Feeling the magic of Findhorn

Feeling the magic of Findhorn

Hello all! I am grateful to all who have continued to check in for posts that have not appeared! This whole trip has been a new experience for me as I seem to be floating in a dreamscape. Ease and grace have been my companions and my heart is so grateful. I have had little access to the internet and have been challenged to use this tiny ipad device. My guidance has been pretty strong about me having little time to post blogs or communicate through the internet. My inner being has been jealously claiming all of my being that it can for the inner work that I am doing n this land. My brain turns to mush after about 10 minutes of answering emails or trying to connect on facebook. So I will write as long as the energies allow this morning.

I am sitting in the Blue Angel cafe in Findhorn, an intentional community on the north coast of Scotland. More and more, I feel the ancient soul of this land and that it holds so much magic and many secrets from our past. My ancient Celtic soul has awakened and she takes me deep into times past as I walk through ruins of cemeteries, chapels and castles……the C’s! There is a poetry present in the landscape that sings in my heart. The earth feels so alive with the energies of fairies and magical beings. The mists and overcast skies seem to be a part of it all as nothing is quite clear, rather appearing in a softened light. My body feels underwater, moving slowly, sleeping deeply and dreaming broadly.

The meditation center

The meditation center

Many faces here appear elf like to me and my face seems familiar to many as I am told over and over that someone knows me from somewhere. Yes, I reply, you do. Our souls know one another from another time. I have been blessed with companionable companions on my journey, weaving our heartlights as one. I read the autobiography of Dorothy MacLean, called Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic. I was very impressed with the dedication that she and the other two founders of this community, displayed. Dorothy wrote: “I must choose to be in my own wholeness, to be one with God, and from there resonate with the Divine aspect of a plant or any other being I wish to contact. This means going into the deepest love that I know, for it is love that connects us with the rest of life.”

She was able to connect and receive messages from the devic kingdom of the plants and land as well as the individual plants. I am inspired to seek this connection with the land. Dorothy is still a resident of this community, now in her nineties, she is seen taking slow walks about the place. Her work lives on as the community continues to attune to their own inner nature as well as the land about them before they begin any work. There are many who came here as young ones and remain as elders, guiding the community as it evolves with the times.

view from my seat in the cafe

view from my seat in the cafe

imageMary Magadelene is calling me to work with women to open their throats and speak their truth.  We have been shy about sharing our gifts as the memories of the persecution and suffering, arises in our cells. It is time to move past those memories, to clear our cells and bodies of the trauma and let our hearts fly free. I open myself, and discover that the divine feminine flows through with ease, to assist the other with relaxing their jaw and allowing the sound of each one’s truth to come forth.

I am feeling my note and sounding it with greater clarity and joy. I am weaving your heartlights with mine as I create a new tapestry of light to overlay that of ancient times. We are such bright ribbons, it is a joy to weave our colors and sounds together. I love each of you as myself.

9 thoughts on “Findhorn

  1. Woman wisdom is the song playing on the internet radio station I am listening to now…. there is a light burning so bright within my heart and soul, where there is light there is a life, womans wisdom in you speaks the truth are some of the words.
    I feel your light and love so bright now and to come dear Linda, thank you.
    Love Maggie xo

    • dear Naggie,
      feeling your beautiful wise light flooding the earth. Aren’t we wonderous!! WE are flowing together in the lovelight,
      blessings of love,

      • Wonderous indeed Linda, just wonderous and so blessed to be all in together now, our blessed Rose Love.
        I had a chuckle at the spelling mistake, Naggie! I have had past memories at this time and one was of my last partner who called me naggie Maggie when I was talking too much, oh I can laugh and remember this with much love now as well as with a couple of other memories of Mothers day which is here Sunday.
        WE is a strong word for me today, love to you my dear friend, Maggie

        • Dear Maggie,
          I love blending and beaming our rose light of love! Isn’t it wonderful when we can laugh at things that hurt us in the past, free to be the love. Weaving mother’s love with you and our Mother Earth.
          WE……feeling the unity
          with such love,

  2. A part of me is there as you walk the paths around this Village. You blog was a treat to my Soul.
    Loving you

    • Dear Aunt Lucy,
      So glad to be writing again. I am loving you, you came to mind in Findhorn. I am so glad you are who you are, shining your light in the world! Thank you for your gifts.
      I love you

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