March Enters Streaming Love for the Garden of Our Hearts

IMGP4599Today is the first day of March and a wonderful time to declare an intention of love. I am intending to demonstrate love to myself in every moment of each day. I am intending to show up for myself, with myself, in love, knowing that it will radiate to the world as a mighty, magenta pulsing flame of love. In recreating myself in the image of love, I recreate the earth as an abode of love that will shelter all in her embrace. I intend and trust that this is so. I will catch myself when a unloving thought floats in, I will speak words that honor the being that I am, I will see the divinity in each heart around me and reflect that love back to them. I will move myself from any place or situation or person that does not honor the flame of love that I am. This I will do without judgment as to their path, simply as discernment of the path of love that I choose to walk. As I declare my love for myself in this moment, I am also sending love to my past self and honoring her for the dearness that she expressed.  I am streaming love to myself in every moment of this current day. I begin my day with an affirmation of love and an intention that by seeing the beauty of my heart, the hearts of my brothers and sisters on this planet, will awaken to their own beauty. I intend this and add my heartlight to it and declare it so by the power of the Creator that I am.

Ready to weed and reclaim the soil of my heart.

Ready to weed and reclaim the soil of my heart.

This is a radical idea that has the ability to incite fear in the forces that have controlled mankind for eons.  If I know myself as love, how can I be manipulated by believing myself flawed, the low self esteem upon which the whole game is predicated.  We can so be love that all forces of anti-love, come forth, asking to be held in the embrace of its fiery warmth. We have the power to melt all that is not love, into our flame of love. By giving love freely to ourselves, we give it freely to all. This we have not been taught. We were taught to give it to others and neglect the self. We were raised to believe ourselves unworthy and in that single belief, we abdicated our power. By dropping that belief, and reclaiming the truth of ourselves as beings of love, we can change our world. We can be revolutionaries of the heart. We do not have to brandish weapons but we do have to view our internal battleground. We must stand as witness in this place where we have carried out acts of cruelty, lashed ourselves with our wrongdoings, meted out punishments that took us to our knees, scarred the inner landscape of our hearts to an arid blackness.  To this place, we are called, to say, no more to harsh words, to self recriminations, to feelings of guilt or shame. We can bring in the waters of compassion for ourselves.  We can plant all the seeds of love that we have craved to taste and experience. I am planting seeds of bliss, ecstasy, laughter, playfulness, joy, sharing, deep communion, giggles, gentleness. Those are the packets that I hold in my hand today. Tomorrow, I will have more. Today, I am stating my intention for love as I plant these seeds into the ground that I have fertilized. I express gratitude for all the shattering that my heart has undergone, as each time, it loosened the soil, broke up the clumps of clay, and tossed out the rocks. It is now ready to accept the seeds and the water that I am prepared to flow in healthy doses. My job is to tend this new garden with great care. A gardener of the heart, am I. I will weed out all unloving thoughts that want to root in once again….you know how those pesky weeds keep showing up. We also know, that if we are diligent while our seedlings are beginning to sprout, there will be fewer and fewer weeds as time goes on. Our seedlings will become sturdy plants that bloom into the most beautiful expressions of love that our hearts have always desired. Our hearts have known themselves as beautiful gardens, but this knowledge was hidden from us for fear that we would spend all our days, basking in their beauty.

Expressions of self-love from yesterday.....a salad full of yumminess, pencils and a new journal whose pages can take paint as well as pencils. Fun!

Expressions of self-love from yesterday…..a salad full of yumminess, pencils and a new journal whose pages can take paint as well as pencils. Fun!

It is time! Time to be the wildness that we are. Time to create a riot of color and form that invites us to dance and sing and laugh. And this is ours to do. It is this simple: to be love. To express love to self in every way imaginable. I am on the lookout for ways to shower that love on myself today. It began as I looked in the mirror this morning and smiled at the face looking back. Hello beautiful one! I touched the wrinkles and spots and bumps, with a new tenderness. Oh, love, look at you. You have seen many days and weathered many storms. And here you stand. I looked deep into my eyes until the tears clouded my vision. I am love, I am light, I am a vision of beauty. I breathe that in and let it rain down upon my seedlings. I ask my faeries to dress me in my robes and crown. I take a moment to envision the colors and the feel. My shoulders move back, my lovely tummy moves in and I walk in this knowing, holding myself with such care.

This quote from a laugh out loud book that I recently read, Anybody, Any Minute by Julie Mars, spoke to me: “The idea that she was still capable, at forty-seven years old, of doing something outrageous thrilled her, and she felt a warm rush of self-love.” 

We are buds, ready to burst open with the love that March is flowing to us! Pink bud, of course for me...the color of love in my world.

We are buds, ready to burst open with the love that March is flowing to us! Pink bud, of course for me…the color of love in my world.

Let’s gift ourselves with that warm rush of self-love today! I intend to document this journey daily for the month of March and invite you to stroll along with me. I am gifting myself a new garden journal today where I will note all expressions of self-love. By noting them, I know that they will increase for whatever we focus on grows……oh, how I want my garden to grow! I intend to create a beautiful garden in my heart, one that will nourish my every desire and will offer a healing balm to our mother earth. Together, if you choose to join me, we will cover her surface with the most amazing gardens ever seen! Please share your experiences of self love, all the ways you can begin to plant your seeds and nourish them. We will grow from one another’s ideas and suggestions. This will be a new kind of gardening club. I would love for you to join me!