The Middle East and the Integration of the Divine Masculine

Nature offers us such an easy doorway to peace. Take it!

Three is my favorite number. When things come to my awareness three times, I know to pay attention. The present situation in the Middle East has come to me three times, my younger son asked me about it, my older son told me that is where his spirit is now 24/7 and I received a call for love for that area through an email. I shared this awareness with a friend yesterday on our walk. It is not her area as she works on an area from California to Nepal to New Zealand. I do not see countries or areas but rather blanket the earth as a whole in the softest pink blanket of love. So neither of us has our vision trained on this area. As we felt into it, we went our spirits over that land. We felt the despair as souls are trapped into the old paradigm of right and wrong, death and destruction, hatred and loss. To choose a side, is to keep the flame of war alive. We are called to hold all involved in this ancient conflict in love. We saw our love rain down as manna from heaven, offering each soul a container of love to exist in. Our galactic brothers and sisters are there in great numbers, their ships beaming love as are the archangels, angels and our inner earth brethern. We can use our free will to call legions of angels to the area to offer love and stability. We can send our love on a beam of light.

I have been conscious of allowing my divine feminine to flow with ease, held firmly and securely by the banks of my divine masculine. This has felt so freeing to me!

Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are offering us each an opportunity to heal¬†ourselves. The divine feminine has come once again to the fore on this planet. We have been integrating her as we turn to our intuition and feeling natures to guide us. She is showing us the need now to integrate the divine masculine within our beings. It has ruled this planet for eons and it is now time for true integration and balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our natures. The feminine is asking us to embrace the wounded masculine that is hanging on to war and dominance and struggle. He is so tired. So ready to let go of this old way. The battle scarred warrior is asking to come home to the heart of oneness. How to do this? , he asks. He fears shame and sees no path of honor ahead. This is where each of us must open our feminine hearts of oneness and love and embrace our own masculine. We must demonstrate that there is no shame in laying down the sword. That the path of honor is walked within, that the true warrior is one of the heart, where all battles come to an end. All is held in the mother’s embrace of love.

It is time to now be Peace

We are standing on the cusp of the ascension of our planet and ourselves. The Middle East is our gateway. Choose wisely at this time as your choices affect our world. Each heart is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm of this world we all love. We create peace on earth. We do this by understanding and embracing wholeness within. The divine feminine did not return to lord it over the masculine, to ask it to pay a price for its dominion in the past age. The time of the matriarchy and the patriarchy is at an end. Neither is to rule over the other. We have come to the time of integration, of wholeness, of oneness, of forgiveness. Feel this within your body. It matters not the gender you are wearing in this life, this balancing must be done by each of us, in order to create peace on earth. This Christmas season, peace is a reality we can choose. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men……. a refrain that can be trumpeted from the angels on high. Open your hearts to this as any thought against anyone, any judgment of another……all are stones thrown at ourselves. We are Palestine, we are Israel, we are the wounded warriors. We are so weary of the battle and so ready to come home. Welcome each warrior into your heart, soothe your own inner warriors and offer them respite and care. Blanket the Middle East with ¬†your love, seeing no sides, feeding no divisions with your thoughts, holding all in your heartlight. We are big enough for this task. We are called to be the human angels we are. Peace on Earth can be here in 2012, we can live in a world of peace. it is up to you and to me. I choose peace and vow to let nothing move me from that peace. Whether a driver cutting me off in traffic, a person cutting ahead in a line, a friend casting you out, whatever has been your trigger or mine……let it all go. Remember that each situation comes to us asking us for love. Choose love, and in so doing, honor all aspects of yourself. I believe all hearts yearn for peace and love. It begins with my heart making that choice in each moment. Join me in this great work.

2 thoughts on “The Middle East and the Integration of the Divine Masculine

    • Dear Moira,
      Yes, the feminine is the one who offers the hand, the breast, the milk of kindness, the opening. Offering our prayers for the Middle East and all areas that are asking to be loved back to wholeness. Thank you for reading and sharing. Blessings of peace to us all. Linda

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