Weaving with the Mountains on the Way to the Isle of Skye

On the drive to Skye

On the drive to Skye

The eclipse kept me awake till the wee hours of the morning. I was being picked up a mere three hours later so I did not have a large reserve of energy. My friend had felt a route call out to the isle of Skye that involved some backtracking and circuitous routes. The mountains are either side of us were happy to have my toning, in fact they passed the message along that we were on our way and they stood eager to feel our energies. I felt the chambers underneath open and the sound connected to openings in the mountains of Tibet. Light language flowed out from my voice in new tones. There was an area where the mountains had been disagreeing, holding to separateness, much like parts of humanity. All were asking for love, to remember their truth of oneness. I entered an altered state and toned for what felt like hours as we flowed along, weaving lovelight through the valleys and deep underground. I felt our Galactic family from space, our Agarthan family from the inner earth, the elemental kingdoms flowing with us, all there to bring through the oneness and love.

By the time we arrived at our destination on Skye, I was shattered. I felt a few moments of fear move through me. I so emotional as the energies were so big and my vessel felt so small for the task I felt myself called to. I wondered at finding myself in a new place, with new folks, wanting something familiar that I could hold onto. Nothing came but once the energy released with a few tears, I knew that a night’s sleep would bring me renewal.

The day dawned beautiful and bright. The views from the house are imagemagnificent. I felt called down by the water, to work with the cliffs along the edge. Three of us found ourselves climbing up the cliff. Two of us headed to a door we could see in the rock face. The other went to another spot she felt called. I remembered the song that I sang to open that doorway from another time. The rock radiated heat and a feeling of deep peace. I felt called to lay on the ground in front of it as we were being given codes and our energies were spiraling with those of our brothers and sisters on the other side of the doorway. Joy coursed through my veins as we both felt suspended in a space of no time. We did eventually climb down, an almost vertical drop. We drove on to Kilt rock, a place with a rushing waterfall falling down the cliff. The railing that held you back from the cliff was made of pipes with a tiny hole  at the top where the wind rushed through. It sang an incredible song, as teh wind here is a force. They tell me that it often reaches speeds over 100 miles an hour! Not for the faint hearted, this isle. Druid lifetimes came back into view as we recognized one another from another age. I found myself standing with my arms outstretched, the wind pushing against me, threatening to knock me off my feet. I laughed, recalling this vision of myself in Scotland, standing thus, from a month ago when the knowing came that I was to return to this ancient land to enact my ancient role.

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    • Dear Bev,
      I am blessed by your love and support. I am moving on the outer plains, aware of your love and support on the inner planes.
      I am so grateful!

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