Across the Atlantic and Through the Eclipse

the knights standing guard at Edinburgh Castle

the knights standing guard at Edinburgh Castle

Whew, here I am able to write once again. The sun is shining, as it has for a portion of each day that I have been here, thank you elementals! I so need a daily dose. The weather is indeed mecurial, shifting in a moment to rain and mist and the wind is ever present. I have spent this first week in a little farm cottage nestled in a group of cottages called The Steading. We are in Dairy Cottage. It is located next to Rosslyn Chapel, a short walk from the village of Rosslin. The chapel is undergoing renovation so the front half is covered with scaffolding but the buttresses fly free in the back for a lovely view.

I attended Sunday service which highlighted to me how far I have come from the religious doctrine of my youth. I could not recite most of the litany as it no longer rang true for me. I breathed lovelight into the space and saw the old power structures of the earth dissolving. After the service, we toured the inside which is small and lovely. As we descended the stairs to the crypt, the chilly air set my bones rattling. There were a couple of tombs of knights templar that had me sobbing. I have a connection to that time. I have wandered the cemeteries surrounding the chapel, oldest grave I saw was from the late 1700’s.


2 thoughts on “Across the Atlantic and Through the Eclipse

  1. I looked up Rosslyn Chapel on Google Earth and found a bunch of photographs. What a lovely place, I could almost imagine myself there with you.
    Love, Lucy

    • so glad! I am in findhorn now and yesterday you popped in as I was walking about. YOu would so love this community, it is quite magical. sending you such love, Linda

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