The Eye of the Needle Approaches

This tulip is demonstrating to me how to open myself with abandon and shine my light!

Today has been such a banner day. The joy and newness of the dawn was followed by a cleaning out of some old energies stored deep in the recesses of my heart. An old friend drifted into my mind a day or so ago, I made contact and in that some old pain was stirred up. I so appreciate how perfectly orchestrated this time is, making sure we are doing a thorough housecleaning. We are entering the eye of the needle and cannot carry any baggage. Our energy systems have to be as clean as a whistle, so as to hold greater and greater amounts of lovelight. I moved into the emotions stirred, experienced grieving and sadness, knowing it was here to be loved and let go. I saw the patterns, felt the way my personality self has often chosen to play victim. Surprising also how that pain had lain hidden for six years as deciding to dissolve my marriage at that time, had me numb and unable to even register more pain. I felt such gratitude for this expansive space that I am in and how emotions can run through me in minutes rather than months and years. We have grown!

The afternoon found me sitting in the sun, coloring a mandala. I settled something in me to play with colored pencils. My abdomen is once again bloated as the moon moved to full. It remains and I felt contractions that were uncomfortable. I was guided to lay on my belly (strange as my belly was aching) but I did and felt myself immobile as I went into the core of the earth. My feet and legs had energy moving in them, keeping them pinned to the bed, yet the energy felt very new to me. As if my legs were being remade from a new substance. Strange feeling. I found myself rubbing my belly as I used to when carrying babies, and standing in the entrance to the violet flame. A living flame blazed in front of me and I stepped into its center. I allowed it to consume all that was dross before moving to a new chamber with an emerald flame. I continued in this way, opening myself fully each time to embrace the gifts of each flame that I was led to. There were all the colors of the rays. The feeling is one that I have no words for but there was no fear and I opened myself fully to be consumed and enlivened. The final flame was the white ascension flame. As I emerged from its chamber, I was greeted by my dearest brother, Archangel MIchael, my beloved El  Morya and a host of other family members jubiliant with joy. This is what awaits us all. We are moving through the ascension process with such love and support from our friends and family.

When I came out of my dreamy, semi-sleep space, I felt disoriented. My abdomen continued to cramp and contract. I watched a silly movie about Christmas that was all I could do to allow the energies time to integrate while my mind was occupied. The wind came up and the weather shifted into coolness. I could feel the sense of acceleration as nature stirred her elements. i went out to stand on the grass and sing a song to the stars that were shining in the open areas of the sky. I felt a gently rocking of the earth that soothed me. What a mother’s heart she has! She is priming me for my future day as a planet. She is aware of each one of us and knows what we need. This one needs a gentle nudge, that one needs to completely hit bottom before they can begin the climb out the other side, this one needs a caress, this one, a sharp wake up call. She works in concert with our higher selves, to bring us what she can to awaken us to our own beauty. Her deep desire is for all of us to take this trip into the new earth with her. We all will, though we have the freedom to chose when to go.

Absorbing this morning's sun energy with such love.

I so understand how I have this mother’s heart on a larger scale. I want to comfort each one, surround them in blankets of the softest love. To feel that desire magnified by billions is staggering. My love and respect for Gaia is profound. Right now the earth is being bathed in my favorite color combination, pink-orange flame of illumined truth and divine love. I love these colors and can sit and sip from their essence. I believe we will drink elixirs of colors and light in our new world. Oh, I can hardly wait to see what today’s energy will bring as each day now is a world unto itself. We are moving into the space of no time where each moment contains the all. We are the avatars, come to assist our Mother and our brothers and sisters. We are preparing the homecoming. The huge Christmas party that has been shaking me with immense joy every time the thought of Christmas has entered my mind, is true. It will be a party like no other. I am deep in preparation mode for indeed the Christ shall be born in our hearts. We are blessed beyond measure.

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