew we had passed a marker and could hear the cheering from our galactic and inner earth families as we did so.

I am savoring this moment. Breathing into it and allowing the joy to wash through me. I can send ribbons of heartlight out to all of our human family through my intention. These ribbons carry the news, the hope, the rope that says,” Hang on! Love is here in force.” We are standing on a new foundation that we have helped create. From this foundation, we will be able to co-create the new earth that our hearts have dreamt of. Our mother earth is ready for us, she is shaking the last of the old from her back, lending her assistance and love to each of us for a new life.

September 11th is almost upon us. A day to honor those who gave their lives so we could awaken to the truth of unity and love. A day to say no more to being pawns for an overseers’ agenda of war. We will no longer be duped by propaganda that seeks to separate and divide. Let us remember that we are one people and fill our hearts with peace and goodwill towards all men.  Let us vow to make this world safe for all women and children on this planet.


Empty ourselves of the old so that we may be filled with the new.

The fires of purification stand at the ready to release any remaining structures, beliefs, relationships that no longer resonate with this new being that I am and you are.  We have a little less than two weeks until the doorway of the equinox opens. When we step through, we will enter a new land. You cannot enter with baggage, all must be dropped at the gate. These next days offer the opportunity to get ready for our departure. What I know in my cells, is that nothing of value will be lost. No  matter what you are called to surrender, your old griefs, old wounds, attachments, habits……drop them. Forgive everyone, forgive yourself and move on. Step to the doorway naked as you have ever been. Yes, there are some wonderful things we have experienced in this reality. We can be grateful and anticpate creating anew. I am trusting, that there are more wonders awaiting me. Evolution is a forward, expanding process and so what awaits is further expansion of our hearts. . More of our gifts returning, more magical abilities to play with and master.  A greater capacity to love and receive love. Oh, the freedom……I can hear its tones enticing me onward.

Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for adding your lovelight to this victory. We came to bring heaven to earth. We no longer have to seek upwards for higher consciousness, it is time for us to recognize that it has always been inside us and to begin to embody it and ground it here on our mother. I can hear the laughter already, egging me onward. There is no one’s hand to hold as all are held by their own I AM presence. I look to myself, call in the fires of purification to burn 24/7 any remaining dross in my being. I desire to be empty in body, mind and spirit so as to be infilled with this new liquidlovelight that is pouring in.  Oh the joy!

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