Witnessing the Passing of An Age

The birth of the babe in each of our hearts, holding the promise of love.

It is New Year’s Eve and I have been awake for hours, with the full moon shining her light in my window. I come out to the living room, add a log to the fire where the coals are still burning bright orange, turn on the Christmas tree lights which fill my heart with such cheer, light a few candles, make myself a hot drink, and allow a deep sigh to move through me. Peace descends and I drink in its essence.


The full moon setting in the early morning hours.

I have been on a journey into the underworld these past few days. I have been taken deep in order to walk into this new age that births itself tonight, the year 2013 or as some are calling it, year 1.  The first year of the new age. I am feeling the blessing of being here to witness this turning, knowing that I incarnated to be a participant in this pageant that is unfolding.


So much heaviness has left the planet as the love streaming in from our Father Sun has wrought its magic. I offered my assistance in any way this vessel could be used to anchor the love on this plane and release all that is not love. My body responded through my low back, spasms of pain took me deep into new territory. All movement ceased as my world became limited to the task of getting to the bathroom. I have been a stoic about pain, not one to take medicine but rather allow my body to find its way. This time, I took pain medication as I had left the belief in the nobility of suffering behind. (Those religious lifetimes of wearing hair shirts and denying the body have been hard ones to shake!)

In the dying of the old, there is beauty still.

Yet, the pain was a live coal in me that allowed me to hear the deepest note on our scale. I witnessed the love flowing in through me while the pain was flowing out, the notes playing along my spine. I felt our Mother Earth as she ascends into the higher registers yet holds a space for the lowest notes to be toned. I was matching those tones in my body. The deepest notes of suffering asking to be returned to the notes of love. I observed my resistance, my desire to leave the body. She called me down into the depths to tone the heavy thrum and lift it up. I felt how the scale is lifting, the lowest registers fading as we move into the higher tones of love.

My solstice candle nearing its end.

This lifetime has been one of feeling unsupported, calling me to play the masculine role. The low back out pictures this as it could not support me.  I surrendered, grateful for the support of the masculine through my sons. I entered a cave deep in our mother. Speech became limited as my focus went inward. My feminine self rode the waves up and down the scale and prayed for the love to enter all. I prayed for the release of all suffering. Physical suffering, emotional suffering, mental suffering. So much pain present on this planet. Such courage and fortitude lived by so many as they ride their own waves of suffering. My heart expanded to encompass all this, breathing the love in and breathing the pain out. Let there be an end to it, let the love become our reality.

The new bursts forth in all its glory.

This new age offers the opportunity to learn through joy rather than pain. It is our choice to make. My body is still finding its way, movement limited. I am being kept still, trusting the process as the first currents of joy and excitement brush against my face. I cannot move towards them, only feel them. I breathe them deep down where the lock still holds my back, their cooling currents wafting relief. Yes, the knowing is present that a new way of living is at hand. My body will come out of this, walking upon our mother with a deeper connection, a rooting in. I sense it will allow me to float like a leaf on a branch, ever responsive to the slightest touch of the air. We are of the earth, we are of the elements. We will know this in a visceral way as we allow our hearts to do our thinking and our breath to connect us to all that is.

An angel keeps watch with me.

I am called awake to witness the rising of this last day of the old age and I will be sitting here tonight, bathed in candlelight to lend my presence to ushering in the new. I am alone yet never more connected to the All. I sing out what has been and open my voice to the new tones that our Mother/Father have gifted us with this holy season. The beauty astounds me as I lift my voice in praise. We are so loved. We are all love. I sing a song for you, for me, for our Mother Earth. Sing with me to welcome the new age of love and peace. We are coming home. We are bringing heaven to earth, just as we promised we would.

The Age of Aquarius Dawns, Time to Open Your Treasure Chest

My morning table welcoming in the new age.

Being an Aquarian, it is doubly exciting to me, to welcome in this age. My age!! The time when I fully blossom into my truth, my mastery.  We begin a new cycle of time on the earth and in our universe. All takes a leap upward and forward. We are given the opportunity to leap into a version of ourselves that we have held deep in the recesses of our heart. It is our treasure, buried long ago. This Christmas season, it is the one gift we want to be sure to open!

As with all things magical, there is a magic key to unlock this treasure as well as magic words to recite. When you speak the words, you must believe them with all of your heart. You recall this from your childhood, knowing the power of belief to the outcome at hand. The key is your desire. Yes, so simple, isn’t it? You must desire this treasure with all of your heart. As you feel this flame arise in you, the key appears in your hand. You grasp it and hold it to your heart. You say the magic words with full feeling:

I AM a force of love in this world. I AM beauty unfolding. I AM goodness. I AM the sound of joy. I AM the heart of the child. I AM the dancing flame of love. I AM divine. I AM a beloved child of God’s heart.

One of the angels my kids and I made so many Christmases ago.

The words will come of their own accord. Tune in and allow them to be spoken by your voice. Use the magic formula of, I AM, to state each truth. It is encoded with power. As your words of power resonate in your chest, the door to your sacred heart swings open. Step over the threshold, and enter within. Now this is the time for silence, tuning your inner ear to the sounds of your own beating heart. Breathe deep and feel your heart flame come alight. Keep breathing, your breath a bellows, fanning the flame to greater heights. This lights the passageway to the treasure chest you buried so long ago. Follow the light.  If it dims, stop and breath deeply once again to brighten the light. As you move down the passageway, you will note, aspects of the old you, dropping by the wayside. Let them fall. You may even feel some being stripped from you by your angelic guides. Allow all to loosen as you make your way to the treasure. Trust! If you arrive naked, so much the better, stripped of all that you have known of who you are. They were ideas of the old age and have no place in the new.

You will come to  a large chamber filled with radiant light. You look for the source of that light and see the chest, glowing. Do not falter here, banish all doubts that arise. Remember, this is your heart space, your treasure chest placed here by you, for you, on this day of days. Go to it. Take the key placed over your heart, and use it to open the lock sealing your chest. At this point, I needed to take a few more deep breaths and swallow hard to fill myself with courage. Not to face darkness, that has been the old path that we have come from. No, to face the light. Yes, it takes immense courage to see our own beauty, to embrace our divinity. Here I stand, naked, shoulders back, head tall, feet firmly rooted in this earth……..

a golden box I treasure

Open the chest. Allow your eyes to adjust to the brilliance that streams forth. Open your cells to allow this brilliant light to enter in. Allow, simply allow the light to wash over you. I found myself awash in tears, streaming down with the light, washing me clean of the old ways, the old thoughts, the old burdens. Washed in the light of the new day. I am left knowing nothing, empty of self.

The chest is so full, gleaming with jewels of every color and hue. Now you see why you were stripped naked, for within lies garments of such rich textures and embellishments, waiting to be worn. Angel guides appear to dress you in your new clothing. Allow yourself this pleasure as you feel the silks and brocades slide over your shoulders. The fairies come in to make adjustments with the ribbons and gossamer threads. As you adjust to the feeling of your new clothing, you notice that it makes you feel divine! You feel like a princess or a prince……glass slippers and all. You take a few steps, twirl about to see the swirl of your skirt, the way the fabrics reflect the light and set it spinning. Gleaming gold catches your eye. You see a crown resting in the chest. Your angels take it out for you and place it upon your head. It is encrusted with jewels and you hear the story of how you earned each one. Your heart expands a hundredfold to hold all of this wonder.

Another of our angels

The slate has been wiped clean, you are reborn in the image that you choose. Today is the reset button for humanity. We are entering the Golden Age of Peace, long prophesied. We are given the privilege of co-creating it with our Mother/Father God. It begins in your heart and mine. In each moment, do we chose love or fear? It is that simple. Does this choice, this thought, this action,  uplift me and work for the good of all or does it diminish me or others? If we take the time to breathe in the now moment, we afford ourselves the pause to come from our newness, our Christed selves. Let us open to this profound gift of living our truth so that all may live theirs. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Our ancestors come again, through us, to right the wrongs and bring all back to the truth of love. May you allow this love to carry you into this Golden Age of Peace.

Crowning: Preparing to See our own Beauty

The sky brings new delights each day.

There has been so much inner movement that time seems to have melted away. There is only the now and the stillness. All feels sacred to me. I know the blessing of these holy days and treat them as such. All movement, all thought, all feeling moves toward the one goal…..the ascension of our planet and ourselves with her.

I am frequently overcome with tears as I feel my own light moving,  expanding within me. The task is no longer to see if I have the strength to stand in adversity and density but rather, am I able to stand in the brilliance of my own light. Each moment, it becomes more familiar, more comfortable , more accessible. The gratitude for the gift of knowing myself on a deeper level, is immense. We have been so trained to handle darkness, now we are being asked to step into light and love like we have not tasted since first taking incarnation on the earth. This takes some deep breathing!

Moments from these past few days:

A dream in which I was a child with a sibling of whom, I felt very protective. Another child came into the family with intent to harm my sibling. I tried to alert my parents of the danger but they could not hear me. As I faced this child who seemed to embody all evil,  I was terrified. I heard: “Empty yourself.” The fear drained out of me. Then the injunction: “Fill yourself with love.” With my heart afire, the being melted into the love. What a powerful reminder that there is no force that can stand in the presence of love, it is the ultimate power.


A heart on my walk, always the love.

The incident in Connecticut, opening hearts world wide to cry out, No more! Our hearts and souls are clearly stating that we desire to live in a world of peace, where all children are cherished and each one knows that they are loved and are needed. Where all souls know themselves as a vital part of their pod or group and are free to sing their song. As expressed by an acquaintance, Judith Moore:

“These are the days of the soul, the soul of the world, the soul of the human experience, crying out for something better, something more beautiful, something that sustains the life of the sacred planet.”

The Mother's heart standing vigil for all souls

Waves of toning coming through as my voice expresses the sorrow, the lamentations, the joys of this human experience. I have felt humanity as part of me, as we move into the oneness. I have been experiencing waves upon waves of gratitude for each soul on this earth. Knowing all have played their role to perfection, those asleep and those awake (another form of separation as we now know there is no other). My heart has been exploding with the love as I felt their hearts.  What a holy and sacred time. Yes, many will leave with the old consciousness in order to lighten the entry into the new for all of us. My heart thanks them and blesses them on their journey into the light.

News of a cousin choosing to leave by suicide. Feeling her torment as the love that is pouring in has released all the shadows to be felt before being released into the love. It can be overwhelming and many are choosing to take that confusion energy with them. I bless their journey and call in the angels of comfort for those left with the aching heart.

I I had a dream as a gatekeeper, ushering so many souls through a doorway to the new light. What joy! The next day, I read of the role of gatekeepers and felt the confirmation sweep through me that I have been in training for this role.

Tulips feeding my soul with spoonfuls of joy.

I have felt the absolute certainty that the solutions to all of our problems on this earth will abound in rapid succession.  As the weight of oppression that we have lived under, lifts, we will see an explosion of creativity and joy. We are an amazing creative species! What exciting times are ahead.

I participated in a 12-12-12 event with a few other women. We took turns using drums, rattles and crystal bowls to heal what each felt arise within. I knew we were doing it on a planetary scale as the light beings and angels filled the room. We released grief, mind chatter in order to be present, shame (that was a sticky one!), judgment, and removed barriers to receiving love as well as opening to laughter and play. Wow! It was a magical, power filled evening as I could feel so much leaving the planet as the new gifts came in.

I embraced my divinity. I am no longer waiting until I am some idea of perfection. I embrace my divinity in my present state, knowing I am love. Knowing all that is less than love is now consumed by the love of my heart. I am a divine spark of my Mother/Father and I know myself as a delight in their hearts. It is a powerful knowing.

Preparing to walk through the doorway to my divinity and Christ Self.

Truly what we do for ourselves, we do for one another. How can we not love everyone and everything!!! All works for the all……the win- win world, the highest good of all. I so love this universe we are playing in, this beautiful mother who has waited so long for her babes to be ready to move with her, our hearts that are so earnest in our desire to be the love that we are. We are co-creating the new earth now. Each moment we are being asked, what do you want? I want love. I love you and I love me and I love everyone! This year, we will experience the true meaning of Christmas as we birth the Christ in our hearts. Prepare your manger bed well for She/He cometh. May we all be blessed in this love.

Each twinkling light, a heart on fire with its divinity!

Dec 11th, Entering the Tunnel of Love

A heart rock on our path, my girlfriend and I highlighted it for those to follow. Let us all do that with our hearts!

It seems that I have waited all of my life for tomorrow to come. Yes, today is the eve of 12-12-12 and my heart is overflowing with joy. Indeed, I have waited all my lifetimes here on this beautiful planet, to have the opportunity to begin the return home to our Mother/Father’s loving arms. At long last, our beloved Mother Earth is ascending to the 5th dimension and leaving duality and its pains and sorrows behind. And wonder of wonders, we are going with her! The blessing of this, of her love for us, has me in tears.

There are many meditations taking place around the world. I will participate in a few, one with friends in person, the others online or by tuning in at 12:12 am and pm. A simple suggestion is given here: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/the-12-12-12-ascension-of-gaia/. In the end, the important thing is to open your heart, state your intention to receive all that the energy has for you and allow it to flow into you. Here is a second article giving tips on things you might do today to prepare:  http://the2012scenario.com/2012/12/12-12-2012-a-message-from-pleiadian-ambassador-christine-day-2/

A beautiful tree that offered an arbor of grace to walk under.Thank you tree!

We are in the days of wonder that my heart has yearned for. I have been doing a lot of clearing in my dreams, completing relationships as I felt folks arise in my heart, asking for forgiveness and love by me and to me. We have all played the saint and sinner, the oppressor and the oppressed. Now we can move beyond the lessons of this 3 dimensional world and bring heaven to earth with its unity consciousness. Everything will be done with the knowing that to be for my highest good, it must also be for the highest good of all. The win-win life we have all dreamt of. The end of competition and strife, fear and judgment. The blossoming of loving kindness in action.

The beauty that arises from the decay....truly it is in the dying that we are reborn. And with ruffles no less!

Yesterday, I was under a cloud as the pressure in my head was intense. It kept me still so the openings could be created in my brain for what is to come. I sat in the sun and breathed in the light in a dreamy way. From an observer’s standpoint, I am simply sitting in a chair. From another view, this is what I experienced: I was nursing twin babies, one in each arm. I had the physical sensation of my milk letting down. It has been 25 years since I weaned my third child so it was startling, to say the least. I understood that one baby was Palestine and one, Israel. I could feel all of the people of those countries within the babies in my arms. I felt the Mother’s essence flow through me, as manna. We are all fed from the one Mother, we are all brothers and sisters. This knowing was visceral as it moved through my breasts. It was flowing into the babies and all that they represented. My tears flowed along with the sensation of the milk as I gave thanks for the privilege of being this vessel. My mantra each morning, “not my will but Thine be done” as well as offering myself as a chalice, a vessel for the Divine to move through, was answered in such a grace filled way.

A stone being I met on my walk.

I tell this story, not to feed a feeling of, “Oh, I wish I had that type of experience,” but rather to enlarge your own view of what you are experiencing. To see the wonder of you, the wonder of your light. I spent a great deal of time in the past, wishing for others’ gifts, unaware of my own. I sought out others to tell me my truth. I now know that all truth is found inside and that no other can give my own wisdom to me. No one can shine Linda Marie, like I can. Now I do not look to shine like any other but concentrate on my light, polishing my chalice to offer in service, opening my heart to my Mother’s/Father’s love. In doing so, I find such delight in others’ light, I see more readily their gifts and am so full of gratitude for the way each one sings his/her song. We are so beautiful!

I leave you today with my recent Yosemite experience anchored in a painting and a poem.

My Yosemite beloveds

I, the mountain strong

high peaks, solid floor of stone.

I open myself to your fluid beauty

the bank to your dancing river.

You, the key holder

unlocking the hidden caves of our deep desire.

Together. we unleash our ancient song.


Sing your song with all of your heart and open yourself to the gift of this 12-12-12 passage. I see your heart’s light and I love and honor you for shining it so bright!


Seeing through the Mists into Unity

The river flowing through the misty rain.

December 5th, 5 is change and it was reflected in my world. I awoke from confusing dreams of heartache and of many pulling at me to find their center. I noticed a burst blood vessel in one eye. No food settled in my stomach and I could not think of what to eat that would bring comfort. I felt at sea. My elder son came home and there was tension and emotion, a call with my younger son saw flashes of anger and frustration move through me with great speed at things in his world. All unusual for us as we have moved in a space of unity and effortless flow for a time now. I observed myself in the moment, took the breath and moved to a higher perspective. We were clearing our hidden corners as well as many for the collective, per our agreement for this time. I saw the unity of it all…….the joy, the anger, the frustration, the instability, the uncomfortableness in my body, the deep peace……a grab bag of emotions. Waves crashing and pounding the shore of my being. None separate, no good or bad, all there to be met with an open heart. All asking to be seen and felt fully and invited into the warmth of the flame, alive in my heart.

I retreated into nature, took a walk by the river. A healing space. There was a fine mist falling that made me feel like a plant as I walked along. Non-human. Empty of attachment, wanting the earth and the moisture, knowing it as all.  I walked and sought a balance with the earth. I felt the mother’s love rise up in me, the desire to wrap all in a blanket of love. I felt my tears. I felt alone. I longed to be met and found no one about in this new frequency I awoke to. Yet, I knew they were all about me. I had visions of their flames, and my standing in front of each one. Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Buddha, St Germain……each known to me on many different levels. Can I stand and not be overwhelmed, not be reduced to a puddle of weeping on the floor?

The buck whose gaze pierced me through the distance.

A buck told me yes, yes I could. He was a distance from me and our eyes locked in an embrace. We both stood, rooted to the spot for a time, five minutes, maybe more. I know that I felt the weight of it, then surrendered, opening for more. He stood in quiet dignity, his antlers held high as he looked into me. He honored the feminine flowing in me and gifted me his strength. I received the blessing before he unlocked his gaze. I then raised my camera to capture his beauty and thank him before continuing on the trail.

White camellia blossoms that I picked from a huge bush on my walk to grace my bathroom sink, The bush was pretty but the individual blossoms displayed speak so much more clearly.

My phone rang and there was the smiling face of my daughter through the wonders of Tango, a free video call connecting our hearts from her in New Zealand to me in California. To think that she could join me on the remainder of my walk! Her cheery voice brought the tears again, weepiness has been with me off and on all day. It is amazing how the kindness in a voice can unleash tears that you did not know were there. She murmured sweet sounds to my tears, saying that 99% of the time it was the other way around. She relished being the one to offer me her strength and love.

Some tiny mist filled plants on the walk, so alive in their greenness.

I was nourished. From her sweet heart of love, the buck’s steady, strength filled gaze, the misty rain’s cleansing. I went home, to food prepared and a hug from my son. I took a long afternoon nap. A text had arrived from a dear friend saying, “I love you” and later she said she felt I needed her then. Another dear sister of my heart called saying that I had been in and out of her thoughts all day so she was checking in to see what was up. She helped me gain a little sense of it, the movement to a new frequency with its attendant disorientation. She has seen me through many movements so she could sense how quickly I was adapting and the grace that flowed within. She knew the blessing that I feel in each cell for this process we are all in. How grateful I am to be me, and play my part with my heart wide open. How grateful I am for all others, playing their parts that I could not.

Everything is holy. All of it. The shift is so close at hand. All that I know is gone and there is only the unknowing, and being present with it. I sense the freedom of this falling, trusting that I will remember how to fly.

December’s Sacred Days of Love

Feel the love dawning ever brighter each day.

As a little girl attending Catholic church. I loved the weeks of advent. Each Sunday, a new candle would be lit on the altar, signifying our journey to Christmas and the birth of Christ. Four candles with the last being the white of the Christ light. This year, I feel this pageantry anew in my body, as I progress through the days with a sense of sacredness. Each day takes me more firmly into the space of love.

Flames in waiting!

Yesterday I had a cord of wood delivered so that I can have warmth and the joy of a fire in the hearth. As I stacked the wood with the help of a friend and my son, I felt such a sense of wealth. Here was tangible proof of abundance as I felt the joy to come from the flame of this wood. I thought of the flame of the Creator’s love that is so alive in my heart these days. How comforted and warmed I am by the loving energies which continue to rain upon us. Each day, the shower increases until I feel that I am standing under a cascading waterfall of love.

Trust that the Christ light is near, even if you feel a veil obscuring it for a moment,

There is no thing for us to do in these holy days. We are being gifted on every level of our being to turn to this flame of love, To allow it to permeate our thoughts, our actions, our emotions. Much continues to come up as it seeks the flame of love. I am grateful for every old emotion, every new one that comes, seeking shelter in the flame. I see them as cold and in need of the warmth in my heart. Come here, I say, come in and warm yourself by the fire. Let us sit and stare into its flames and be transfigured into the one love.

My guidance tells me that the ascension is assured, all are moving to love and unity. I rest in this knowing. I savor the quiet victory that dances in my cells. I am so appreciative of this body elemental that has weathered such storms in this life and still performs so well for me. She asks for stillness and peace, good food and chocolate, naps and slowness.

The Christ child come, this picture was in the "baby room" of my in-law's house. We bought one for ourselves and hung it in the children's room. It is with us still, gracing us with the Christ presence, so sweet.

I am savoring everything in my world. I am so grateful to be on the planet, one of the fortunate ones to be given a body to fully experience this shift of the ages. This movement into love and peace on earth. I feel a Christmas like no other is waiting for us all. It has nothing to do with stores and shopping, stress and mad preparations. in my family, we have left that behind long ago. We focus on time together, good food, music with angelic choirs rejoicing. This year, we shall truly hear the angels sing!

We are in the wonder days. This year, Christ will be born in each of our hearts. Yes, we will each become the Christ, carrying that consciousness in our every cell. Open yourself to this with the wonder of a child. It is the gift we have waited all our incarnations for and we stand at the threshold. Open your heart and bid Him enter, for truly, He is here.