A New Day Dawns

Yesterday was an amazing convergence of energies. It was the cross quarter day, which is the midpoint between the two equinoxes, and therefore a day of power. As well it was the day of the presidential election in the USA. Here is what I wrote upon arising: A new age is dawning……I have been in tears since awakening this morning……the feeling of newness, of hope springing throughout the land, the desire for change, for love to be the rule of the land, it is all here. Open your hearts wide and receive it and beacon it. We are creating this world together. Vote while holding the vision of freedom for all, abundance and peace to fill this land and this world. God Bless America and this beautiful earth. We are bringing heaven to earth as we said we would. I love us all so.

A beach in New Zealand full of white rocks perfect for writing on. Folks from all over the world left messages of love and peace.

Today we are all standing in this world.  What a wonderful feeling to wake up in a land that has cast its vote for a new day. It felt like a planetary vote for freedom. May we all step up to the plate to co-create the golden age of peace long prophesied. It is a privilege to be here on this earth where love now reigns supreme. Hope seems to have arisen anew, wearing  clothes of the brightest hues. You can feel the collective sigh as we all stand a bit taller, set our shoulders back and claim our right to participate in bringing in this world of love and peace that we have dreamed of. There is a sense that now we can get on with it, get this ball rolling. We are rolling up our collective sleeves and feeling inside for our marching orders.
We each have a piece to contribute. We stood in line with the intense desire to be chosen to be here in a body on this planet at this shift of the ages. We were elated to be chosen before so many others, to have won a role in this grandest of plays. Here we are, having rehearsed so many times on the inner planes just how we would play our parts. Knowing deep inside the gift that we carry that resulted in our being chosen. Was it your voice? Your compassionate heart? Your love of the animal kingdom? Your knowing of how to commune with nature? Your sword of truth? Your understanding of the body? Your knowledge of the stars? Your gentle heart? Whatever the gift…. the stage is set, the curtain has been raised and there is a call for action!

The play of light on the green of a painting on my bedroom wall. Spirals of the emerald heart light was its message to me.

We can create the world of our dreams. It is time to dream big! To open our hearts to the knowing that it is now safe to stand without protection. We can remove the shields we placed in front of our hearts, we can let our light shine like never before, in all its beauty. We can create a world where all people have enough food, water, and shelter as well as a sense of belonging. A knowing that their gift is desired, no more than that, that it is needed, to create the beauty of the whole. Imagine each heart lighting up with that knowledge like a blaze that warms them from inside out. Oh, the pure wonder of the Creator’s love shining in our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts.
This is no longer about one country, one race of people, one religion…….we are one world and are claiming our place as planetary citizens as our planet is moving to claim her place as a galactic citizen. How amazing this is! I have asked to awaken to the reality of love in every moment. To see through the eyes of love, hear the sounds of love, taste the sweetness of love, touch with palms alight with love, perceive through a lens of love, be moved by the tones of love in each moment. The power of intention and attention is an unbeatable combo. I feel that I am living in the new earth as my stated intent becomes my reality. I use the focus of my attention to magnify all that I desire, thereby growing its presence in my world. When you walk out the door intending to encounter love everywhere in everything and everyone, you create that reality. If you encounter something that appears to other than love, you see the illusion for what it is and reflect back the truth of love. How simple it seems and yet it has taken us a journey through heartache and strife to come to this place. Now we can gently laugh and know the truth that all was love itself waiting to be born through us.

A sign at a hotsprings, reminding me of how we have been warned of dangers all about, causing us to believe we needed protection.

Recently a friend shared how he had been reprimanded at his job for a mistake. He said his old pathway would have been one of deep shame. That sense of shame would have triggered a desire to bury the pain in an addictive behavior. That would have contributed to even greater shame. Instead he chose to acknowledge his mistake. To accept full responsibility for it while shutting the door on shame. To trace the path of shame to a seven year old boy who chose to lie when caught in a transgression rather than come clean as he feared the enormity of the consequence from the adults in his world. He was able to feel compassion for this little one, to embrace him in his love and let him know that his adult self now stood there at the seven year old’s side. He was able to do this because of the love he now held for himself. His heart has been softened, melted by the rivers of love that our father sun has been gracing us with along with our heavenly brothers and sisters. As well as by the love that we are all beaming in each moment.

The soft hues of our new land.

We are holding the door open for one another to feel love, to accept it in their hearts. We have been tricked into believing that we had to judge others to be safe. The deepest scar resulted from believing ourselves guilty of countless transgressions and deserving of the harshest punishment of all. We sentenced ourselves to a life of abuse from an inner critic that kept us from knowing our greatness. That sentence has been lifted. The Creator has commuted all sentences and set each of us free. LIke prisoners newly released from jail, there is momentary confusion as we wonder how to live without chains. There is an uncomfortableness, a looking over one’s shoulder to see if someone is there about to clamp a handcuff on once again. No, the critic is dead. You can talk back to that voice and tell it its time is done. You are now a free citizen of planet earth and you came here to shine your brilliance for all that you are worth. It is time to allow yourself to open that hope chest that holds your deepest dreams and desires. We have kept it under lock and key for fear of our treasures being snatched from us, fear that our dreams would disappear in the harsh light of the day. A new day has dawned and its edges are soft and light in hue. Breathe that in. Allow yourself to know that it is now safe to play in the realms of what if? What if peace were possible? What if everyone could have enough? What if you are a brilliant writer? What if others long to hear your song?

Stars in a walkway to a planetarium....this is us, shining our light for all to see!

Today I open my hope chest wide and reach in to embrace my dreams. I know in my being, that each one will now come true. For each wish contains within it, the desire for it to be for the good of all as well as for my highest good. With that encodement, how can any of us fail? Feel the love, gift yourself with it in huge doses today in celebration. It contains no calories and is 100% good for you, eat up! Have a double scoop of your favorite flavors of love. With each bite you take, I am fed. As I lick my spoon, you are fed. Our Creator knew what She/He was about……this is the way of love. As we are fed, we feed all others. It can be no other way, we simply were lost in the illusion for a time and now we are coming home to the truth of who we are. We are love and we can do no other than love. May peace fill your heart with each helping of love you ingest. I love you.

8 thoughts on “A New Day Dawns

  1. Thoroughly and utterly magnificent message, Linda! I have completely felt this–beginning late last night. It feels as though a gigantic fog has lifted, and pure light is flooding in. Blessings!

    • Dear Nan,
      It is so lovely that we are all sharing this beauty! How wonderful it is that we are tuning in and allowing everything to speak to us. Yes, I too feel it as if a fog has lifted. What a blessed time and thank you for standing in it with awareness and love.
      My heart is sending ribbons of purply golden love to you

  2. Your words comfort my Soul.
    Every situation on the planet is unfolding like a morning flower. Life is getting
    more beautiful by the second. Love is really all that there is just as we have been told.
    Our vibration can sore even more as we live this beauty and simply shine our light of Love.
    Thank you Lovely Linda.

    • Aye, it is a balm that we have been given. The liquidlovelight of our souls. You shine so brightly dear Bev, I thank you.

  3. This message feelz straight from the soul; so full, romantic, and enlightening. Over flowing perfectly with validation, joy, and beauty. Thank you so much for sharing these messages of liquid love light! INSPIRING YOU ARE!

    • Dear Billy, I love the romantic descripter! It is a falling in love with everything and everyone. I am a mirror for your inspiring heart light. I love you!

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