Birthing the Christ Consciousness Through the Feminine

Communing with Mount Shasta in the sunlight.

Communing with Mount Shasta in the sunlight.

My experience in Mount Shasta this past weekend was a culmination of all that I am. I did not know if I would share it as it was so sacred. I have prayed about it and been given the signal that I am to share, as the time of the Christ consciousness being seated on the earth has arrived. I felt the power of it building as the time approached and asked to be strengthened to receive what was to come. The day before, the restlessness in my body was intense. All that I could do was  ground myself over and over into our mother earth. The weekend was arranged according to friends’ schedules but of course, Spirit made the arrangements for it to be the weekend of the new moon as well as the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the water snake.

1Two of us drove from the south and one from the north. We shared photos and tonings along the way through the phone. From the south, we were guided to weave the energies of the mountains to the west with those to the east. Mount Lassen stood out like a beacon in her white coat, asking to be utilized. We felt that we wove the masculine and feminine energies of the mountains and elemental beings into a tapestry of light that converged at Mount Shasta. We arrived at our rental place which was surrounded by trees with a view of the mountain out our window.  We set up our altar with a red scarf,  the color of the Chinese New Year. The lamps flanking it were red, of course! We took out the crystal bowls, which are infused with various minerals and gems  and were instructed to work on one another. There was much clearing and aligning of the masculine and feminine within each of our beings. My womb was a focus of clearing which I would understand later. Our three fields were brought into harmony and resonance. We went into town and were guided to purchase a bottle of red wine for our ceremony. I do not drink, never having enjoyed the taste of alcohol, yet I knew that I would partake. None of us knew what was to take place, only that we were to be present and offer ourselves as vessels for the light. We returned to prepare dinner and drink a toast to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. They were present with us.

The two major crystals as well as the Prince card that came to me. All the cards I picked that morning were to do with transformation.

The two major crystals as well as the Prince card that came to me. All the cards I picked that morning were to do with transformation.

The next morning, one friend shared her dream of a Lemurian master beckoning her into the mountain. As he opened a portal, she saw many beings dancing in celebration. The master informed her that the celebration had begun and we were to join in. She also discovered a picture book on a shelf, showing the mountains of the world. This fit into her vision that we would be opening a gateway on Mount Shasta that would connect with all the mountains of the world. We took the images into our beings and allowed our energies to flow from Shasta along the waves of energy that connected all the mountains.

I had a seemingly unrelated event as I attempted to turn the kitchen water faucet to a drip rather than a stream as we were instructed to do so as to prevent the pipes from freezing. I broke the faucet and with that felt a flood of shame. I observed it and breathed through releasing it. The call was made to the owner and all was resolved. This weight of shame of the feminine had to be released for the next step to take place. I am in awe of the ways of our Creator and how all is aligned for the light to flow.

The sun dancing in delight on the mountain.

The sun dancing in delight on the mountain.

We had felt that our triad was to be squared by a fourth person. I called a lovely woman that lived in Mount Shasta, that I knew only from facebook. She was able to come. (Again Spirit at work, aligning all so beautifully!) The four of us sat with the bowls placed in the four directions and toned and played as we were led. The bowls played to align her energies with the group and we harmonized our fields of light. We were guided to go to the mountain. We took a tarp, blankets and food up to Bunny Flats, the highest point that the road was cleared to, on the mountain. It was a crystal clear day. We laid about, talking and resting. I saw our fields dancing and weaving together. I was told that there was no need to “do” anything, that it was all happening by our being together. I relaxed and trusted the process. Later, we said goodbye to our new friend and returned to our place for dinner.

We decided to watch one of the movies in the place. It was a heart opener and we all had tears. My eyes began to tear in earnest as it felt like a pin was being stuck in them, first one and then the other. This sensation of having something in my eye had been happening on and off for a couple of weeks. This time it was very intense and painful. My vision blurred and I began to sob. I had such a longing in my heart for my beloved, as myself as well as a partner. I felt I could not bear the separation one moment longer. My friends both noted that this was a pattern that happened to me right before I made a shift in consciousness. They were right. A doorway opened and I found myself in the embrace of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The two Marys had been working with me to stand in the flames of their hearts over the past several weeks. I had gradually increased my ability to hold the energy. Jesus then reached out and touched my heart. My body shuddered and the sobs poured through in waves. I touched my friends’ hearts, transmitting his love. I was then taken into his heart flame to be purified. There are no words for this experience. The three hearts became one and my heart was held within this trinity of light. I felt the sacred heart of my Catholic childhood and knew that the images of the swords and thorns were illusions of suffering. All was now dissolved and seen for the truth of love that it always was. My heart was ablaze with a heat that felt like a roaring inferno to me. I felt their hearts weaving my heart into a chalice of golden filigree light. The heat intensified.  As this reached a cresendo, the heat moved down into my womb. My emotional body continued to sob as it attempted to adjust to what was taking place.

The shadows and the light dancing into wholeness.

The shadows and the light dancing into wholeness.

I was guided to lie down, with my head at the foot of the bed. My eyes were open only to the inner vision of what was taking place. The space was full of beings of light. I was told that the prior four months I had spent in solitude and stillness, had prepared me for this moment. I was to be a vessel for the Christ consciousness to be anchored into the earth plane. It was to come through the feminine form at this time on the earth as a balance to the masculine having birthed it through Jesus. The two friends with me were a gift to me, to assist in the process. Both have told me that they “have my back” and have supported me, time and time again, as I have grown in the light. This was a fufillment of a contract made long ago by our souls. Indeed, it was a birthing for all of us as the trinity energies held true. I knew that all of my lifetimes were a preparation for this present moment.

The clouds of love appearing as the setting sun's rays reflected over the mountain.

The clouds of love appearing as the setting sun’s rays reflected over the mountain.

My body began to undulate like the snake, shaking and shuddering. My one friend received a shock from my crown chakra as the energy was released from my head. She placed her Christ consciousness crystal which has a phallic shape on my torso. I felt it working with my inner fires. I then asked for the Mother Shamballa crystal to be placed between my legs. It is a heavy sphere of smoky quartz which my thighs grasped and held as my body continued to undulate in waves. There was an intense sexual energy of creation at work and I sensed the priestesses gathered who had initiated me in this process eons ago. My heart was calibrated with that of our mother earth as well as the Great Central Sun. As that  beat was established, I felt the ribbons of lovelight spread to the hearts of humanity and all were held in my embrace. One heart, one love. That is our truth. My voice toned the sounds of birthing. My friends anchored my palms with a touch at the center of each one and assisted with their voices. I was told that I would now see all through the eyes of love, hear with ears of love, taste with the sweetness of love, speak with the tones of love, touch with the sense of love. All my senses were birthed anew through the flame of love. I heard myself saying, “Father into thy hands I commend my spirit.” I felt complete in my mission and I knew my Mother’s/Father’s blessing and joy.

As I came out of this experience, we were able to share our understandings over a celebratory glass of the red wine, sealing what had been birthed. Our talk allowed a fuller picture to emerge. The original triad was of Joseph, Mother Mary and Jesus……the Holy Family. Mary Magdalene came in as the fourth as she was the beloved of Jesus. At that time on the planet, the Christ energies could not be accepted through the feminine though Mary Magdalene carried the consciousness with Jesus and assisted his path to its fruition. The point held above this square was held by Anna, grandmother of Jesus, mother to Mother Mary. She held the feminine field of love at that time long ago as well as now. The bottom point to the diamond was held by Joseph of Arimathea. He was the masculine energy which held and aided the Essene community and provided so much support for the mission of Jesus.

The pink love flames touching down.

The pink love flames touching down.

The Christ consciousness is not a person but rather a field of consciousness. It is being birthed through the feminine form on the planet now to balance its birthing through the masculine over 2000 years ago. It is neither feminine nor masculine. It is a consciousness of wholeness and oneness. This was reinforced the next day when we went to the crystal bowl shop and spent a couple of hours playing with bowls. I was drawn to the only chalice shaped bowl in amongst the hundreds present. It was of a purple hue, with reflections of magentas, emeralds and blues. It brought through the energies of androgeny. I laughed when told that as it is the next evolutionary step. We come into balance in our being with our own divine masculine and divine feminine and this prepares us to enter into the wholeness which we label androgenous.

I share this story not to glorify myself in any way, rather to illuminate the doorway in your heart that opens to your own Christ consciousness. The earth can now hold this frequency. It is here, birthed through me and so many others and the numbers will increase until all are walking in full Christ mastery. This is the time of magic and miracles that we have waited for. It is the second coming of Christ, not limited to one individual, but rather being birthed through all of our hearts. Ask and be open to receive your birthright. I raise my glass to you in your birthing.

In Lakech, Ala K’in.  We are all one.





20 thoughts on “Birthing the Christ Consciousness Through the Feminine

    • Thank you Rick! I am so glad that you felt the oneness which I had intended to convey. It is such joy to bring through our notes to add to this smyphony of life. Blessings and love, Linda

    • Dear Bev,
      I am very grateful to read your words as you were there, having your own experience. I asked for the energy to be transmitted in the words. I am still integrating and coming more fully into it all as I am sure you are. I am so grateful for you in my life!
      I love you,Linda

    • Dear Fay,
      You are welcome and I am so glad that you felt the energy! It is difficult to find the words to convey the experience but your heart heard it. I am so grateful. From one sister to another…..blessings of love

  1. Linda, the energy was shimmering within and around me as I read and recognised sister-priestesses in action, in my old stomping grounds. I’m in another sacred place now, doing this same work, and it is such a blessing to hear of yours. The same sense of letting intuition guide me is at work here as well. In fact, a great seer has told me over a year ago that all this is in process without knowing anything about me or what kind of groupwork I have been doing – described it to a ‘T’, right down to the exact location on the planet… within inches; literally. I have been in isolation also to prepare for the final ‘blast’, and the earth is so ready to receive this Christic blessing here… So much synchronicity in what you describe, as well! It’s not something I share with many as it is so very strange to most, and even egotistical-sounding for many of those folks familiar with such things.

    I want to say that it would be good for you (as I was also told) to get some sort of rebalancing healing work for yourself as you are and have been working with fire and it can leave things a bit toasted ;-D Much much love!

    • Dear Elisa,
      Isn’t it beautiful to recognize ourselves in another? We are truly becoming the oneness. Wow, sounds like your seer could really see. The ego part kept me from sharing for a few days, not wanting it to be taken as aggrandizement on my part. I was prompted to share and asked the words to be encoded with the energies so that readers would feel it birthing in themselves, myself as proxy. I have been delighted with the results! Folks are feeling it in their hearts and claiming it as their own birthing of the Christ energies.
      Thank you for the advice for body work. I did go get a massage but it turned out it was more of a gift to the therapist than me. All perfect of course, but will get some balancing with a group of awake friends today with crystal bowls as well as the crystal skull, Marie. Of course, she is calling me back to her!
      It is time for us to speak our truth, that is the message from Mary Magdalene to me. That many Magdalenes and Marys are incarnated now to bring in this Christed light. As we speak of it, it strengthens others to speak truth. This is the time of the holy of holies. So much coming to fruition. We are blessed to be here. I am so grateful for your beautiful heart light shining!
      Weaving strands of liquidlovelight with you,
      Linda Marie

  2. Powerful words! I read this last night and have been “mulling” it over. Your experience is Sacred and I thank you for sharing it with us!

    This past week when I looked at the Sun, I saw “pink” energy around It. In the visuals after viewing, again I saw “pink” everywhere, then the “pink” turned to a “soft green”.

    I’d say Birth is eminent. Many of us are going through the stages of “pregnancy” right now, bringing Birth to the One, the Christ Energy.

    Much gratitude to you and your friends for doing what you did! (((HUGS)))
    Loving YOU!

    • Amazing! Awesome! Grateful sobbing. Thank you so much for your openness to this experience, Linda and for your willingness to share it with us. It is resounding/resonating/emanating from you to so many of us! You blew me wide open! Bless you!

      • Dear Nan,
        I feel so affirmed as I was not sure about sharing but Mary Magdalene guided me to do so. I am so grateful that you felt the energy behind the words and absorbed it. I see how it is being transmitted, as what I experience, you then experience and visa versa as we are all becoming aware of our oneness. I am loving your wide open heart!!! blessings of love, Linda Marie

    • Dear Amy,

      The pink light of love, I too am seeing it everywhere. The clouds were dancing it for me after this event. We are birthing our Christhood together, there is no more singularity. My story is all of our story, your experiences, mine. It is so beautiful what is happening. I am grateful for my part and for yours!
      What a time!
      With love,
      Linda Marie

  3. Dearest dearest Linda Marie… thank you for sharing this most personal and yet most public experience. There is nothing hidden. We are all transparent. We are all used in different ways for the opening, the awakening of every stream of consciousness for all… All are one. Thank you for fulfilling your magnificent role in this dance and for being willing to share it so movingly, so beautifully. I thank you from the depths of my heart Sending you always so so so much LOVE shannapra

    • Dear ShannaPra,
      You are welcome. I thank you for your words of support and affirmation as we are all one. It is becoming real! The transparency, the openings…so much leading us to our truths. I thought of your courage in sharing your relationship with Pra, opening that pathway for me with my beloved, and I know, so many others. The sharing does help us all find our way.
      I am feeling your love and will call soon when I feel the energy shift forward once again.
      Weaving heartlight with and back to you with love,

  4. Dearest Linda, thanks for sharing this beautiful story of your awakening at Mt. Shasta. When we visited Mt. Shasta together in 2010, we stayed at Stewart Mineral Springs which is where an unusual flowing of both red and white streams are found together. The only other similar site is at the Chalice Well sacred site of Glastonbury England. These red and white streams represent the balance of the red stream of the female and white stream of the male. St. Germain has his etheric retreat at Mt. Shasta and he incarnated as Joseph of Nazareth to protect Mary Anna and Yeshua. Mt. Shasta contains the Crystal of Multidimensionality and serves as a portal and connects directly to the Tor of Glastonbury, which was the final resting place of Grandmother Anna after her extended life span of 800 years. Anna was the keeper of the Grail Cup and robes of Yeshua that were used at the Last Supper and also used at the ceremony of the Holy Spirit conducted by Mary Anna in the cave at Qumran. After the decent of the Holy Spirit and after Yeshua was recovered and resurrected into a higher embodiment of the light, some members of the Holy Family made a daring escape and returned to Britain, home of the Druids who were partners with the Jewish sect of the Essenes. Joseph of Arimathea, who was Anna’s eldest son by her first husband, inherited a great shipping empire from his first father-in-law from Arimathea, then married Mary of Magdala and fathered 2 daughters, including Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was the twin soul mate and wife of Yeshua and mother of two of Yeshua’s children. Anna was an incarnated aspect of Divine Mother and Joseph of Arimathea was an aspect of Divine Father, just as Joaquin was, who was Anna’s beloved second husband and father to 10 light conceived children, including Mary Anna. The Holy Grail Chalice represents the joining of the Beloved Divine Mother and Divine Father together in blissful union creating their first born child, Yeshua, known as the Radiant One. The Divine Parents incarnated on the Earth countless times to protect all their Divine Children during what was known to be the Dark Ages, which we are just now coming out of. All the Resurrection systems are in place and fully charged now by the high energy emissions coming from the heart of Divine Parents at the time of the Galactic Alignment. Those that receive the blessings of the Grail and the Holy Spirit are to serve as the leaders in walking the path in a Sacred Way and co-creating paradise once again with our full powers restored now that the cycle of the dark is ending. If you want to see Divine Mother’s photo album that she asked me to post, look at my FB albums called Beneath the Sacred Tree, Parts One and Two. May the blessings of the Grail and the Holy Spirit reveal just how much you are loved and cherished by your true birth parents!

    • Dear Teresa,
      So nice to reconnect! I just looked at your photos, wow, you have so much gathered. Wonderful. Thank you for the information. I was unclear about Joseph of Arimathea and had forgotten him being Anna’s son. Love the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Did you get this information from the Claire Hearthsong books?
      Yes, the feminine and masculine streams at Stewart. I did ceremony there with AliAma and Hege when we all met there. I recall an African woman appeared etherically to thank us for tending the feminine stream. I do go and acknowledge the feminine stream when I am there as it is neglected. I will write to you as I see we are close to one another! Blessings of love, Linda

  5. Hello lovely Linda, thank you for sharing through your gift of words. I realised reading your comments that it’s no accident that I have been visiting the sacred site for the divine feminine in England, Glastonbury and the Chalice Well this year. And how we are all growing back into our feminine, christed selves. And joining up with each other as well. I am a channel for the Sisterhood of Light and did a channelling from the Magdalene today which I think would interest you. It’s on my blog at,

    Bright blessings, Susan

    • Dear Susan,
      I have just been to view your lovely site and all the wonderful divine feminine energies that you have brought through of late. How wonderful that you have been in England, visiting all those sites as the divine feminine fully anchored itself on the earth plane. I am so glad to meet you sister! May we be the chalice for this balanced energy to come forth more fully. Blessings of love, Linda

  6. Dear Linda and other Dear ONES,

    Thank-you so much for sharing! It has been an INSIGHT since 1976 that this bringing in of Christ Consciousness, would be coming forth on our DEAR MOTHER EARTH. I am so happy that the time has come to for this SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

    Linda, your humble words and frequency sharing, touched my heart and soul! What a beautiful REFLECTION!

    Blessings on OUR journey, to ALL of US as WE witness the HIGHEST GOOD for ALL unfolding!

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie,
      You are so welcome for the sharing and thank you for reading! Amazing when we think back over all the years of knowing some was to come and now to be living in these very times! I am so glad that you felt the frequency, that is my prayer. The words seem clumsy, at best but I ask for the angelic realms and masters (of which we are a part!) to overlay the words with the frequency of light.
      I am feeling your blessing and the way our hearts are connecting across our beautiful blue planet of love.
      Much love and light to you,

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