Dec 11th, Entering the Tunnel of Love

A heart rock on our path, my girlfriend and I highlighted it for those to follow. Let us all do that with our hearts!

It seems that I have waited all of my life for tomorrow to come. Yes, today is the eve of 12-12-12 and my heart is overflowing with joy. Indeed, I have waited all my lifetimes here on this beautiful planet, to have the opportunity to begin the return home to our Mother/Father’s loving arms. At long last, our beloved Mother Earth is ascending to the 5th dimension and leaving duality and its pains and sorrows behind. And wonder of wonders, we are going with her! The blessing of this, of her love for us, has me in tears.

There are many meditations taking place around the world. I will participate in a few, one with friends in person, the others online or by tuning in at 12:12 am and pm. A simple suggestion is given here: In the end, the important thing is to open your heart, state your intention to receive all that the energy has for you and allow it to flow into you. Here is a second article giving tips on things you might do today to prepare:

A beautiful tree that offered an arbor of grace to walk under.Thank you tree!

We are in the days of wonder that my heart has yearned for. I have been doing a lot of clearing in my dreams, completing relationships as I felt folks arise in my heart, asking for forgiveness and love by me and to me. We have all played the saint and sinner, the oppressor and the oppressed. Now we can move beyond the lessons of this 3 dimensional world and bring heaven to earth with its unity consciousness. Everything will be done with the knowing that to be for my highest good, it must also be for the highest good of all. The win-win life we have all dreamt of. The end of competition and strife, fear and judgment. The blossoming of loving kindness in action.

The beauty that arises from the decay....truly it is in the dying that we are reborn. And with ruffles no less!

Yesterday, I was under a cloud as the pressure in my head was intense. It kept me still so the openings could be created in my brain for what is to come. I sat in the sun and breathed in the light in a dreamy way. From an observer’s standpoint, I am simply sitting in a chair. From another view, this is what I experienced: I was nursing twin babies, one in each arm. I had the physical sensation of my milk letting down. It has been 25 years since I weaned my third child so it was startling, to say the least. I understood that one baby was Palestine and one, Israel. I could feel all of the people of those countries within the babies in my arms. I felt the Mother’s essence flow through me, as manna. We are all fed from the one Mother, we are all brothers and sisters. This knowing was visceral as it moved through my breasts. It was flowing into the babies and all that they represented. My tears flowed along with the sensation of the milk as I gave thanks for the privilege of being this vessel. My mantra each morning, “not my will but Thine be done” as well as offering myself as a chalice, a vessel for the Divine to move through, was answered in such a grace filled way.

A stone being I met on my walk.

I tell this story, not to feed a feeling of, “Oh, I wish I had that type of experience,” but rather to enlarge your own view of what you are experiencing. To see the wonder of you, the wonder of your light. I spent a great deal of time in the past, wishing for others’ gifts, unaware of my own. I sought out others to tell me my truth. I now know that all truth is found inside and that no other can give my own wisdom to me. No one can shine Linda Marie, like I can. Now I do not look to shine like any other but concentrate on my light, polishing my chalice to offer in service, opening my heart to my Mother’s/Father’s love. In doing so, I find such delight in others’ light, I see more readily their gifts and am so full of gratitude for the way each one sings his/her song. We are so beautiful!

I leave you today with my recent Yosemite experience anchored in a painting and a poem.

My Yosemite beloveds

I, the mountain strong

high peaks, solid floor of stone.

I open myself to your fluid beauty

the bank to your dancing river.

You, the key holder

unlocking the hidden caves of our deep desire.

Together. we unleash our ancient song.


Sing your song with all of your heart and open yourself to the gift of this 12-12-12 passage. I see your heart’s light and I love and honor you for shining it so bright!


6 thoughts on “Dec 11th, Entering the Tunnel of Love

  1. Blessings for you sharing our experience as we make this loving passage home.
    I am very grateful to your words flowing so beautifully. You, my dearest are such a blessing of encouragement. and strength. I am Dancing in the Joy of this passage.
    I will read a few of your postings that I do not have.
    Loving Everything!

    • delighting in one another’s delight…….what could be better? I love this win win universe of ours! For truly, as your heart sings, so does mine in joy for you. Ahhhhh. so sweet!

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