The Art of the Pause

A soul collage card I made that expresses the opening to this well of peace.

A soul collage card I made that expresses the opening to this well of peace. Do you see the face that is looking deep inside? It appeared when i flipped the image over.

I am learning the art of the pause. In the old energies of duality, we reacted with either/or to situations. We labeled things; good/bad, wonderful/awful, like/dislike. I am learning to pause, to allow a range of new possibilities to arise. I have discovered a deep well of peace that I can drink from in any moment. I can go to this well and pull up all manner of responses that are expansions of the original energy. I am finding this change in myself  liberating. Instead of my old habit of reaching out when I faced with discomfort, I go inside. I go quiet and still. I allow the energy space. This allows movement. As it comes from within, there is a strengthening of my core, of my knowing. Each experience, leaves me stronger in my trust of self, my trust in my own divinity to light the way forward. I spent years seeking others’ advice on the who or what of me. There was a certain thrill in hearing about myself.  That pales to the knowing that floods me as my own mastery arises to meet any situation.

 I am learning to allow others this pause. To not jump in with my powerful creative self that immediately seizes upon ten ideas to shift the situation. Rather to offer a field of possibilities that emanates as love, as I listen with a quiet heart, giving time for each to find their own answers. This new me, listens and reflects love. I find this applies to knowing when to answer a phone call or respond to a message. My heart is informing me when it is better to wait before responding, allowing the person to move through their own process and discover their own knowing unaided. I want to witness others discovering their own truth rather than keep them returning to me for support. As I step more fully into embodying peace, I am called more frequently into this heart listening with others. I am letting go of holding someone’s hand to being more of a field of reflection of their own truth. I have found myself moving away when someone wants continuous feeding as they chose to stay in a place of discontent and complaining energies. (I know this territory as I lived in it until I grew tired of my own story). My discernment is showing me when it is important to be present as the person is ripe for a shift and asks only to be witnessed in it. This is the gift we offer to one another when we arrive at shift points, the gift of presence.  I am shown as well, when my energy is better used in stillness as I connect to the collective field rather than an individual. I can feel more clearly where the greatest good for myself and all lies.

This maidenhair fern found a home in a favorite pot. It is part of my well, nourishing my soul.

This maidenhair fern found a home in a favorite pot. It is part of my well, nourishing my soul.

I am learning the importance of boundaries. I do not draw from the well for others when I am in the process of filling my own bucket. When I am full, the art of presence is available to others and flows from me with joy. When I am empty, giving comes with a cost that I no longer am willing to pay in any area of my life. I chose to sit in my messy bedroom until the energy flows with joy to do the cleaning. I rest when my body calls for sleep without regard to time of day. I am honoring the wisdom of my body, of my feelings, of my heart. We can each step into this by choosing to do only that which is necessary and supportive of our beings. The more I simplify my life, the easier it is. I live a very small life in many ways. This has been exactly what I have required in order to discover this well of peace. My days flow in solitude and stillness with occasional bursts of activity and communication. I move with the expansion/contraction waves in a fluid rhythm where once I pushed and pulled at life. I allow myself to experience the benefits of the current carrying me forward. I emanate a field of gratitude with each breath. I was born to this time and my heart sings its tune of joy. No more waiting, no more yearning, no more expectations. Meeting all that arises in my world, with a peaceful and open heart. Thus we create that world of peace and love. We are that powerful!




11 thoughts on “The Art of the Pause

  1. Beloved Linda, I rejoice to hear your path becoming so parallel to mine. Inner silence has long been a pursuit for me. I learn from the riches you find deep within your silence. Light and Love, Lucy

    • Dear Aunt Lucy,
      Thank you for walking your path of stillness and beauty. I have learned much from your riches and love that we are sharing this path. I love you, Linda

  2. Linda, Self literally pulled me over to your website this morning (I met you on Manuscript of Survival). My Soul recognizes you and what you are doing. Self honors you for the sacrifices you have made, and the Inspiration you are. I am coming back here later today to read, to soak, to embrace. I have been “resisting” due to confidence levels, for I too, “hear” “whisperings”. Thank you for the beautiful renderings here, not only in visual form, but in written as well.
    With much Love as your Sister, Amy

    • Dear Amy,
      I am racking my brain to think what manuscript of survival is? I am moving so into presence that I forget so much of the past! I am grateful for the recognition and acknowledgment. It is such a gift to be seen! Thank you.
      I see our resonance in the whisperings…..feeling the ethers move me. I am honored that you find inspiration. I love how we are finding one another through so many ways. Our hearts feel it.
      I accept your sister love and weave it back to your heart, our hearts, a tapestry of colors blazing!
      much love,

    • Dear Amy,
      Just looked it up and saw it was Aisha’s site. Wow, my brain holds so little!! Yes, I remember our sharing now. You had that beautiful, wonderous love experience! So lovely to connect more fully.
      I am loving you,

      • Ohhhhh, I am laughing with you! I am so immersed in the Now, I don’t remember what I did this morning. I too, seem to just go along beep bopping, just being! You are too funny, for I see myself in you! Does this surprise you? Probably not!
        Still have yet to read your words. I’ve been so fascinated with the All Encompassing Love that is embracing me of late, that I opted to “hover”, quantum jumping into Spirit. I thought today would be a good day to read…….LOL……Self had other ideas, and just wanted to float in the Sea of Bliss. Just the quality of Energy I receive coming here, I know who you are. (smile) How glorious it truly is how we of One Soul are finding each other! (((HUGS))) Amy who will read your words, of which I already know reflect Soul.

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