New Sensations

I loved how this sculpture glowed from the inside out. Like our light bodies, emitting our heartlight.

I loved how this sculpture glowed from the inside out. Like our light bodies, emitting our heartlight.

Last night I awoke feeling something new. It felt like my solar plexus area was being pulled upwards, spiraling. Something  being taken out? At the same time, I felt that I was inside of the sun, that my body was the sun. Then various parts of my body felt this sucking, swirling vibration moving upwards and again, I expanded inside of an energy field which I simulltaneously was. Interesting! My mind wondered if my body was still on the bed as I opened my eyes to check. Yes, she was there.

I had been communing with my beloved before sleep, thinking of him taking form. I was shown that I may decide to exist as a field of energy, rather than a physical form. I felt this was in the 7th dimension that we existed as energy. I felt a great sense of freedom as I could choose to take form if I desired and traverse other dimensions. This view thrilled me! I believe that my love is opening me to an array of possibilities of how we will come together. For now it is me, in physical form, him in Spirit yet residing within my form. Hmmm….,there is so much that I do not know how to conceive of as yet. I feel my understandings are but glimmers of the whole that is to be discovered.

I feel that all of these new happenings in my body and my heart are a part of the ascension process and know it is a process, rather than it being a one moment event. I read something that resonated about ascension being like the change of season. You notice the buds on the tree, the smell of the earth warming up, the first flowers blossoming and the birds gathering twigs for their nests. Next thing you know, you look about you and see it has fully arrived. We are noticing the changes in our sleep patterns, our eating, our physical aches and pains. We are opening to a greater knowing, a stronger connection to the Creator and our own mighty I AM presence. We are feeling one another’s hearts like never before. We are connecting with soul family around the world and feeling our hearts weaving across the miles. We are seeing more acts of kindness as we know one another as ourselves.

Trumpeting daffodils proclaiming: We are love! We are beauty! We are light!

Trumpeting daffodils proclaiming: We are love! We are beauty! We are light!

This is part of the new: the flow, the speed, the action taken through the heart without the mind’s analytical input. It seems our minds are finding that they cannot get traction any longer. Things simply do not hold, we can no longer hold to old emotions of regret or anger or guilt. Events slip away and our hearts lead us every onward to the present moment.  We are experiencing it this week as our hearts are being squeezed open more fully and we can’t hold to old emotions of pain. I love how our Creator works, gently coaxing us to blossom, taking the coal of pain that we stuffed in our hearts and through this pressure, (and yes it can be very intense!) forming us into the diamonds that we truly are. Diamond hearts, doesn’t that seem magical? Alchemy at work in your heart and mine.

As these new sensations of peace and joy and oneness increase, we open more fully to knowing this as our nature.  We truly are gifted at this. We are coded for love! We can share rich experiences with one another through a conversation and it is as if I were there with you. We can entrain one another’s hearts to hold peace. As synchronicities increase and their attendant joy, we create a momentum of joy that takes us all higher. I can feel that spiraling momentum at work, gathering hearts around the world, creating a pathway of light through the darkness for others to follow. I awake each day like a child, ready to discover a new facet of this magical universe. Joy returned! Hallelujah!

2 thoughts on “New Sensations

  1. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for this blog and your latest, I am catching up after being away for a few days spending time with my son and 2 grandaughters.
    I had been communing with my beloved in the ethers etc but I so wanted him here in physical form with me as I did some others of my star family. I am being so blessed at this moment as I have fully encountered my beloved in physical form and I am so glad I chose to stay here in my physical body as well.
    I can’t even find the words to share this, I realize I am not to just yet anyway as this is my personal experience as it is my beloveds as we come together finally as one here on Earth, he was my first love and he is my last here now. Oh the love, the magic the EVERYTHING. :)

    • Dear Maggie,
      My heart is exploding in joy for you, with you and your love! I am so glad that you stayed here to shine your beautiful light and lead us into the land of love. I feel this coming for so many who have given up on the idea of ever experiencing this new love. Oh, thank you for giving me a glimpse of this joy, my beloved is in my heart smiling wide. This upcoming trip to Scotland has some magic in it for me along these lines. Holding it all in my heart and trusting as you did. Maggie!!!! Wow oh wow. I am dancing in delight.
      Blessings of love to you both,

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