Pink Blanket of Peace

My life lessons had stretched out in an endless series of arches to make my way  through.

My life lessons had stretched out in an endless series of arches to make my way through.

After a day of extreme restlessness and nausea, where I felt claustrophobic in my own skin, I have come out on the other side. It is interesting how our bodies are such wisdom keepers. I honor mine for all that she imparts to me. During the day of unease, I searched for a way to contract into some kind of comfort. I began to think, “Oh, it is time to rent a place of my own so that I can be alone during these times.”  I was feeling the challenge of birthing the new energies in the midst of sharing space with various frequencies about me. I recognized that as a contraction, a pulling in to a perceived place of safety. My higher wisdom advised me to breathe and allow the feelings to flow through me without attaching to a need to act about them. This is so counterintuitive to our conditioning. We have been trained that if we feel something, we must then do something. In truth, to express our feelings as they arise, is all that  is necessary. We do not have to act on them unless we are truly guided to. In these times of planetary clearing and cleansing, most feelings are arising to be fully felt. They are seeking some attention and are then happy to be lovingly released. We are being gifted with a thorough vacuuming of our inner space. All the rubbish that we stored in our hearts and souls, is now wanting to be cleared out. Our divinity awaits entrance, room must be made as we are these immense beings of light. Our human bodies are so small in comparison, it is an amazing feat that we are in the process of, flowing our divinity into our human forms. We are bringing heaven to earth through our beautiful bodies.

The river flowing with my heart.

The river flowing with my heart.

Yesterday, I awoke after the best night sleep I had had in years. I felt alive and healthy. I floated in the water, took a long walk by the river, went to the farmer’s market and was enlivened by all the fresh vegies and fruits calling to me, came back and napped deeply,  lay under a shade tree and played with the dancing shadows, back into the water, drank gallons of juice, beet, carrot, cilantro, strawberry and watermelon in many different combinations. My body felt so happy! It had loosened its edges, expanded to accommodate the increased light of my divine self. I felt wrapped in a pink blanket of love and peace. The earth herself seemed wrapped in this garment of peace. A hush resounded from her heart to mine.

This morning I am awash in this pink light of love. My guidance is to live this pink. To breathe pink peace, in and out. To dance it, to tone it, to exude it. I AM this pink lovelight. There is no trying, no more thought, no more seeking. The knowing arose that I am complete. There is nothing outside of myself that I need. All is contained within as I am the all.

IMG_3668I had felt the need to release more folks, as our frequencies no longer matched. There was some sadness in this despite having done it so many times before.  I recalled that this was the way when I initially took a leap forward, I would find myself by myself and with myself for a time as the energies integrated and anchored in my form. I knew it was all temporary, simply a fading from view for a time and then the reunion as we all find ourselves back in the arms of the One. Trusting the process and the wisdom of it all. Knowing I am flowing on a river of grace.

I was gifted with a vision of completion. The work in Scotland with the Rose line of love, was the last of my heavy lifting. The death process as I left that country, was the clearing that allowed this soft, expansive, divine aspect to enter in. I am made new in these energies of love. My body now needs only rest and space to renew itself. A new life is about to be born. I am standing on the cusp of it as the Solstice and full moon approach. The energies of both are pulling me forward, like a mother’s arms supporting me, as I begin those first attempts to relax, let go and float on my back in the waters of life.

The pink allows us to come down from the cross of separation. The rose and thistle reunited as we come to know all as love.

The pink allows us to come down from the cross of separation. The rose and thistle reunited as we come to know all as love.

My heart is wide open with the wonder of it all. Who knew it was possible to move in the world with a heart on fire? Waves of leaping flames consume me, followed by a gentle blaze that I rest in. In breath and out breath……fanning the flames or calming them. All in perfect order. I am in the earth, in her fiery core, breathing with her. I pull the pink blanket of love about us and we let the flames rock us to and fro. There is only this. I am this pinkness, I am this peace, I am this love. Every pain and sorrow lived since the initial separation from Source, has been worth it. For this now, this knowing, this completion. My tone rings out in gratitude. I feel your hearts, singing with mine. We are home, once more cradled in our Mother’s/Father’s love.


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    • Dear Fran,
      Thank you for reading. I have enjoyed your posts for some time. It is so nice to connect hearts. Love that you felt the comfort! I am still wrapped in it with her, it feels we are softly moving towards this Solstice energy…..quiet, sleepy. And yet quick movement…..all at once.
      Many blessings of peace,

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