Flowers Float Me Through This Play

The blossoming that is taking place deep within each of our hearts is beginning to spill out into the outer realms.

The blossoming that is taking place deep within each of our hearts is beginning to spill out into the outer realms.

We are riding these spring waves of energy, up and down and all around. I have to laugh at the way the universe challenges us to truly own who we are. I recently had a conversation with a friend, describing my state of peace with where I am,  despite my personality self knowing my current location is not the one where my heart dances freely. I felt more in tune with my path of a “be- er”, holding the frequency of love with the earth, than ever before.  From the world’s perspective, I do not “do” anything and that has had its share of challenges, both within myself and from outside.

So, the evening after this conversation, my soul created the opportunity for me to clarify and more fully embody this sense of peace about who and what I am. Oh, it is so amazing to me how swiftly we are graced with the opening to further solidify our truth. My former hubby/roommate came home from days away with the question not mentioned since the end of the year, “So, what exactly are your plans? What are you going to do? And what about our son who follows this being path?” His fears tumbled out about security and making progress in life and how much money do I have left and all the what ifs. I was able to be present, to hold a field of love that allowed the fears to be strewn upon, acknowledged and embraced. I was grateful for the opportunity to express my not knowing, my commitment to walking this path with no idea of the next step, my willingness to move or change the situation if it causes him too much discomfort, my surprise that I was still here, my gratitude for the ease of this arrangement and his generosity in allowing me this space.  I felt so unattached to where or how I live or what the next step might be. I expressed a desire for his comfort as well as mine, that we must each do as we are guided. I was grateful to feel the solidness in myself of having faced these fears, time and time again. I did find that my body needed a brisk walk in nature to move all the energy through and allow serenity to settle in once more.

The transformative energy of this year's snake spiraling up as we blossom.

The transformative energy of this year’s snake spiraling up as we blossom.

We congratulated one another for being able to have this conversation in a spirit of respect   and appreciation for the other. It is so important to express the feelings fully, to allow them movement and acknowledgment. It is freeing in itself and does not have to result in action. The expressing of the feelings is what is important. It allows space for the right action to arise in a field of love rather than being coerced by the feeling’s rushing energy. Often, no action results as the expression did the clearing needed to flow forward with life.

I have a sense of playing a part in a play, one that I am not passionate about. I simply show up and say my lines. It feels like a holding still point. Neutrality about everything. There is a peace in this as well as a flatness at times. In those moments, I sit and drink in the essence of flowers. I am a flower being as I have always felt them to be my language, the one that truly expresses my feelings.  I have a deep knowing and trust that the new world is landing in more fully each moment. I believe in this time of magic and miracles and delight as I witness it explode in my world like a burst of bloom with a wild randomness. In the in between times, I am set at neutral, idling along. I know my soul is engaged in her work with the earth and the galaxy, so this surface self drifts along in this play that is winding down. We have performed it so many times that the juice is long gone, the lessons long mastered. The play of my heart is in development, last minute editing and assigning of parts taking place. My heart knows mine is the role that I have desired to play all my many lifetimes. I know that I have the skills to play it masterfully.

A mirror of flowers to show me my true self.

A mirror of flowers to show me my true self.

Today, I sit here soaking up the brilliant yellows of the daffodils and the mockingbird’s song outside the open window. The doves are cooing, the sky is overcast and the earth feels blanketed in a soft mist. I feel like a seed in the moist earth, having burst the hard covering to send my tiny green shoot up to find the sun. I know I will break through, that I am reaching in each moment towards that light. I am at peace in my earthen home, knowing myself as the blossom at the other end of this shoot. All is in right order. All comes to fruition. My part is a grand one as we each step out to shine our true selves on the stage of this new world. Feel the peace in this and use this time to rest. Once this new play gets underway, the action will be quick. For today, I sink into this space of stillness and drift on its currents of love.

8 thoughts on “Flowers Float Me Through This Play

  1. Beautiful flower mirror. Yes, your true self.

    Your words drift through my heart and remind me of things we discussed. It has been grounded in me, my worth. I need to never again speak of my image of years past.
    I am grateful to your solidness as it washes through my heart to stay.
    Your words ring truth to my heart. I stand in the Love we are surrounded with.
    I appreciate your writings!
    Much Love,

    • Dear Bev,
      I did so love that frame, seeing my image in it, surrounded by flowers. I love that we are transformed each morning, each moment we can chose to step into our newness. I see your beautiful flowering and am so grateful for us all!
      bouquets of love,

  2. Thank you for your wonderful blog, I can feel the love and peace you exude and it is almost like you are me with what you wrote.
    Much love Maggie

    • Dear Maggie,
      You are so welcome. I am feeling that peace and so glad we are feeling it together. We are weaving beautiful tapestries of light, to enfold this dear planet and all her wonderful inhabitants. My prayer is that each awakens to their own beauty…what a gift it is when we do. In knowing my beauty, I see you.
      Blessings of love,

  3. My Dearest Sister Linda, your words so eloquently express an exact reflection of my life. I smile as I write these words to you, knowing as you do, these phases of creating, idling, pulling back hovering, are just a prelude to the fast moving currents of Creativity that are coming forward. I LOVE your flower mirror, and as I looked at it, my Heart just melted, feeling YOU, seeing YOU, knowing YOU.

    Many blessings at this most important transition in All There Is. Idle sweetly, Sister, and sing along with the doves. Peace, Peace, Peace.

    From My Heart to your Heart, Amy

    • Dear Amy,
      I am singing with the doves this morning and feeling such peace. Weaving it to your heart with love,

  4. Bless you Sister!
    So much of your life experience resonates and has similarities with mine.
    Weaving we are indeed. So beautiful, so fun. And, yes, sometimes so still.

    Have a week-end filled with harmony and Joy :)

    • Dear Brianna,
      I love your purejoy! I am loving the resonance with soul family that is happening. The stillness, I am sitting here at 3am, holding vigil with Gregorian chants and candles and the rain on the roof this Easter Eve. Feeling the world being washed clean and the resurrection energies to come. A blessed time. Thank you for your wishes, weaving that harmony and joy with you.
      Much love,

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