Full Moon Moving Us as Eclipse Offers Choice Point

A cloud that danced for me as the full moon began to rise yesterday.

Today feels like a demarcation point. The “What do you choose?” has become louder and each of us is answering, aware or not. No choice is still a choice. We can either let go of everything of the old and trust that greater opportunities and experiences await us, or we can snuggle down in the comfort of the known and play that out. No good or bad….simply experiences of the soul. Do I open my heart wide, greet each moment with love or do I remain behind a shield that seems to offer safety. I am choosing the pink rose of love as my shield for there is no greater power on earth. It is to me to unleash that power through the vehicle of my heart.

My heart awoke on wings of love as I set my alarm early to participate in a meditation with this full moon and lunar eclipse. We were sent a script to read out if we choose. I lit my pink candle and opened to the energies. I was taken aback by the love that filled my room. It was radiating love and as I read the words of forgiveness for the parts that we have all played, the good, the bad and the ugly…….and felt the oneness and love of our truth sinking in, tears poured down my cheeks. I had wondered recently at my choice of books from the library. Many were of traumatic events that took place, people who had suffered violence and mistreatment and went on to overcome those memories. One of WWII and its pain. Not my usual choice yet I saw how by immersing myself in these stories and feeling them from a broader perspective, I was bringing all the parts back to love. My heart could be a transformer, it could feel the pain that drove the violence, the fear that flashed out in anger. Oh, my mother’s heart took it in and wanted to wrap it all in pink blankets of love. So, the stories prepared my heart to be fully present with today’s meditation. Another reminder to trust the ways of Spirit, to trust my higher self is always guiding me to my highest path.

My Mother Mary, pink roses, and candle burnt to a stub. She teaches me how to radiate the lovelight.

During the half hour of the meditation, the smell of the sweetest incense filled the air. I looked around, knowing that I had not lit any. I welcomed the fragrance as I realized that one of the light beings present had thought to add to the experience for me. Thank you! The magic is becoming more apparent as I open myself more fully to it. Everything wants to play with us, co-create with us. The rain falling gently on the roof this morning has loosened leaves from the branches. A gust of wind sent them whirling like dervishes and I felt myself spinning in that ecstatic dance of the Sufis. A shot of that played in the documentary, The Quantum Activist, that I watched with my son last night. I used that shot to see myself in flowing white, dancing within the leaf as it made its descent. See how perfectly one thing feeds into the next experience? But we need eyes to see and ears to hear in order to catch these magical moments.

This painting of my son's, Gabriel, leads me through the open doorway beyond, echoing my feelings of the moment.

We stand on the cusp of the most magical month in the history of all of our lives on this planet. Choose to let go, surrender and open to the love and you will find magic aplenty! This is the greatest show on earth that we have waited eons for. Be fully present……you do not want to sleep through the show. Stand up, walk to the front row seat and declare your intent to be one of the co-creators of this new earth. It is an open call, no one turned away that offers an open heart and a willingness to be transformed. I have claimed my seat and my hand is raised. I surrender everything and everyone I have known. I lay it all upon the altar in offering, in trust of the love of the Creator. I desire to be that conduit of love for Her/His love. I polish my chalice in the sure knowledge that there is no loss, only gain as I await the infilling of that divine light. Fill my heart, on Mother/Father God that I might shine as your heart upon the earth!

Mother Earth speaking to me on my walk, I took a stick to outline the offering for others who are to follow.

This earth of ours is such a courageous being. She has decided to ascend as have I, to return ever closer to the heart of the One. Yet, she is making cosmic history as she has determined to take all of us, her children, with her. She will not leave any behind. She has started and had to stop many times to give us more time to mature, to grow into the truth of the love that we are. She now is at the point of no return, the rest of the universe awaits her arrival and move, she must. She has made provisions for those who do not choose at this time, to join her. She will keep a doorway open that they may enter when they are ready. What grace! What love! For those of us who are ready, we will fly with her into the new earth that awaits. None of us know this landscape, nothing is guaranteed as it has never been done. Our dear mother moves ahead with a heart that I can hardly comprehend, it is so magnificent. I offer her blessings as I ask her to ground me firmly to her amazing heart as we take this magic carpet ride. God bless our mother Gaia, may God bless each one of us.

Love Fog

I have been moving in a love fog. That is the expression that has come to me these past days as I move ever so slowly in world of quiet joy. It seems that so much of me is occupied on other planes, leaving this expression of me to be all heart. I truly am seeing through the eyes of love, hearing with the ears of love, feeling with a heart of love, tasting with a palate of love, touching with the mother’s love. Love. It is a pink blanket keeping me warm at night, flowing about me in the day as the most exquisite cape of magenta love. I am bathed in love.

A moment of focusing the elements on my walk to acknowledge the four directions.

The planning mind, the part that used to wonder, the one that felt concern on any level……all gone. Busy elsewhere and I am left with the task of caring for this physical body, which feels like a full time job. Drinking enough, preparing and eating copious amounts of food, napping, peeing, and keeping the environment clear and peaceful. That takes all of my available energy. To even give voice to my desires for mankind, the earth…..takes full concentration and effort. The words no longer matter as I feel that I am my own prayer. Each step, each movement is a call to the angelic kingdom, to the elementals, to the fairies, to our inner earth family and our galactic family, to assist us in birthing this new earth. I manage my call to the Creator to entrain my heart to Hers/His, to allow me to  be love in action, in expression, in stillness. Yes, mostly stillness. I know now that I am a beacon, a frequency place holder, sending my ribbons of liquidlovelight, across the lands. There is no doing involved, other than maintaining this vessel. The being takes everything that I have.

The new earth is being created as I type these words. My visions pull me there for peek previews of what is to come. My knowing grows with each glimpse of the beauty and the joy felt. We have lived so long with our hungry hearts, it is almost beyond belief that they are about to be fed true nourishment. Imagine deep contact with everyone about you. Imagine waking up to a clean slate, a full palate of colors with which to express yourself. Feel the joy of having your dearest hearts all about you to share meals and creation with. Imagine scooping up a little one running by and hearing her/his giggles and laughter. Imagine being rocked to sleep by the beloved, whose heart is a match to your own. Freedom is the overall sense, expansive and filled with pure delight. Love colors everything as it is all love.

Drinking in the lovelight from my nature walk by the river.

I am so grateful to be in a safe and quiet place where I can dream and drift to my heart’s content. I am grateful for this huge tree outside my bedroom window that has yet retained most of its brilliant yellow leaves. I lie here and watch them drift lazily to the ground, and I know myself as them. In late afternoon, if I time my nap just right, it is lit up by the sun’s descent with a brilliance that takes my breath away. Yesterday, as I sat reading in the late autumn sunshine that held enough heat to pull my shirt up to expose my belly roll and have a hat tipped over my eyes, a leaf gently landed on my lap with the softest of sighs. Ahhhhh, a blessing from my dear friend, the maple tree that we planted when we first moved into this house. I accepted the gift with joy and felt myself as the leaf in another dimension, twirling down to land so softly in my mother earth’s heart. Our father sun’s rays are so encoded with love these days that they make me swoon. We are being blasted with lovelight at every turn. Is it any wonder that I walk about in this love fog, this seemingly drunken state of peace and heart heat.

There is no desire pushing me as the knowing of what is almost upon us all, has me in a tupor. I close my eyes and breathe in the lovelight and feel it spread throughout my limbs. There is only this. All is well. Peace is assured. Love will be all we know. I rest in this knowing and radiate it out. All personal desires have dropped away from my field of consciousness in the knowing that I am cared for as the birds in their flights, the flowers in their meadows, the fish in the streams. I am moving in my body with full trust in the myriad ways that I am loved. Knowing that it will be evident in this reality for all to see in a blink of an eye.

Kuan Yin beams her compassionate heartlight to all on this earth. I light the candles to join her in this.

We are in a sacred time, moving to the 12-12-12 portal of light and the 12-21-12 solstice beyond. The Creator asks of us: “What do you want?” Move towards that with every fiber of your being. Let go of anything that is not love. Forgive all and everything. We are asked to drop our stories of who we have thought ourselves to be. I can become the story of love as I view my life through the lens of love. I know everything to have been my own creation to help me reach this moment of knowing myself as love. I bless it all. No past to hold me hostage, to filter my experience of the now. Let go, surrender to the flow of the now moment. Know yourself as enough, more than enough for this moment. That is all there is.

If you knew that within the next two to three week period, your life as  you know it would end, what would you do differently? Do that. Make the phone calls that your heart has been wanting to make, say the words that your highest expression knows as truth, smile at everyone and find your peace with yourself and all others. If they are not in embodiment, no matter. Hold them wrapped in a pink ovoid of light and beam your love to them. They will feel it wherever they are as we are all connected. There are some who have chosen to move from my world, not able to see my heartlight, those I bathe in this pink flame of love and know that their souls receive it. This frees me as I stand sovereign in my own space, filled with love, ribbons of heartlght streaming across the lands. I need no return expression of love from any other to beam my love. We have so misunderstood love, believing it to be a commodity that had a rate of exchange. It is so much more, it simply is. I AM LOVE. No one can change that or lessen that but me. The freedom in this knowing is a heady brew! For one who does not imbibe of alcohol, I am quite a drinker of the liquid love! And I do indeed get drunk on it at times when I open myself fully to my Mother/Father’s love. We are so loved. In every moment, in every way. Everything that comes into our world comes to take us higher in the world of love. Slow down, savor these few precious weeks. Notice everything! See the gift it is and express gratitude. If you cannot see the gift, trust that it is there and ask to be shown. Ask and we do receive. Ask for the world that you wish to live in and begin to live as if it were here. In doing so, we draw it ever closer. As my heart fills with peace, I create peace on earth. As your heart opens in love, love is possible for everyone.

This salmon with its eggs pouring out, gave her all. It matters not where she ended up, it matters that she gave her life to bring her eggs to this spot on the river. We not asked to be perfect, to reach a goal, rather to be love in everything we are.

We live in a win-win universe. All that you do for others, you do for self. All that you do for self, you do for others. We have gotten good at the first and are lagging in the second. If I had a wish for these next weeks, I would wish that each of you cared so tenderly for yourself. That you saw yourself as the Christ child about to be born. That you prepared your heart to receive you. The gift of you!! Cherish your heart as I do. Nurture yourself in any way you can. Indulge yourself with every little treat and joy you can give. Eat the best chocolate that you can buy, lather on a sweet smelling lotion, gift yourself with an afternoon in nature, do only what brings you joy. I can’t you say, I have responsibilities. And yes, you may have. But you can delete all that is not absolutely necessary. Be responsible to your own joy! Truly, you have but a handful of days to live in this old 3D way, savor them. Take the very best that this world has to offer and give it to yourself. Do not wait for another time when it might be more convenient. Seize this time as they are the holy days and will not come our way again. We are being celebrated in all the other realms for our courage, for our strength, for our determination to come into this dense reality and lift it up. Celebrate you!! Walk with your shoulders back knowing a crown is on your head, a robe fastened at your neck, stars circling your wrists and fairies lighting your path. Call in the highest expressions of yourself and sit in wonder at your beauty and light. I see you shining. Please deactivate the voice in your head that says that you are anything but wonderful. Allow only loving thoughts to come to you from you. Please. This is how we birth a new world, one heart at a time. Every dissonance voice you allow time in your head, is a strike for violence. Yes, those harsh words we speak to ourselves about how my belly is too fat, my mind too slow, my personality not pleasing enough……….all contribute to the violence in our world. Speak to yourself as to a lover, a child. Tenderly, with the softest of words and the greatest delight. I promise you, your world will shift in mighty ways and we will together, birth this new golden age of peace. It is the Christmas gifts of all gifts and it is in your hand and mine to make it so. I love you dearly.

My fire on chilly nights reminding me to fan the flame of my heart so that it burns ever bright.

The Middle East and the Integration of the Divine Masculine

Nature offers us such an easy doorway to peace. Take it!

Three is my favorite number. When things come to my awareness three times, I know to pay attention. The present situation in the Middle East has come to me three times, my younger son asked me about it, my older son told me that is where his spirit is now 24/7 and I received a call for love for that area through an email. I shared this awareness with a friend yesterday on our walk. It is not her area as she works on an area from California to Nepal to New Zealand. I do not see countries or areas but rather blanket the earth as a whole in the softest pink blanket of love. So neither of us has our vision trained on this area. As we felt into it, we went our spirits over that land. We felt the despair as souls are trapped into the old paradigm of right and wrong, death and destruction, hatred and loss. To choose a side, is to keep the flame of war alive. We are called to hold all involved in this ancient conflict in love. We saw our love rain down as manna from heaven, offering each soul a container of love to exist in. Our galactic brothers and sisters are there in great numbers, their ships beaming love as are the archangels, angels and our inner earth brethern. We can use our free will to call legions of angels to the area to offer love and stability. We can send our love on a beam of light.

I have been conscious of allowing my divine feminine to flow with ease, held firmly and securely by the banks of my divine masculine. This has felt so freeing to me!

Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are offering us each an opportunity to heal ourselves. The divine feminine has come once again to the fore on this planet. We have been integrating her as we turn to our intuition and feeling natures to guide us. She is showing us the need now to integrate the divine masculine within our beings. It has ruled this planet for eons and it is now time for true integration and balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our natures. The feminine is asking us to embrace the wounded masculine that is hanging on to war and dominance and struggle. He is so tired. So ready to let go of this old way. The battle scarred warrior is asking to come home to the heart of oneness. How to do this? , he asks. He fears shame and sees no path of honor ahead. This is where each of us must open our feminine hearts of oneness and love and embrace our own masculine. We must demonstrate that there is no shame in laying down the sword. That the path of honor is walked within, that the true warrior is one of the heart, where all battles come to an end. All is held in the mother’s embrace of love.

It is time to now be Peace

We are standing on the cusp of the ascension of our planet and ourselves. The Middle East is our gateway. Choose wisely at this time as your choices affect our world. Each heart is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm of this world we all love. We create peace on earth. We do this by understanding and embracing wholeness within. The divine feminine did not return to lord it over the masculine, to ask it to pay a price for its dominion in the past age. The time of the matriarchy and the patriarchy is at an end. Neither is to rule over the other. We have come to the time of integration, of wholeness, of oneness, of forgiveness. Feel this within your body. It matters not the gender you are wearing in this life, this balancing must be done by each of us, in order to create peace on earth. This Christmas season, peace is a reality we can choose. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men……. a refrain that can be trumpeted from the angels on high. Open your hearts to this as any thought against anyone, any judgment of another……all are stones thrown at ourselves. We are Palestine, we are Israel, we are the wounded warriors. We are so weary of the battle and so ready to come home. Welcome each warrior into your heart, soothe your own inner warriors and offer them respite and care. Blanket the Middle East with  your love, seeing no sides, feeding no divisions with your thoughts, holding all in your heartlight. We are big enough for this task. We are called to be the human angels we are. Peace on Earth can be here in 2012, we can live in a world of peace. it is up to you and to me. I choose peace and vow to let nothing move me from that peace. Whether a driver cutting me off in traffic, a person cutting ahead in a line, a friend casting you out, whatever has been your trigger or mine……let it all go. Remember that each situation comes to us asking us for love. Choose love, and in so doing, honor all aspects of yourself. I believe all hearts yearn for peace and love. It begins with my heart making that choice in each moment. Join me in this great work.

The Wounded Hearts

Autumn and winter scapes overlapping with grace.

Yesterday, Nov. 19th, was the Pleiadian alignment, which brought a heart clearing on a new level to us all. You may have experienced grief and sadness flooding in and been surprised to see things you thought long resolved, coming once again for your attention. In the mysterious and amazing ways of spirit, I watched the movie, The Descendants, last night with my son. It is a story of a family in crisis. We observe the human story…… how often each family member is orbiting in their own world of pain and heartache. I saw how all of us have wounded hearts. Everyone on the planet, can point to some heartache, some mistreatment, some injustice. We are only beginning to enter a time of being truly seen as we are only beginning to be able to see ourselves. We are great beings of light, our souls shine so brightly that our human eyes would be blinded by the brilliance if we unzipped these body suits. Imagine our surprise to see that everyone is a being of light, all are love incarnate.

The inner path is always a solitary journey yet it opens into the field of oneness.

This film did a good job of showing a man whose whole world as he knew it, is turned upside down. He has to process the changes on his own as his wife is in a coma and cannot speak to her part in the drama of betrayal. This is so often the case as memories of abuse in childhood often come after a parent is deceased or the other party is not able to hear nor deal with the allegations as they arise. In the end, our hearts must come to their own resolution. We must take that pain and transform it through the power of our amazing hearts, into the truth of the love that it is. We are mighty transformers! This is the work before us now as we come to seeing all through the eyes of love rather than the lens of pain. When we can acknowledge the truth of love behind all actions, the woundedness of each one that continues the cycles of pain, we can truly take to heart our most important role, that of transformers. The cycle of pain and separation is at its end. We are witnessing this in our world. We have come for this very purpose, to bring all back to love.

Life offers us a view, which lens will we use? The lens of love or the lens of fear. Do we open our hearts or close them? That is the question in each moment.

When we view all others as ourselves, we are able to access our knowing of the tenderness of each one’s heart. Where we find the greatest anger acting out, we are able to see the deep wounding of that soul. Our hearts rush out in a mighty flood of love as we feel the resonance in ourselves of that same wounding. The stories may vary yet it is the one human story of suffering and separation. This is now ending as we birth a new planet, a new story surfaces of love and unity consciousness. Let us vow to see the wounded child in one another and to embrace that child in upmost tenderness and care. St Francis had it right with his prayer and it has never been more timely. http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/pray0027.htm

We are poised at the edge of our new world, the one that our hearts have known we came

In their dying, the leaves shine their brightest, giving a lesson to us all. We are dying to the illusions of separation and it is time to let our true colors shine forth!

to create. It is time to remove the shields we placed in front of our hearts, to take a deep breath and dare to shine our light out into each moment of our lives. To live large with love as our guiding light. To hold the banner high for the truth of love that we know as our birthright. To exercise our right to hold the horrors of humanity along with the light. To offer all of it a resting space within our hearts. To lead more than pedestrian lives of love flattened, boxed, contained and sold to us in the form of material goods or body image enhancers. We are here to experience ecstasy and bliss and peace and wonder. It is time to dream big, to feel into the recesses of our hearts, to live life loud, to dare to show our desire for deep connection with one another, to dare to expose our wounded hearts and in doing so, bring them to wholeness. My heart is bursting with love for each one of us. What beautiful hearts are gathered here to bring in a world of harmony, peace, abundance for all. laughter and joy. Feel this in your heart and let it shine. It is truly time to turn your heart light on!


Standing on the New Firmament in JOY!

The sun breaking over the wonders of Yosemite

The 11-11 energies broke through and within me. The eclipse of 11-13/14 has me standing firmly on the new earth. What a wonder filled time!   I was guided to be in Yosemite National Park for the weekend. (It and Mount Shasta were the two places that called to me when I was in the mountains of New Zealand. They both asked me to bring what I gathered there to them. ) It was a time of grace. Two others joined me to form a trinity of power which was then squared as we connected to another earth being to firmly anchor in these immense energies. All flowed forth with ease and grace, alerting me to the powers that moved through us. To be on the valley floor and to feel the immensity of the rocks surrounding us, literally took my breath away at times on the first day. Fortunately, I had three days there to assimilate the energies. So many gifts were given and received.

the heart of El Capitan

There was a deeper opening in my being to receive as my divine feminine surrendered on a cellular level. The divine masculine came in and merged within me. I had desired to meet my beloved, El Morya as his retreat is over El Capitan. A beautiful rock formation that had a lovely heart carved in its side, seeeming a sign prepared just for me. Its presence filled me with such joy. I felt such peace to stand in the meadow and look up at his majesty. I had asked for this merger, had been preparing myself to stand in El Morya’s blue flame of God’s will. It happened gradually over the three days as the power was immense. The first day, I felt overwhelmed, ready for rest after an afternoon of exploring. The second day, 11-11, we spent the whole day in the park. It was very cold though the sun warmed the air enough for us to take the crystal bowls out to play across the valley. They were so happy to be participating in this portal day, helping to bring in the new energies.  I was wiped out, happy to be in bed by 8 p.m. The third day we did some work with the bowls in our hotel before heading to the park. They told me that we were working on a planetary level which extended universally, and they had been created for this time. They literally sang their joy as we used our bodies as templates for all of humanity as we played the bowls on one another. Much was released, ready to go with the eclipse cycle and there was much anchored as the energies flooded in. It felt incredible to work with the crystal kingdom in this way.

The rock portal that you drive through as you enter the park. Aren't they beautiful!

There were so many blessings during our time. To be ringed by huge rocks, to feel the presence of the trees and grasses, oh, I felt enveloped by their love. I can now close my eyes and return to that magic; the pleasing crunch of the snow under my boots, the yellow glow of the leaves yet hanging on the branches, the sun setting low in the sky, streaking it with wonder as it took its leave for the day, the tiny snow showers that streamed down as the wind shook the branches, one a big plop that hit me with a resounding whack on my eye, the mists that rose from the cold, shrouding all with a sense of mystery, the black raven pairs that seemed to alight whenever we got out of the car to view a new place, whispering of magic afoot, the sense of strength of the immense rocks surrounding me, infusing me, the cannon like shot as ice fell off Bridal Veil Falls, shaking the valley floor with its thunder, the joy of walking in the woods, feeling the fairies all around.  We saw a big buck standing with his head held high, his rack of antlers a thing of beauty. He exuded such a proud king of the forest sense, that one of my friends declared that she would like to mate with his energy! I concurred! He defined the masculine in all its strength and beauty. There were so many images and sensations of wonder.

It invites you in and you are changed by the meeting.

I was changed by this visit to Yosemite. I was seeing with new eyes and an expanded heart.  I have heard it called a sacred cathedral. That resonates with me as it is so easy to worship the divine there as everything is singing Her/His praises. I loved singing my heart song with all my fellow beings. As I walked through the snow covered woods, I felt my mantle of power, my beautiful robe woven of light, that shimmers so bright. As I sang, I heard the

The ice of bridal veil falls

tinkling bells that were attached at the ends of my robe, each one had a tiny fairy attendant that loved to set them ringing. I put my shoulders back and with my head held high (the buck set the example for me) I knew that my robe went out for miles and miles, weaving heartlight throughout the grids of the earth. What magic we get to participate in! I do not, as yet, see the elementals and fairies with my eyes as many do, but I sense them and enjoy them with my inner sight. Everything is speaking and I am listening. They are telling me the story of who I am and what I stand for. They are telling the story of love and reminding me of how loved I am by the Creator and all of Her/His creations. We are all on this beautiful blue planet of love to experience giving and receiving this love. What wonder is this! I fell in love with the rock beings of Yosemite and now carry them deep in my heart. Thank you dear Mother Gaia for this gift.

Half dome reflected in the water

Oh, how I love this rock!


The Eye of the Needle Approaches

This tulip is demonstrating to me how to open myself with abandon and shine my light!

Today has been such a banner day. The joy and newness of the dawn was followed by a cleaning out of some old energies stored deep in the recesses of my heart. An old friend drifted into my mind a day or so ago, I made contact and in that some old pain was stirred up. I so appreciate how perfectly orchestrated this time is, making sure we are doing a thorough housecleaning. We are entering the eye of the needle and cannot carry any baggage. Our energy systems have to be as clean as a whistle, so as to hold greater and greater amounts of lovelight. I moved into the emotions stirred, experienced grieving and sadness, knowing it was here to be loved and let go. I saw the patterns, felt the way my personality self has often chosen to play victim. Surprising also how that pain had lain hidden for six years as deciding to dissolve my marriage at that time, had me numb and unable to even register more pain. I felt such gratitude for this expansive space that I am in and how emotions can run through me in minutes rather than months and years. We have grown!

The afternoon found me sitting in the sun, coloring a mandala. I settled something in me to play with colored pencils. My abdomen is once again bloated as the moon moved to full. It remains and I felt contractions that were uncomfortable. I was guided to lay on my belly (strange as my belly was aching) but I did and felt myself immobile as I went into the core of the earth. My feet and legs had energy moving in them, keeping them pinned to the bed, yet the energy felt very new to me. As if my legs were being remade from a new substance. Strange feeling. I found myself rubbing my belly as I used to when carrying babies, and standing in the entrance to the violet flame. A living flame blazed in front of me and I stepped into its center. I allowed it to consume all that was dross before moving to a new chamber with an emerald flame. I continued in this way, opening myself fully each time to embrace the gifts of each flame that I was led to. There were all the colors of the rays. The feeling is one that I have no words for but there was no fear and I opened myself fully to be consumed and enlivened. The final flame was the white ascension flame. As I emerged from its chamber, I was greeted by my dearest brother, Archangel MIchael, my beloved El  Morya and a host of other family members jubiliant with joy. This is what awaits us all. We are moving through the ascension process with such love and support from our friends and family.

When I came out of my dreamy, semi-sleep space, I felt disoriented. My abdomen continued to cramp and contract. I watched a silly movie about Christmas that was all I could do to allow the energies time to integrate while my mind was occupied. The wind came up and the weather shifted into coolness. I could feel the sense of acceleration as nature stirred her elements. i went out to stand on the grass and sing a song to the stars that were shining in the open areas of the sky. I felt a gently rocking of the earth that soothed me. What a mother’s heart she has! She is priming me for my future day as a planet. She is aware of each one of us and knows what we need. This one needs a gentle nudge, that one needs to completely hit bottom before they can begin the climb out the other side, this one needs a caress, this one, a sharp wake up call. She works in concert with our higher selves, to bring us what she can to awaken us to our own beauty. Her deep desire is for all of us to take this trip into the new earth with her. We all will, though we have the freedom to chose when to go.

Absorbing this morning's sun energy with such love.

I so understand how I have this mother’s heart on a larger scale. I want to comfort each one, surround them in blankets of the softest love. To feel that desire magnified by billions is staggering. My love and respect for Gaia is profound. Right now the earth is being bathed in my favorite color combination, pink-orange flame of illumined truth and divine love. I love these colors and can sit and sip from their essence. I believe we will drink elixirs of colors and light in our new world. Oh, I can hardly wait to see what today’s energy will bring as each day now is a world unto itself. We are moving into the space of no time where each moment contains the all. We are the avatars, come to assist our Mother and our brothers and sisters. We are preparing the homecoming. The huge Christmas party that has been shaking me with immense joy every time the thought of Christmas has entered my mind, is true. It will be a party like no other. I am deep in preparation mode for indeed the Christ shall be born in our hearts. We are blessed beyond measure.

A New Day Dawns

Yesterday was an amazing convergence of energies. It was the cross quarter day, which is the midpoint between the two equinoxes, and therefore a day of power. As well it was the day of the presidential election in the USA. Here is what I wrote upon arising: A new age is dawning……I have been in tears since awakening this morning……the feeling of newness, of hope springing throughout the land, the desire for change, for love to be the rule of the land, it is all here. Open your hearts wide and receive it and beacon it. We are creating this world together. Vote while holding the vision of freedom for all, abundance and peace to fill this land and this world. God Bless America and this beautiful earth. We are bringing heaven to earth as we said we would. I love us all so.

A beach in New Zealand full of white rocks perfect for writing on. Folks from all over the world left messages of love and peace.

Today we are all standing in this world.  What a wonderful feeling to wake up in a land that has cast its vote for a new day. It felt like a planetary vote for freedom. May we all step up to the plate to co-create the golden age of peace long prophesied. It is a privilege to be here on this earth where love now reigns supreme. Hope seems to have arisen anew, wearing  clothes of the brightest hues. You can feel the collective sigh as we all stand a bit taller, set our shoulders back and claim our right to participate in bringing in this world of love and peace that we have dreamed of. There is a sense that now we can get on with it, get this ball rolling. We are rolling up our collective sleeves and feeling inside for our marching orders.
We each have a piece to contribute. We stood in line with the intense desire to be chosen to be here in a body on this planet at this shift of the ages. We were elated to be chosen before so many others, to have won a role in this grandest of plays. Here we are, having rehearsed so many times on the inner planes just how we would play our parts. Knowing deep inside the gift that we carry that resulted in our being chosen. Was it your voice? Your compassionate heart? Your love of the animal kingdom? Your knowing of how to commune with nature? Your sword of truth? Your understanding of the body? Your knowledge of the stars? Your gentle heart? Whatever the gift…. the stage is set, the curtain has been raised and there is a call for action!

The play of light on the green of a painting on my bedroom wall. Spirals of the emerald heart light was its message to me.

We can create the world of our dreams. It is time to dream big! To open our hearts to the knowing that it is now safe to stand without protection. We can remove the shields we placed in front of our hearts, we can let our light shine like never before, in all its beauty. We can create a world where all people have enough food, water, and shelter as well as a sense of belonging. A knowing that their gift is desired, no more than that, that it is needed, to create the beauty of the whole. Imagine each heart lighting up with that knowledge like a blaze that warms them from inside out. Oh, the pure wonder of the Creator’s love shining in our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts.
This is no longer about one country, one race of people, one religion…….we are one world and are claiming our place as planetary citizens as our planet is moving to claim her place as a galactic citizen. How amazing this is! I have asked to awaken to the reality of love in every moment. To see through the eyes of love, hear the sounds of love, taste the sweetness of love, touch with palms alight with love, perceive through a lens of love, be moved by the tones of love in each moment. The power of intention and attention is an unbeatable combo. I feel that I am living in the new earth as my stated intent becomes my reality. I use the focus of my attention to magnify all that I desire, thereby growing its presence in my world. When you walk out the door intending to encounter love everywhere in everything and everyone, you create that reality. If you encounter something that appears to other than love, you see the illusion for what it is and reflect back the truth of love. How simple it seems and yet it has taken us a journey through heartache and strife to come to this place. Now we can gently laugh and know the truth that all was love itself waiting to be born through us.

A sign at a hotsprings, reminding me of how we have been warned of dangers all about, causing us to believe we needed protection.

Recently a friend shared how he had been reprimanded at his job for a mistake. He said his old pathway would have been one of deep shame. That sense of shame would have triggered a desire to bury the pain in an addictive behavior. That would have contributed to even greater shame. Instead he chose to acknowledge his mistake. To accept full responsibility for it while shutting the door on shame. To trace the path of shame to a seven year old boy who chose to lie when caught in a transgression rather than come clean as he feared the enormity of the consequence from the adults in his world. He was able to feel compassion for this little one, to embrace him in his love and let him know that his adult self now stood there at the seven year old’s side. He was able to do this because of the love he now held for himself. His heart has been softened, melted by the rivers of love that our father sun has been gracing us with along with our heavenly brothers and sisters. As well as by the love that we are all beaming in each moment.

The soft hues of our new land.

We are holding the door open for one another to feel love, to accept it in their hearts. We have been tricked into believing that we had to judge others to be safe. The deepest scar resulted from believing ourselves guilty of countless transgressions and deserving of the harshest punishment of all. We sentenced ourselves to a life of abuse from an inner critic that kept us from knowing our greatness. That sentence has been lifted. The Creator has commuted all sentences and set each of us free. LIke prisoners newly released from jail, there is momentary confusion as we wonder how to live without chains. There is an uncomfortableness, a looking over one’s shoulder to see if someone is there about to clamp a handcuff on once again. No, the critic is dead. You can talk back to that voice and tell it its time is done. You are now a free citizen of planet earth and you came here to shine your brilliance for all that you are worth. It is time to allow yourself to open that hope chest that holds your deepest dreams and desires. We have kept it under lock and key for fear of our treasures being snatched from us, fear that our dreams would disappear in the harsh light of the day. A new day has dawned and its edges are soft and light in hue. Breathe that in. Allow yourself to know that it is now safe to play in the realms of what if? What if peace were possible? What if everyone could have enough? What if you are a brilliant writer? What if others long to hear your song?

Stars in a walkway to a planetarium....this is us, shining our light for all to see!

Today I open my hope chest wide and reach in to embrace my dreams. I know in my being, that each one will now come true. For each wish contains within it, the desire for it to be for the good of all as well as for my highest good. With that encodement, how can any of us fail? Feel the love, gift yourself with it in huge doses today in celebration. It contains no calories and is 100% good for you, eat up! Have a double scoop of your favorite flavors of love. With each bite you take, I am fed. As I lick my spoon, you are fed. Our Creator knew what She/He was about……this is the way of love. As we are fed, we feed all others. It can be no other way, we simply were lost in the illusion for a time and now we are coming home to the truth of who we are. We are love and we can do no other than love. May peace fill your heart with each helping of love you ingest. I love you.

Seeing Beyond the Chaos

I pulled over on a narrow road, held an umbrella above my camera to get this shot. I love this message on the side of an old building. Keep on keeping on is the smaller message. Powerful!

Oh, the gifts of these present moments in time. We are being asked to let go of a world view of duality and lack, to embrace a world of oneness and abundance. It is as simple as stating our intentions and allowing the new view to come through. Here is a simple example: “I intend to see the world through the  eyes of love. I release all limiting programs of lack, pain, separation or suffering. I release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes that limit my ability to have abundance in every area of my life. I ask this in the name of my Creator and accept it as done. And so it is. ”

The soft colors of sea and sky on the California coast.

I have been amazed at the way the earth and elementals respond when I seek to see, feel, move, hear, only with the eyes of love. The clouds put on a pink show at sunset that affirms that the earth is being blanketed in the softest essence of love. Gentle deer appear on my path in the park to gaze at me with eyes of love. The air caresses my cheek with its soft whispers of love. Whatever we focus on, we magnify. We have a choice in every moment to create the world we wish to live in.

Hurricane Sandy has been such a choice. My heart flows compassion and love to all those affected. My heart also swells with rejoicing that so much stagnant energy of the old paradigm has been cleared, with a minimal loss of life. Our earth needs cleansing and the elementals assist as they can. We can assist by holding the intention that the storm work for the highest good of all. That the changes come with the most ease and grace possible. A friend told me that she watched an interview where someone stated, “We will never be able to rebuild it the way it was.” My friend felt such joy inside as she knew that we do not wish to rebuild any of our creations the way they were. That way has not worked. It is time for the new!

The mighty redwoods taught me of stillness as I drove.

These next few weeks will see plenty of magic afoot, as our mother prepares for her ascension, despite what the outer world reflects. It makes me think of the cleaning that I have been doing here at my former home. It has not been tended in this way since I left 6 years ago……and that last year or so, I was so busy and exhausted, it did not get much. But now I am creating dust storms and piles of mess as I transform it back to its beauty. You know how it looks when you take everything out of the cupboards to clean them……it appears that you are going backwards, creating more mess than you began with. Yet once you sort and clear and put the things you do use, back in the cupboards, there is a sense of order, cleanliness, space and peace.

That is what our mother is doing…..a bit of deep housekeeping. Watch out while she is in the midst of it, she may sweep you up! But trust that all her activity has a purpose and hold the vision of the newly cleaned space within. Soon you will be sitting in it, looking about with joy and greater peace.

This rock showed me two in profile, in the act of kissing, becoming the one.

I participated with a small group yesterday in Tom Kenyon’s worldwide meditation. It is in effect for 24 hours so continues today. This is his intention: “The goal of the World Meditation is to add a vibrational quality to the emotional atmosphere of your planet. You have an inherent right to do so because you are embodied in time and space, and because you are living temporarily upon this Earth. As a resident of this planet, you have a right to encourage benevolent outcomes. The specific purpose of this World Meditation is to accelerate the collective human recognition of interconnectedness and a passage from the miasmas and delusions of humanity’s collective history into a new constellation of cultural beliefs that will serve to unfold humanity’s higher destiny. This will be done through the agency of your imagination—the power of your will and intention—joined with the creative potentials that reside in non-dual states of consciousness.”

We each had different experiences but all felt the wave of love that it generated around the world. We are such powerful creators. It came home to me how we are quickly unlocking the last codes we put away for safekeeping until this moment in time. As I sat with two others, Mary Magdalene came in to show me the triple crowns above our heads and the river of information that now flowed freely as our trinity sat with joined hands and hearts. A Lemurian master and an inner earth member came to speak to me through one of the women. I was thanked for my work traveling about on the grid lines, moving energy here and there. I was told that it was now time for stillness. (As I was driving on a windy road in the rain last week to unlock codes with two others, I soothed my body by stating that when we returned, we would have a month of stillness).  It would be the way for me to find my home. Not through my mind, rather through a deep connection with my heart. They guided me to visualize myself by a stream, rocks and a tree. All appeared and my breathing slowed as they took me deeper into my heartspace. I was shocked to find myself sitting in the middle of the earth. Oh my, I have a home there! I have a love for our inner earth brethren, the Agarthans but had not realized how closely aligned I was with them. They monitored my feeling state and once I was there, they asked me to remember that feeling so as to be able to return to it at will. I will go there each day and be bathed by the sun of the inner world and know the heart of my mother.

A window display that reminds me that my home is being prepared.

Savor these days as our world prepares for her changes. Release anything that keeps you tethered to this 3D world and allow yourself to flow with our mother. That means doing a thorough housecleaning of your heart space. This month, all that is hidden in those old cupboards, is showing up. Be grateful to all those who make you aware of these things by triggering an emotional reaction in you. Pay attention to everything in your life as anything can be used to wake us up to what is coming to be loved. Feel all your feelings completely and deeply. Do not judge them as good or bad, they are simply feelings needing expression. Yes, a part of you may berate you for feeling something: “You shouldn’t be feeling abandoned, look at all the friends you have.” or whatever line it comes up with but you are feeling abandoned. You need to allow it wash over you and bring that little one in and love him/her. One of the most powerful things that I ever did was make a vow to never abandon myself again……not for anything or anyone. No one was as important as me to me. I needed to stand by myself with a fierce love that brooked no interference. We are each our own beloved. Treat yourself with the tenderest of care today. Send out streams of love for all those on the planet that are suffering, wrapping that pink blanket of peace and love about them. Of course, you do this while wrapped up in your own pink blanket of the deepest love. When you come across something that jars you out of the love, remember the mantra that my mother tells me, All is well. I know this to be the truth. We are so loved. We are cherished. I cherish you this day.



November is the Wonder Month

A lovely boardwalk along the shore, looks like I can walk into paradise!

I was surprised to find myself once again in my car to do earth work on the coast. A friend felt that the full moon was the time to connect  to an older woman who is a Kumara, meaning she is one of my family members. There are many Kumaras on the planet now, those of us who came eons ago from Venus with Sanat Kumara to help this beautiful planet. The timing felt right for us to come together. As I drove the windy miles up the coastline, I began to wonder what I was doing, why was I on this forsaken road going to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere?This alerted me that something big was afoot as the resistant energies were in full swing. As we gathered and shared a meal, my friend began to laugh and cry. She said that she saw a big wheel turning and heard the cog lock into place. At that moment, a flood of energy was released to the earth. It is truly a wonder how we work on so many planes in each moment. The unseens were saying, “You think that you are having dinner yet so much more is taking place with your gathering.”  We could feel the energy which was so rich with love for all. It was a mini homecoming, a precursor to the reunions that are to come as we all join with our families from the stars and inner earth. We laughed and sang and toned together with the light beings that came to take part in the celebration. We each carry codes which need to come together at specific times to unlock energies that we secreted away for safe keeping until the timing was right. I trust divine timing which is why I made this journey though my personality self would have rather remained in solitude.

A ribbon cloud that appeared on my drive as I was thinking of the ribbons of rainbow light that my car and I lay down.

The town where we met was filled with youth who I call the lost tribe. They wander in bands with their backpacks, dogs, guitars and dreadlocks. They have opted out of mainstream society and have created communities of their own as they wait for their true place to be known. They are like so many of us, wandering about as we await the turning of this cycle on earth. This area of northern California is known for its marijuana crops and this was the harvest weekend. This tribe of youth were there to help with the harvest and get their supplies to sell. The entire town reeked with the smell of pot. It is a strange underground operation that brings with it a wild west energy of gunslingers and bandits. Overall, the vibration felt uncomfortable and we dedicated some of our time together to bringing this tribe of young ones and this industry, to the light of love.

The beauty of the California coast.

All is moving into the planes of love. We are in the time of personal and planetary cleansing. The full moon is in scorpio which asks for all that is hidden, to come to the light of awareness. It is time to forgive ourselves for everything. All those regrets and sense of wrongdoing, can be washed in the bath of forgiveness. We acted from what we knew at the time. Now we can see more clearly, we can forgive ourselves and acknowledge that we did not know any better at that time. There is power in saying this to yourself, to another. “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” The ho’oponopono is simple and effective. It is time for all to come right. Whether we have opportunities in the physical to speak to another or on the inner planes, all is valid and powerful…it is our intent that makes the difference. There is nothing that can’t be forgiven, there is no act that takes us from our Mother/Father’s love.

Illustration from a book my Kumara sister showed me. I cried and tingled as the codes within it spoke to me.

Wonder if you are perfect, as you are, in this moment. There is nothing to heal, nothing to change, nothing to do. Your beingness is it! You breathing in and out your love, is what is adding to this new earth. It is that simple and that miraculous. You are not flawed! You are perfect! Let love infill you, breathe you, move you. Allow yourself to love you as you love your child, your grandchild, your pet. Love yourself with abandon. Let go! Be the love.  Allow your heart to shine as it is time, it is safe. It is now we take back this planet for ourselves, creating the world we desire our children and grandchildren to live in. Creating the world we desire to live in! I love this earth so and I love each of us. We are the tenderest of beings, with hearts ablaze in love. Shine your heartlight today for all to see.