Wesak Full Moon Offers a Gift for All

The sun doing what it does, beaming lovelight to us on the Isle of Skye

The sun doing what it does, beaming lovelight to us on the Isle of Skye

This weekend, we are offered an amazing gift by our moon. There is a full moon lunar eclipse, called the Wesak moon as Lord Buddha presides in this month of May. We have not been raised to pay attention to the moon and sun, we simply accept that they are there doing their job, day in and day out. It is time to change this relationship and see it for the wonderous one that it is.

Our sun has been opening us with major solar flares these past few days. Her ┬árays have streamed in as liquid lovelight (yes that is where the image and wording came from) that enters our beings and loosens all that is not love. You may have found yourself irritable, anxious, or panicky. All normal responses to the release of stuck emotions. Please see this as the gift that it is and allow the emotions to flow through you. Do not hold to them or claim them as who you are. Simply enjoy the “love flush” and let all the old fears and sorrows and griefs and grievances to float away. Remember to thank the sun for her gift to you! She likes to be acknowledge just as we all do.

On Saturday, as the beautiful full moon shines down upon us, speak to her and tell her that you release all that no longer serves you. State, “I let it go!” You can let it go with love. Then ask for her gift, the gift of opening you to more of your divinity. She is offering it but as is the case in this life, we must ask for it. Please do, she is so wanting to gift you and me and all of us. Remember to thank her as you bathe in her light.

I do not have a recent photo of the moon but this ceiling made me sing "Glory to God"  in gratitude.

I do not have a recent photo of the moon but this ceiling made me sing “Glory to God” in gratitude.

All of life conspires to assist us but we must do our part by asking, by showing gratitude and appreciation and by honoring ourselves, one another and all of nature that surrounds us. LIfe is beautiful and the magic is there if you are willing to reach for it. I will be dancing in the moonlight, would love to see you there!

7 thoughts on “Wesak Full Moon Offers a Gift for All

  1. Yes, we are blessed beyond our imagination. Praise to our life stream. That is Oneness.
    Miss your hugs and beautiful smile

    • Dear Eliza,
      waves of love! How incredible, I am feeling it with you. May the eclipse bless you with more of your divinity flowing in. I love you

  2. Thank you again Linda, you are like a breath of fresh air in these amazing times with your love too.
    Yes letting it all go, I have old, very old energies going through me at the moment, right back to our very original creation..
    Much love Maggie XO

    • Dear Maggie,
      Thank you. The love is certainly flowing in. What amazing times we are living in. Happy Eclipse to you! May it flood you with lovelight, my love is with you

  3. Thanks for alerting me to the eclipse. It will be heavily cloudy on the East coast all weekend, so I will have to see it with my heart instead of my eyes.

    • dear Aunt Lucy,
      It matters not about the clouds as our intention is all. Release and accept your new gifts of you coming in!! Such a beautiful time though the head pressure and nausea I have had last night and today has not been fun. I am in the Lake District, and will do a dawn walk with my friend to feel the energies. I love your open heart! May every blessing shower upon you.

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