Clearing the Way for Love

Muerte is a potent journey of power into the shamanic death realms.

Muerte is a potent journey of power into the shamanic death realms.

Life wishes to flow through us in the grandest of ways, when we allow it. The other day, I went for a play-date with a couple of friends and Marie, my new crystal skull friend. We started off listening to Tom Kenyon’s latest shamanic journey through the underworld. He produced it to assist folks in the transitions that are taking place. Some transitioning from this life, others of us dying to former aspects of ourselves or relationships. It took me deep and I did not become aware until he brought us up through the celestial realms. There I found myself on a balcony, gazing out in wonder at a Maxwell Parrish landscape of soft blues, golds, and magentas. Everything was infused with this surreal light that was made of love. Ahhh, I can still feel it when I stop to breathe it in.

This set the stage for what came next. Some talk ensued and our attention was brought to one of the women’s friend who was hosting an ancient entity that was consuming her. The power was intense of this huge reptilian form with powerful claws.I have lived in close quarters with many of these energies in this lifetime. My body started vibrating with the enormity of it and what I sensed we were being asked to do. We took a snack break to fuel our physical forms to be fully grounded. We were directed to go outside to the labyrinth to do our work. One of my friend’s dogs, who is a guardian, stood watch with us.

The toys we love.

The toys we love.

I invoked Archangel Michael and his legions of protector angels as well as angels oftruthand love. I felt my voice booming out commands in thunderous tones…..amazing what comes through us as we open to be channels for the light! My friends worked their magic with the crystal bowls as Marie, the skull directed the energy. Later, my friend, who is her guardian, shared that was her main purpose, to clear darkness of any kind. I discovered that she is a master! Timing is off such importance, things line up and a window opens that allows movement. I could feel these ancient entities across the globe that have fed on the light. There was a loosening in that moment and in one fell swoop, the angels gathered these energies up, taking them to their next evolutionary spot. The entities themselves were ready for this, having waited to be embraced by the love, as all of life desires. Oh, my. The relief collapsed my knees as I felt the lightening of energies. I could feel the hearts of so many who have been held captive by these energies. They, too were feeling that weakness as what had become a part of them, was removed.

Our donkey helpers. Thank you!

Our donkey helpers. Thank you!

We then called in the love flame to infill the vacancy left in the hosts’ energy fields. All according to God’s holy will and for the highest good of all. The lightening on the planet was palpable. I was suddenly exhausted, my body weak from the power that had just run through it. We thanked Marie, the crystal bowls, the rocks of the labyrinth, the earth, the angels, Archangel Michael with his mighty blue sword, our guardian dog. The two donkeys in the adjacent field let us know that they had participated also and so we petted and thanked them also.

Our angel blessing

Our angel blessing with a rainbow on top.

As we went out to our car to depart, we were greeted by a beautiful angel in the clouds.The sun was beginning its descent and the sky thanked us for our work. When you call in the forces of light, all will respond with love.  Always, life is cooperating for the highest good of all. Each day, in every way, I am shown how this planet is returning to love. Everything is crying out for the love. I could feel compassion and love for these entities where once I felt fear and suffered under their weight. I was shown how love is the mightiest of forces.

I had a dream that night where I was being harassed by a number of women from a tribe that I have been associated with. My former beloved, who is of that tribe,  was there. I unzipped my body suit and stood in my full 20 foot light energy and declared, I AM LOVE. The women melted in their fear and the man fell back. I released him to his own process, knowing the dark entity he had carried for ages, had been lifted from him. Now it was for him to walk his way back to the light and love. I blessed him and turned inward to bathe in the lovelight that is truth.

Marie, the powerhouse of love, entraining crystals while she worked her magic.

Marie, the powerhouse of love, with her new pal, the panther. I am discovering that beings come in all forms and this cat is a new one for me. Wow, she does wear that crown with power and is telling me at this moment, that she was assisting in our work. Everything wants to bring in the love!

Play-dates can be wonder filled. When we surrender our will to that of the Creator and asked to be a channel for love, we will be used. I never know the hows or whens but open to the mystery of it all. I feel such gratitude for hearts newly freed to walk their way to love. I am revealing in the lighter energies of our mother. She sings her gratitude as I sing my love to her.  We weave our notes in a tapestry of light. We are in the time of magic.


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