Isle of Iona

I am feeling so frustrated without my computer. Learned my lesson to not attempt something new before a trip. Internet connection is dodgy while traveling so I will do what I can.

imageMy third time in Rosslyn Chapel, I was able to descend into the crypt room and tone. The grief had been released with my tears the previous two times there, now I was free to sing my love and joy into the space. It felt very healing. There was a lovely evening of three poets reading their work along with a string quartet playing Dvorak’s love songs. Candlelight, the music filling the rafters, the voices of the poets with their Scottish brogue and my heart swelling as tears flowed. What a wonderful last evening. Two women came to join our party so there were five of us to form a pentagram of the divine feminine. We sat on a grid we made and Mary Magdalene channeled through with her gratitude for what we were anchoring in our coming together.

As I was preparing to leave the cottage our last night to head off to Edinburgh with my two new friends, I went to say goodbye to the lapis skull that I had formed an affinity with during the week. I felt very emotional saying goodbye, kissed him and cried a bit. As I was walking out the door, the woman who owned the skull, came out and said he said, “You cannot lether leave.” So she determined that the skull must travel with me as that was his desire. She had not been given his name and today he gave it to me, it is Ioum, similar to Iona. He is so glad to be with me, and I him. Lapis is the stone of El Morya, so a further confirmation for me of this path. We did much to anchor the twin energies with Mary Magdalene.

he new grouping of three women


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